Multiple Alliance Quest Rewards

Anyone else noticing some receiving Alliance Quest Rewards while others are not receiving any. I have noticed some receiving them multiple times and I don't receive them. Is there anything being done to correct this or to reward others who didn't get them to balance it out. I have recently changed alliances after receiving my initial rewards. But I would have waited if I thought I would get more.


  • redsoxpatsfan89redsoxpatsfan89 Posts: 40
    I'm just saying we should all have the same opportunity to get the rewards. It should be equal.
  • KickNatherinaKickNatherina Posts: 157
    I’ve recieved 3 sets of rewards so far... not sure why, but i’ve gotten a lot of glory over the last week or so. Just received it again tonight.
  • redsoxpatsfan89redsoxpatsfan89 Posts: 40
    Those who are getting it of course they usually do t want it to be known. But what about us who don't get that same benefit. I just want to know if someone will be done to balance this out or is everyone going to keep getting further ahead because of this
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    Yeah same here. It's good for us to have nice things but those nice things should be given to everyone or no one. I'm just saying, cuz I'm getting passed up by some cuz their getting a ton of free rewards that isn't being given to everyone and it's just part of a glitch. All I want is balance.

    You're talking about it like it's somehow an intentional thing that Kabam has done, and that they know exactly who has received extra rewards and how much extra they got.
  • redsoxpatsfan89redsoxpatsfan89 Posts: 40
    No I don't think it's intentional in any way. But there has to be some record of it. Or something that can be done.
  • redsoxpatsfan89redsoxpatsfan89 Posts: 40
    Anyways I knew a lot would not be happy with me putting this out there. But I just wanted to get this out to be looked into. I'm done commenting further on this. Just wanted to get a discussion on it started
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    But still I'm impressed that the community shssd on this matter for this long. But this had to come up eventually.
  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,247 ★★★★
    Well we got multiple alliance quest reward threads now.
  • Last one today wasn't even included in a Mail Msg, just appeared in Stash by itself. Oh wait, nevermind, I mean I have only received the exact amount I should have, no more, no less. Look, over there, “look at the grouse” (for those Stooges fans) or... “SQUIRREL !” (if you’re a dog lover).
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    @redsoxpatsfan89 realistically speaking, kabam are more likely to take back the extra rewards rather than give equal rewards to those who didn't receive it. You should be aware of this by now after kabam always fix bugs that give benefits to players quickly and take forever to fix bugs that negatively affect players.
  • They should just give out one more final set of rewards to everyone, and then at least everyone will have been given SOME amount of extra (and hopefully people won’t say “wait, you got MORE extra than me, no fair”, lol, and just be happy with “extra is extra”).
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 2,543 ★★★★★
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    There's always that one idiot that runs straight to the forum to ruin the few things that work in our favor.

    That's one way to look at it. If you got rewards once though and numerous others got them as many as 4 times you're looking at one group stocking up on ally potions and rank up materials while the other group is stuck burning units for the same potions/revives and getting significantly less rank materials. Sure it's nice when stuff like this works in the players favor but if the end result is some players getting as much as quadruple rewards and others getting the standard amount then any post ever referencing balance made by Kabam is pure horse **** and every one knows it. We all know those "game balance" excuses are nonsense anyway but if there's going to be any claim of fairness and balance within the game then stuff like this cant be allowed to benefit some players and not others.
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