AQ Miniboss Fight Timed Out During sp3 Animation

Yesterday I was fighting the map 5 Morninstar miniboss, using my r4 5* Ghost Rider. She was at 1% health, with about 4 seconds left on the timer. I didn't want to chance a time-out by waiting for another opening because I was at full health. So, I threw my sp3. In the middle of the animation, the "Time Out" message appeared. At the end of the animation (since GR's sp3 only does one hit at the end) her hp bar dropped from 1% down to 0% and the K.O. message appeared. However, when the map came back up, I was at half health, and Morningstar showed about 700 hp left.

I swear we used to be able to do sp3s at the end of the fight timers and have them count. Is this now a bug? Or is this how the game is supposed to function now? Really annoyed by this.


  • I have repeated this twice throughout this aq week, just to verify it. This is a problem. Please fix it, Kabam.
  • BuffalaxBuffalax Posts: 20
    I ran into the same thing last week with Ultron vs Morningstar. Her health was already at 0% during the animation before time got to 0
  • Now that Morningstar is the map 5 miniboss again, I was able to get video footage of this bug. I triggered special 3 before the timer ran out. You can see that she is at 33% health at the start of the animation, the timer runs out mid-animation, then she drops to 30% health at the end. When I go back into the fight, she is back to 33% health.

    Obviously for this instance, the sp3 wouldn't have finished her off, but it still costs expensive alliance health potions to get back on track. I just want to know if this is how the game is intended to function from here on out, or if this is considered a bug?
  • According to the version 21.3 update notes:
    "- Summoners will no longer continue to take damage when a match timer expires"

    I know that was intended to fix a different bug that was going on at the time, but that fix inadvertently took away our ability to close out a fight with a special 3 animation, potentially getting the KO on our opponent in the process.
  • Hey there, the team is taking a look into this. Once we have more info to share we'll pass it along here.
  • DJSergyDJSergy Posts: 135
    This just happened to me against OR in map7 just a minute ago. Fired sp3 he was 19%, when sp3 animation finished he was down to 3%. After that I went in to fight again thinking meh 3%, any champ can get that, but surprise! he was back to 19% and i lost my other 🤦‍♂️
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