Um Ghost Rider is not immune to what?

Sooo Ghost Rider is immune to bleeding but not incinerate and poison?


  • Does kabam realize that Ghost Rider is MADE of fire.....and they made Iceman immune to burn though.......
  • Does kabam realize that Ghost Rider is MADE of fire.....and they made Iceman immune to burn though.......

    No he's not actually... He's "made of" Hellfire.
  • I do agree it's odd that Iceman is Incinerate Immune, but probably something added in a later comic.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 2,881
    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Kabam did an update to incinerate like they did with shock.

    There are a few who should get some form of incineration resistance:
    Red Hulk (I think he recently got it?
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958
    hellfire and fire are different.

    here is one for you to think about.
    how come AA, Voodoo, Pheonix, DS, etc (all flying champs)
    are not immune to quakes aftershock???
    how does someone who does not touch the ground get affected by an eathquake??
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 1,723
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    That's a valid question, @MaatMan.

    I've got another - why is it there are endless threads about GR Vs Incinerate and Iceman Vs coldsnap, but no-one ever asks why one Cable can degenerate another Cable with the same transmode virus?
  • cUbA_LiBrEcUbA_LiBrE Posts: 861
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    Lifesteal vs robots anyone? :D

    Morningstar capturing souls of Robots?
  • Hellfire is still fire and it should make him immune to coldsnap and incinerate. Even though Hellfire is like the mystical version of fire...
  • Also he has control of normal and hellfire
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958
    @Magrailothos never thought of that one..... but yeah cable is like the only one immune to that virus....

    we used to also ask why can electro be shocked but now they fixed that.....
    how can one poison rocks? we now have 2 rock champions both of which are not poison immune?

    there is a whole bunch of things but if they followed the comic lore exactly as it is the game would not work as every champions would have OP abilities and the fights would just be crazy and epic.

    HB should have regen cus that is the whole purpose he can get new parts on demand
    AA should have healing factor
    How does hulk get hurt by BW punching him.

    somethings just need to be as they are.

    but in all seriousness GR is not incinerate or coldsnap immune for 1 reason more important than anything else.
    When GR was released these abilities were not in the game.
  • You are right. Here's the thing though....
  • Kabam should check on old champions and add improvements like Ghost Rider, Korg, and The Thing's immunities. You know for the changing meta and whatever......
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