Plan C rankup if the unthinkable happens

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So I wanna get my domino to 4/55, and I only need 1 more t4 mutant, but I’m currently sitting at max tech and skill. If I get skill from the one crystal I open, I’m gonna rank CB (already decided) if I get tech, I have no clue because I have crappy tech champs. I’m not a big fan of IMIW and he hasn’t really been game changing for me. All his utility is covered by all the other champs I have ranked higher, and his damage is meh (unless I wanna play dangerously aggressive to keep plasma up) I’m considering AoU but his damage also is pretty low (I would rather have to bait specials for 1 min instead of no specials for 5). Is GG an okay option? Anyone have him high ranking for offense?

NOTE: I COULDNT CARE LESS ABOUT AWD. DON’T vote for IMIW because he is a decent defender

Plan C rankup if the unthinkable happens 45 votes

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Civil Warrior
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Just wait until you get a better tech
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Just do it but wait til it’s about to expire to decide (in case you pull sparky or something)
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Do the t4cc trade in (serious votes only pls)
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    Howard the duck
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    Imiw is underrated as an attacker, he’s fun to play and you also have that coldsnap and bleed immune when armor is up. You pretty much always have armor up. He’s also got an amazing block proficiency and has some utility
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    Just a little something I posted on a thread asking about how to effectively use iron man iw. Don't sleep on his offensive capabilities folks:

    There are several different ways to use him. I'd like to describe him as a swiss army knife.

    You have a guaranteed armor break on the second hit of your heavy attack and, as long as your opponent is healing, a guaranteed heal block on the third hit of your heavy attack.

    Under the same circumstances you also have a guaranteed heal block on the first hit of your sp1 followed by a shock debuff.
    When hitting an opponent under the influence of a shock debuff or a passive plasma your repulsor hits not only give your opponent 0 power, but also drain a bit of the power he has.
    Repulsor hits are:
    - 1st hit of your heavy
    - 1st medium
    - 2nd light
    - 4th light
    - last two hits of your sp1

    Why is this cool? As long as your opponent is either shocked or inflicted with at least one plasma you can basically pseudo-powerlock them with only doing m-l-l-l-l combos.
    The easiest way to achieve this is to spam your sp1.
    This is the way to go for shorter fights.

    For longer fights you want to get that plasma going, baby.
    First of all, why is plasma cool? Besides doing a decent amount of damage it has the same benefits as your shock debuff, therefore allowing you to pseudo-powerlock your opponent. Is that it? No. No no no no no. That would be silly, wouldn't it?
    Here comes the sweet part: every one of your repulsor hits refreshes all plasma stacks on your opponent. Getting the picture already? Decent DOT and pseudo-powerlock by simply doing m-l-l-l-l combos.
    You can go ham and not worry about accidentally pushing your opponent to an sp3, since every last hit of your combo will drain a tiny bit of power.

    "That sounds sweet! But how can I, an sp1 spamming stevie low damage, become a plasma and babes wielding chad?"

    Easy, mate.
    There are two options to get that plasma going.

    First option: your sp3. You thought it only had an awesome animation, right? That's only the second sweetest aspect.
    Your sp3 has a chance to inflict a plasma on your opponent. Here's the caviart, though. The chance for getting that additional plasma drops with every stack of plasma currently on your opponent.
    Getting 2-3 plasmas from your sp3 is still an easy thing to achieve, though.

    Second option: Hitting your opponent with one of your repulsor attacks, while he has both a shock and an incinerate debuff on him, will combine those two into one plasma.
    "Wait... Incinerate? You didn't even mention that! Why are you holding back important information???"
    I apologize. Your sp2 inflicts an incinerate, which, just as your plasma, can be refreshed via repulsor attacks. But it doesn't drain power, so we don't want that incinerate to stay an incinerate.

    The safest - and also most satisfying - way to get the plasma without your sp3 is to first use your sp2 and then your sp1. You want to be slightly below 3 bars of power, when doing this.

    But here's another thing. Your sp2 can not only inflict incinerate, it can also cause armor breaks and, depending on the amount of armor breaks on your opponent, stun him for a short durarion.

    What you want to do is launch your heavy attack. The first hit will refresh any plasma currently on your opponent. The second hit will cause an armor break. And right after your second hit you want to throw your sp2.
    This is not only extremely satisfying to watch, but it also gives you a nice chance for up to 3 armor breaks and at this point basically a guaranteed stun, which you can use to refresh any incinerate and plasma and then throw your sp1.
    Then it's only a matter of one repulsor attack and there's your additional plasma stack.

    Hope this helps understanding his offensive abilities.
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    take not of wat @UmbertoDelRio says about IMIW rank him up
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    Ultron, his regen.
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    Go for Ultron, and Believe me when I say that he is still the go to option for me in AQ. I recently ranked my 5star Ultron to r3 and no regrets. I can solo Map 5 Kingpin in 2 or 3 times with only timeout.
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    I'd initially go with imiw but if you insist that imiw is not really what you want I'd go with gg, my 4* gg has worked quite well for me when it comes to attacking
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    He's really good and fun for offense aswell
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    I already opened it; got mutant :mrgreen: I got me a spiffy 4/55 Domino
  • Just wait until you get a better tech
    Wait for ghost. Shes really great
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    Are u serious . He's one the most high base damage champs.
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