Uncollected chapter 1 final boss emma totally ridiculous.



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    People complaining about this boss are people who never learned how to evade her sp1, and instead just block it. She is literally no harder than she’s ever been. Her unblockable sp1 is only hard for people who refuse to get any better at the game

    hey man, lets help him out!

    try this link


    and this link


  • I took Emma down with a 5/50 medusa and a 2/35 IF. (Same with the UC Omega Academy quest) she isn't hard once you learn her. I guess you never practiced with all of the danger rooms. lol GW, back from the dead? U used to be somewhat reasonable but saying 4/55 get thrashed by EF is ridiculous. If you depend on parry, she will be hard. She is how I learned to not be dependant on it. maybe u and the OP could do the same, ya?

    I literally had my whole Team down before I took 10% off her.

    🤣 .... meanwhile... Seatin solo’s her with a 3* Ghost. It’s the Master Emma... but still, ITS A 3*!

    I deliberately tried to see what would happen if I both played horribly and brought a completely suboptimal but still 4/55 team to fight Emma. It is possible for her to wipe a full team of 4/55s (I'm not crazy, I brought four 4/55s and one ringer to finish the fight). All you have to do is first: bring a team with no armor break, no power control, no regen, and no heal block or reversal. Second: be unable to evade her specials. Third: have no skills for dealing with stun immune. Fourth: parry her too much when she's in telepath mode. Even so it is not so much that you'll die before dealing 10% damage, you'll just be fighting so ineffectively that she will heal back a lot of your damage.

    We can argue over whether an uncollected player *should* have a better skill set than that, but the fact is it is all but certain a sufficiently high percentage of uncollected players *do* have a better skill set that the completion percentage for this months UC difficulty will be higher than the past few months. That means the odds of Kabam making future months *easier* than this month are basically zero. Which means if you happen to be a player that thinks this month is too hard, your two options are practice to get better, or lower your expectations for what you will be able to complete in future months. Because the third option, that Kabam is going to make UC even easier than it is this month just because a few players complain about the difficulty, isn't going to happen.

    Difficulty tiers imply that many players won't be able to complete the highest tier. Players complaining it is too hard is actually working as intended. The only question is whether it is too difficult for too many players and I think it is highly unlikely that will be true this month. I won't say Emma is easy: it is not an easy thing to learn her special timing and fight through both her resistances and the node she sits on. But if it is easy enough that I can throw almost my entire team away on an experiment and still beat her with one champion, that's probably easy enough for a high percentage of uncollected players to get past, possibly with some potion use.
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