Black widow bug. Sick of this stuff.

Addition is not difficult.

+15% for the class advantage
+30% for the synergies
= 114.99% ability accuracy reduction

That is unless you're fighting modok, his auto block still engaged.
Or if you're fighting thorns nodes because when there is 114.99% chance for something not to happen then it's guaranteed to happen.

So sick of this ****. It robs the joy from the game. If I lose because I forgot something or made a mistake that's fine but this garbage is stupid.


  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 3,079 ★★★★
    1) multiplicative, 70%x30%=91% (science and quake) *see 2
    2) HE does not increase BWs Subtlety. The 15% is an increase to ability accuracy meaning things that have a % chance to happen like HE’s bleed, BW reduces enemy’s abilities by a set ammount and it’s not a chance to happen it is a flat reduction or something like that. The way to increase Subtlety is with ability potency which, tmk, only quake does.
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    That's not correct. Void reduces healing abilities by 50% with his petrify. As soon and you get 2 the healing is entirely gone. So no you don't add 15% of 70% to her subtelty. And once again it's an ability accuracy modifier. Her ability is subtlety. She Gains 15% ability accuracy. And just as blade reduces the ability accuracy of villians it is the exact same thing. So no you're wrong
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 3,079 ★★★★
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    You can choose not to believe and to believe there is a bug it if you want but it was all explained by a developer in the original quake spotlight thread (which is now lost due to forum switches). Enjoy the frustration you’ll incur from choosing to deny reality.

    *Revisting and old post it seesm the science is a flat 15 where the synergy is multiplicative.
    CoatHang3r wrote: »
    Some examples:

    - "Potency" means the overall strength of the status effect. A stun will last longer, and have higher chance to activate if not already at 100%. That means Quake's aftershock charges will deal more damage, have higher chance to stun the opponent and so on. Blackwidow's subtlety is also affected by this if you don't already have it at signature level 99.

    Meanwhile, Hawkeye's synergy works for the entire team that you bring. That one just affects the accuracy of status effects. That means abilities like Hawkeye's Hemorrhage also status effects like Black Panther's CW Armor ups will trigger more often. Hope you guys have fun with this new synergy!

    Ability accuracy reduction applies to both offensive and defensive abilities. Synergy is 15% of the current value... 85% Subtlety * 1.15 = 97.75%

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    I run Widow-Quake a lot against Science Spidey or Modok a lot, only small occasion that an evade or auto-block happens. I always assumed it was 99.99, but 97.75 still pretty good.
    Maybe you saw Modok regular Block (looks similar to his auto-block). But having BOTH Quake and Hawkeye with Widow should be above 100% no matter what against Science (either 115%, 112.4, or 110.5) depending how they are calculated. So should always prevent Spidey evade and Modok auto-block. If he is indeed auto-blocking, then perhaps there might be a bug (unless something in his abilities shuts down Widow for some reason, I have not tried with bringing both her synergy partners).
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    After 12.0, she was never the same anyway.
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