To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.
**Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event Returning**
This solo event has been fixed and will appear in game again on December 10th and will run through the 17th.
Reminder: This event is available to Paragon+ Summoners

We'll fixing an issue with the Side Quests where all difficulties had the same Selector rewards.

We've fixed the Selectors in Threat Levels 4, 3, 2 and 1 to no longer contain rewards for Progression levels above the target audience.

Threat Level 4 rewards cap out at Thronebreaker
Threat Level 3 caps out at Cavalier
Threat Level 2 caps out at Uncollected
And Threat Level 1 has rewards for Proven

List of Bugs & Changes after the Update

hi guys,

there're so many posts about different bugs floating on the forum right now. I thought it would be helpful for us to compile a list, so we could track what has changed since the update, and also whether or not they have been acknowledged. This way, we can also track them later, so they don't get lost, especially posts that dont have that many replies ;)

1. cannot punish Loki SP2 right away (acknowledged)
2. cannot punish Sentinel SP1 right away (acknowledged "reluctantly")
3. domino/red hulk heavy attack damage not scaled correctly ("passed down to the team to look")
4. Double Edge mastery description
5. Yondo's medium hit (not projectile) now cannot be parried
5. Carnage gets punished by AI right after throwing SP1
4. Nick Fury losing tactical charges even with a fury buff
5. Alliance help button
6. Android frame rate/amination

changes/bugs (need more clarification)
1. void model change
2. sound/visual glitch
3. Sabertooth no longer bypassing mordo's evade (?)
4. Spider-Gwen not stopping passive unstoppable (?)

feel free to share, add, clarify, and correct the list.


  • Mystix13Mystix13 Posts: 50
    Domino with Rulk synergy isn’t scaling the incinerate damage based on the heavy attack damage done.
  • rwhackrwhack Posts: 1,041 ★★★
    edited April 2019
    Nightcrawler can’t be flipped now very well either but. Most backdrafts are fails. Lots of sp2 can’t be punished. Hard to believe subtle changes weren’t being made to AI that are way bigger.

    This has that 12.0 feeling with the pot sizes and etc.
  • webtswxwebtswx Posts: 192
    it looks like X-23's SP2 cannot be punished, either
  • CammonRoCammonRo Posts: 377 ★★
    The game seems much laggier since the update. Anyone else seeing this?

    And yes Domino/RH synergy is majorly bugged now. SO GLAD I did my first run of LOL before this update.

    I really hope the Domino thing is a bug and not a nerf.
  • webtswxwebtswx Posts: 192
    A.I. change in general?
  • ArtOfKhaosArtOfKhaos Posts: 59
    Add bishops sp1 as well, dexed the last projectile and my first hit missed..
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    The default chat room when you start the game is now Global and cannot be changed. I hate that.
  • LongtimegamerLongtimegamer Posts: 179 ★★★
    We can't parry Yondu anymore when he uses his medium attack. We should be able to because his medium's aren't projectiles, only his light attacks.

    What's going on here, among the many other changes?
  • Ketchup1791Ketchup1791 Posts: 114
    I'm so glad it wasn't just me that had this problems. I rushed over here after having 2 of my characters die in AQ because you can't punish Sentinel's SP1 anymore and with the janky framerate.
  • Dark89PhoenixDark89Phoenix Posts: 165
    Don’t forget about the sp1 of Ghost Rider. It’s worth checking out.
  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 460 ★★★
    Jitter. Sudden frame increases or slow downs esp with defender special usage
  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    I never actually knew you could punish Sentinel’s sp1. The only time I tried was after the update (didn’t work). It’s weird how many bugs there are though.

    One maybe bug is Venom isn’t triggering Om Nom as much (it only triggered once in a few dozen sp1’s when it usually triggers at least once every sp1), but I might just be having a really unlucky streak.
  • HeadshottoHeadshotto Posts: 2
    Thor Ragnarok’s synergy with Korg is not providing the fury buff when the opponent is pinned against the wall.
  • rwhackrwhack Posts: 1,041 ★★★
    edited April 2019
    Game is played 24/7.

    I think support should be :)

    Just watched some Loki and sentinel videos...that is horrific. You cannot punish a special now. I think it’s apparent you were trying to slip out a few frames and make it less noticeable what was done but too many were removed.

    If that’s not the explanation offer an alternative one.

    This isn’t quite 12.0 bad but it is one of the worst in a long time.
  • Shawnp77Shawnp77 Posts: 6
    After this happens, it usually crashes
  • DamageuDamageu Posts: 52
    edited April 2019
    Can’t seem to get a hit in after x23 specials, or the timing has been changes at the very least
  • swallace8182swallace8182 Posts: 21
    Darkhawk synergy with Ghost Rider not providing the 30 percent increase power rate verses Villians
  • TomerPTomerP Posts: 94
    edited April 2019
    On Android, ever since last month's update, the game suddenly slows down very noticeably. I can post a vid if necessary.
  • swallace8182swallace8182 Posts: 21
    Ghost Rider not able to power drain Moon Knight in Map 6 with SP2 (Blade synergy in effect).
  • junniorpacojunniorpaco Posts: 7
    Game closing only when I start the fight with attacker eagon iPhone 6
  • Stitch16Stitch16 Posts: 2
    Blade crit rate. Especially with sp2
  • SynjunpSynjunp Posts: 6
    I was under the impression block was going to be “fixed” after the update but it seems to have gotten worse. Holding or tapping block sometimes won’t register at all in arena (noticeably) or there is some lag so that the block doesn’t register in time. It was bad before but seems worse now.
    Also noticed it in AQ.
  • gkelly26gkelly26 Posts: 51
    Had a backdraft issue where I’d through a 4 hit combo and dash back. Before my dash animation finishes opponent already slapping me. Would need the reaction time of the flash to do anything
  • polalphapolalpha Posts: 17
    Emma Frost signature description is off, and she apparently gained a huge amount of PI (nearly 2000 for 4/55)
  • polalphapolalpha Posts: 17
    Sparky crit seems off too
  • OppaOppa Posts: 1
    I’ve had a few issues where parry wasn’t working in aq against Masacre. The lag is insane in arenas too.
  • rwhackrwhack Posts: 1,041 ★★★
    MavRCK_ said:

    Jitter. Sudden frame increases or slow downs esp with defender special usage

    A friend of mine has been saying this for sometime now that it looks oddly manipulated at times. Don’t know what to think.
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
    edited April 2019
    Cant switch NC anymore.
    Phoenix sp1 doesn't connect.
    Ironmen cant chain Sp2.
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