A fair solution for gold issue



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    Drooped2 said:

    I guess I kind of agree with both sides. On the one hand, there isn't a gold shortage. Some players are short on gold and are unwilling or unable to do the things in the game that would fix this for them but that's not the same thing as a shortage. I've already said I hate arena and have never been a big arena grinder. I still have 18 million gold. Used to have more but I have a hard time motivating myself to even do minimal arena at the moment. If I had better crystal RNG maybe I'd have less, but I can't remember the last time I was low. At the same time, if you are low for whatever reason there's nothing for it but to not rank champs and/or grind some arena. People asking for other ways in the game to get gold know that there is currently the arena option, so being told to grind arena isn't actually helpful. Maybe Kabam will provide one and maybe they won't, but the request isn't unreasonable per se. I'd like there to be another way to get loyalty. The fact that some players have millions of loyalty doesn't change the fact that I could use more than I am currently able to earn.

    Loyalty is a limited resource so theres a pretty large difference there.
    That's the part I dont get
    Loyalty, catalysts, limited.

    Gold ,bc,, units as many as you qant or need right there to take whenever you want.

    But it's a gold shortage? Makes no sense to me
    It's a fair point about the difference between gold and loyalty. I also agree that there isn't actually a gold shortage. An alternate way to earn gold would be fine with me though. Units and battlechips too lol.
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    The main idea though was gold instead of XP at level 60 so people had something to gain other than a lvl60 tag.
    Please stay on topic :)
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