AW Offseason and the AW Burnout Issue



  • Samspade23Samspade23 Posts: 549 ★★
    I'm in a gold 3 alliance. We win some and lose some. Around 50/50. I rarely use items and when we lose, usually it's attack bonus. We dont stress and just enjoy the game. That's why I like my alliance, we do reasonably well but we dont get stressed or burnt out.

    Some of you guys are acting like you want longer shore leave because the combat fatigue is too great. If the game is really so much of a burden, maybe yo ou should change alliances.
  • Wakandas_FinestWakandas_Finest Posts: 647 ★★★
    I for one am taking season 7 of aw off maybe season 8 as well. If my progression isn’t greatly hindered by being a solo player I may never join another alliance again. Rewards just aren’t worth it to me anymore.
  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 156
    As the leader of my alliance, I fully agree that we need a longer break. Holidays and AW took a toll on many. Some will be looking for new alliances and there are always those few that don't work out and you have to make a last minute recruiting search. Giving at least a week-week and a half is minimum needed for those that experience attrition to fill their voids. Kabam, please consider adding just a few days to the break b/w seasons. Burnout is a real phenomenon. We appreciate all the awards and bonuses we got this season, but can you please consider one more?
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,636 ★★★
    Would be better if seasons were 5 weeks on 2 weeks off.
  • BobbylortBobbylort Posts: 18
    Spot on.. Aw landing on new years eve was badly enough planned as it is.. Pushing us to an early start of the new year is just burning up the player base, hope you'll get it fixed.
  • wolfloganwolflogan Posts: 6
    A break of 2 weeks is a must.

    AW over XMas and the New Years Eve was a bad desicion too. 😖

    The game needs to be fun and not M second job.

    I believe nobody @kabam makes a brain about, how much time all activities it costs to play all events a day. 🤔
  • NikoBravoNikoBravo Posts: 435 ★★★
    If everyone felt the same way about it not being a long enough break then I’m sure you can all ban together and join a retirement alliance. I’m not opposed to you doing this, just makes it easier for me.
  • ArielloPLArielloPL Posts: 13
    One week is too short!
  • mardoxmardox Posts: 3
    Two week break would be nice from war.
  • First making us play competitive war and aq during xmas and ny breaks coming from a 1 week off season where we had content reduced from us (no globals)
    Now announcing content will still be the same boring as always and on top of that no off season break again??

    You guys are underestimating how much the off season matters. Alliances need to rearrange, players need some stress free weeks.

    I've been playing for 4 years and I'm on the edge of quitting over something so easy to solve because you guys even know you acknowledge the need of the 2 weeks you chose to ignore it
  • JaymesVJaymesV Posts: 3
    Looooonger break please.
  • DoomGBDoomGB Posts: 33
    Like most of the comments here, the ending of this season was a major relief. Constant wars, pressure and a drainage of resources to finally be over was a good feeling. But a week off just to get back into war after war plus the pressure of each war is very draining. Many players I know are burnt out and wish to focus on other content or just a take a step back from the game and play more casually. Please reconsider the season break to give players that reboot time that they need and not let players feel salty going into the next season. No point in a game if it's not fun.
  • NoOnexRONoOnexRO Posts: 275 ★★
    I agree with @Samspade23 .
    Most of you forget that this is a game.
    Pumping money and playing it like there's no tomorrow doesn't change the fact that you should enjoy this game.

    One week as a break is perfect.
    "Not all content is made to be played by everyone" - this is what I keep read when people start to complain.
    So, maybe you should follow your own advice.
  • Yo_momma69Yo_momma69 Posts: 1
    I feel it will be more of a competition if everyone can reciprocate from a lost season. Also kabam a lot of joined this cause we are fans of marvel comics. And you found it away for us to enjoy it. Now I know it’s a business and you have to make money. But consider that lot of us have family and we love this game.
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,884 ★★★★★
    why 1 week is good? no time for tanking. yes, it is important. and already enough actually. shorter breaks means more seasons, if it's length won't increase, wich is also nice.

    finally, if you want to have a break, just take it. it's not you job, you don't need kabam to approve your vacation
  • I'm most definitely agree the majority would rather the 2 week off season seen The holiday just got over Things were stressful enough worrying about your alliance and take care of family matters I honestly don't think it is fair to the majority of the group to just do one week off season Yes there might be a few that would rather shorter I'll season we totally understand that But from what I hear the majority of people would rather a longer break to get their bearings back in from the holidays and the stress of war I am an officer in my group It searcy becomes difficult Hold an alliance together sometimes Off season is a good way for an officer to take some time off and kind of get a little bit of a break from the stress of keeping things together Especially when you have 30 other people yelling and complaining want things done want things changed off season you don't hear nothing Plus why are we get such short notice on this matter in the 1st place That is totally unfair to us I seriously think kabam Knew about doing this week's Ago Why Coming to us so short notice now that totally seems unfair to the community
  • NoOnexRONoOnexRO Posts: 275 ★★
    edited January 2019
    stop it already not a single summnoer likes the short break periods not a single one...

    Probably you only read what you like because there are enough that support the 1 week break.
  • DeadmaddyDeadmaddy Posts: 107
    Why do people have to be in top tier alliance I'm every single season if they can't take it? I don't mind back to back season because I play in alliance that has people who play it because it's fun not because they have to get best rewards possible. This way more and more peoples can experience higher tier rewards and burned out members can chill with lower tier alliances.
  • DJSergyDJSergy Posts: 170 ★★
    The announcement doesn’t even make sense. You can’t to justify a shorter break to acccomodate matchmaking improvments. Just make the improvements and give 2 week break as per usual.

    There is absolutely no explanation they can give the community because it is a business decision in order to keep the players spending and dont allow to stock up on boosts and pots
  • DoctorJDoctorJ Posts: 842 ★★★
    I feel like a lot of issues regarding resources would be solved if they added boosts to the glory store. I use pods/boosts every war to ensure clean finishes and boosts in glory store would make it much cheaper. I currently dont spend glory on anything other then pods.

    The recruitment issue is exactly why I quit being an officer. To much hassle, even in gold 1.
  • I don't mind the short off season. If they make the off season longer more alliances will just tank on purpose for longer.

    I wish AW had multiple maps, or mixed nodes. We have been playing the same map and same nodes for 6 seasons now. What happened to the original AW map? Cant they reconfigure that map so we can bounce back and forth? Most members in alliances bring the same champs for their same paths every single war. That's the real boring part about AW. Not the short off season !
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