Corvus crit hitting through blocks needs explanation

In corvus glaives abilities, it states that "Corvus Glaive can trigger critical hits through an enemy block". I am having a hard time understanding what this actually means. In game, when playing as corvus, and you hit into a block (with his glaive) the "critical" call out does pop up. The same thing occurs when fighting against corvus. So we know that critical hits can trigger through enemy blocks, that part of the description is correct. But what does it mean when a critical hit triggers through a block? Should we be seeing damage taken by the enemy (or by us if against corvus) equate to as if the critical hit was NOT blocked? If that is the case, then corvus is bugged. Critical hits through blocks do not register damage as if the opponent was NOT blocking. Blocked critical hits and blocked non-critical hits register close to the same amount of damage (with a 5/50 corvus against a 5/65 blade, 368 crit blocked hit vs 258 non-crit blocked hit). I would like some clarification as to if this a bug or if I am not understanding the description. Thank you.


  • will-o-wispwill-o-wisp Posts: 6,321
    The damage seems quite higher ... So based on that info it does looks like it's working correctly.
    You shouldn't be able to do the same amount of damage like if the enemy wasn't blocking it. Block will reduce the damage regardless.
    A crit in the block is basically ignoring an additional block proficency that a non-crit on the block
  • GamerGamer Posts: 3,670
    It is working
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