Which champion you hate fighting the most?



  • Quake and NightCrawler i hate that evade.......!!!!
  • Spurgeo14Spurgeo14 Posts: 976
    The Maze champs...
  • SiriusBreakSiriusBreak Posts: 614
    All depends on the situation. Certain champs in certain places suck more than others. I'll list my situational annoyances.

    Stun Immune

    Cable, Killmonger, Nightcrawler.

    Typically I can beat those 3 senseless. But for some reason I cannot for the life of me get the intercepts in when they're stun immune. ESPECIALLY Killmonger. The Ai just turns up the speed and makes life a headache. Without Iceman, Killmonger Stun Immune leaves an AWFUL taste in my mouth. NC can vary. Occasionally the Ai will start pulling off the near impossible with the evades that no player could ever DREAM of doing with NC. Other than that, once the switch is done, so is he. Cable... ugggg... again, the Ai turns the speed dial to 11 and he starts going berserk. I find that Nebula and Ghost do well in the evade and interception of Cable for me. Star Lord too. But without them, it gets dicey QUICK for me.

    Unblockable S1

    Spider-Man (Classic), Punisher 2099, Cable

    I think many hate the Unblockable S1 of the Classic Spidey. I know many in my Alliance do, myself included. I've ate more S1s from that **** than ANY OTHER champ in the game when Unblockable. Punisher 2099 I still haven't mastered the evade timing either. And then there's Cable AGAIN! With his speed I get clumsy and miss the timing. Green Goblin USED TO be on the list until I figured out you can block the finger blasts once you evade the 1st part. The mixture of relief and irritation in figuring that out was IMMENSE, lol. Sometimes Classic Spidey works the same, evade 1 aspect, block the other. Although it doesn't always work for me.

    In general....

    A high sig level, high rated Korg. Overall, he's not too difficult. But if he's juiced up with a 200 sig level at 5* R5.... *shudder* Even with the knowledge of how to avoid it, I still goof up.

    Honorable mentions....

    Darkhawk (Uncollected EQ)
    Emma Frost (Uncolleced EQ)
    Ægon (Uncollected EQ)

    Those 3 drove me bats**t crazy, lol. On their own, they all are manageable. But those champs boosted by the Node in the Uncollected EQs.... they provided me with plenty of irritation and colorful language. Ægon falls in 3rd because I eventually figured out how to own him with Archangel. Let me rephrase that, I eventually ranked up my 4* Archangel that I HAPPENED to dupe mid EQ, lol. Emma was.... blaaaahhh. Darkhawk is one of those, either the Ai throws the S2, or you're essentially DEAD situations.

    Other than the aforementioned champs/situations, the rest I can manage without issues or colorful language flying. :wink:
  • I can't deal with NIGHTCRAWLER...Halfway through a combo, just teleport away without warning....Gotta love bringing Karnak!
  • Definitely MODOK. His constant blocking drives me crazy.
  • SpiderBroSpiderBro Posts: 80
    Probs quake in act 5 cause she randomly uses heavy like just charges it up and classic spidey cause with my Killmonger spidey uses sp1 when I try get him to use sp2 so u can't get true strike
  • Korg, nc or mordo
  • Mordo hates me and I hate him, genuine 50/50 every time I face even though I have fought him 5000 times :(. NC can give me the hardest time as well, never had a trouble with IMIW, actually think he’s a pretty overrated defender to be honest. High level hypes are the pits without the right champs in party and stun immune void on a mini makes pee run down my leg.
  • Arham1Arham1 Posts: 184
    Modok, scared to punish his heavy with mine...no problem with his autoblock with Corvus and Proxima Synergy...
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,004
    Korg. Only champ I really have s issue with.
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