AW Offseason and the AW Burnout Issue



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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to drop in and let you know that we do appreciate everyone's feedback about the length of time between alliance war seasons. There has been a lot of thoughtful feedback on both sides of the issue and we have shared this with the rest of the team. We know that this is a topic that you feel strongly about and understand the value of discussion around subjects like this on the forums. As always, constructive feedback is welcome!

    “Both sides of the issue”? ......
    Seems like the overwhelming majority is all on the same page. What’s this other side?

    The other side is enjoying the game ... not crying on the forum 24/7 about something that is same for all
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    People are being burnt out because they dont want to spend on items/boost.

    If u feel that way, then by all means join a lesser alliance but in back of your head, u want those platinum rewards.

    Its a cycle thats in our heads that wants us to keep going but dont want to spend on a game like this.

    If i ever decide to step down from masters wars then it just means my progression will slow down.

    I am on my 6th r5 5* by being in masters wars, did it come with me boosting/potions alot and not dieing in aw because my skill can hang there?

    Ofcourse, but it comes at a price, and people dont want to have a commitment of spending in aw becaise they die.

    Dieing cost alot, and alot of master allainces die 10-15 times, the top of the top die less than 10,5 times.

    I have plenty of wars where i dont die, but people from lower plat1/2/3 often die alot more times than we do.
    Thus making them spend more on resources on top of pressure of trying not to die.

    Aw before, nobody cared befote it arrived. The top allianfes in aw would get shards faster but the rest of community didnt care.

    They only
    Cared when aw seasons was introduced.

    People are obligated to try to get best rewards possible.

    I came from an gold 1 alliance in Season “1”
    We was dieing considerable amount 30-40+ times... and i was consistsntly clearing my paths with no deaths and i started to see true colors..some people just...cant play.

    Decided to move to platinum allaince, then after knowing what i can do. I moved to masters wars.

    Peope are butned out because it resulting in them thinking they are spending to much time/resources into aw.

    You only partially right. There are players who don’t play well, but it’s not what creates the burnout.

    There are 2 levels of burn out:
    1. Leader & officers - they must always work on paths, make sure that everyone on point, guide, talk, it’s huge time consuming and stressful thing to do
    2. The player - in high tier wars, no matter how much you spend and boost, it’s not what will create the burnout, the feeling that if you die, even once may cost you a war, it’s the worst feeling ever, it can ruin your day, this what creates a real burnout
    You can boost like crazy, but one mistake can cause death and here you go, your day is ruined. Now you need to think all day that it’s might be your death that cost you a war. Your alliance, Omni, is great example to it. Once things go bad, everyone just moved to other alliances, it might be a strategic move, but still great example of what can happen to alliance if things go bad for a little while.

    To summarize, burnout is not the items and not the spending, it’s the feeling and stress that you always need to be on your A game and you have no chance to make even one mistake, this feeling and stress.

    Off season allows you to “breath” a little bit, take time off from all that thinking, allowing officers to “rest” a little bit
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