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    Nice !
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    Tayyab82 wrote: »
    Nice Christmas gift @kabam. Kudos.

    Suggestion please, on whom I should use.


    That R4 spidey is an easy choice imo unless u want a defender in which case IMIW...
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    Merged some threads together so we can see y'all's feedback in one place! Let's hear what y'all pulled and your plans for them! :)

    Ha! You want feedback? I got feedback.


    Forgive the all-caps, but seriously. This was an amazing thing to get.

    It is so hard to awaken 5-stars. I am not F2P, but my RNG for dupes has been absolutely abysmal.

    I try not to complain a lot — though I know I have, out of frustration. Every person who plays seriously wants the ability to take characters they are good at playing, who are powerful, and tackle tougher content.

    I got a Science gem. I used it on...Sentry. Because those in the know are well aware that with the Aegon and Champion synergies...yep yep.

    Maybe I would have pulled that Sentry dupe one day. But I had not, and this character needs to be awakened.

    I would have been happy with any gem, honestly. They are so useful and valuable. But I am very glad I got the one I needed, and I appreciate it very much.

    See? Feedback!

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    He's going to r4 now!!! Thanks kabam ☺5cw4c5vlk4ox.jpg
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    4/55 my starlord back then on other account (pulled 5* tech awakening and awakend him just now)
    On my Main pulled a Science Gem awakening (might use on quake if i don't get void)
    On my other account (pulled a Skill gem , which i used on my Killmonger which is going to 55/55 soon)
    and lastly my brother got a Mutant gem and awakend his rogue.

    Overall , Id say it was some good pulls :)
  • Akarsh383Akarsh383 Posts: 76
    It was really nice but rng gave me a science. I already have quake and cap beardo awakened.
    Hoping for a void in my next opening in a few days
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    This is what rng fate brings third tech of the year but already duped my starlord and stark spidey
    Kabam gives me a gift but fate spoiled it.
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    Sorry for being late, but I really wanted to thank you for the gift! Happy holidays!
  • I pulled a tech. Deciding if I should use it on starky. Thank you KABAM. Speechless over your generosity
  • Thank you so much Kabam. Pulled a 5 star mutant AG. No use now because i have alread an awakened Omega Red at rank 4, and my other worthy mutant is Archangel but i have no plans for him right now. But the future does look bright if a Domino or an Emma Frost join my roster :). Awesome gift :)

    Ps: also pulled a Corvus Glaive from 5 star basic just after the Ag opening B)
  • And to all the people saying that they have no use of a said gem right now, just have patience. Always had patience with gems, always had big rewards.
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    I pulled science only unduped science is yj hoping for cap iw or void next thanks kabam
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    crogs wrote: »
    You're welcome! We're glad to hear y'all are happy with the gift! :blush:
    Slayer9748 wrote: »
    When was these issued?
    Was it only for uncollected summoners?

    Why is the 5* only for uncollected. I'm good, but I feel bad for others who have decent rosters already and have switched their focus to ranking 5's. They pretty much all got coal. Why waste resources on an r5 4* when they're saving to rank their 5's? Very small amount of God 4's that are worth it. But sucks when you're focused on taking your 5's to the next level, and many have ranked unduped champs hoping to dupe them at some point.

    The number of players who are not yet uncollected but have stopped ranking and using 4* champions probably rounds off to zero percent. And the few players doing that are probably doing it wrong. There are lots of 4* champs that are great awakened but are hard to awaken naturally through duplication unless you really farm the game, and anyone that has them all and dismissing the power of awakened max 4* champs should already be attempting or have completed uncollected.

    I should point out that lots of players don’t have the skill to run uncollected without a much more powerful roster than average. I’m not saying everyone should be able to immediately attempt that. But those are precisely the players that should not be looking a 4* awakening gem in the mouth. They are much less in a position to be picky about sitting on the perfect 5* to rank.

    Even I still occasionally use 4* awakens. The notion that there’s this large contingent of players that aren’t even uncollected yet but have no use for them is frankly ludicrous to me.
    I have quite a few in my alliance that are in that position. It's more time than anything. They make time to do EQ, but that's about it. Some of it is skill.

    I know quite a few cryptographers. They still round off to about zero percent of the population.
    Before gifts were tiered by length of time in the game and your level. Just seems cheap to now discretion a Christmas gift by what you've accomplished via questing only. Like that is the only measurement that matters now in this game?

    First of all, this is not the first time a "gift" was tiered by game progress. There are lots of examples of the game giving away free stuff based on game progress. This was even expanded recently when Kabam added additional tiers besides "uncollected" to the game. But second, saying "like that is the only measurement that matters" implies that your actual progress in a game that is all about progress is somehow a weird way to tier a free reward. That seems absurd on its face, rather like saying if they handed the awakening gem out based on veteran status that it would have been equally fair to say "how long since you downloaded the game is the only measurement that matters now?"
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    Got a science... considering using it on Quake but will most likely save it for when I pull Void or Cap IW, think they need their awakened ability more than she does...
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