Hitting into block being countered by specials. [Merged Threads]



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    @Kabam Miike

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra As 4cyke stated, this looks to be a bigger issue with AI reaction time overall that is causing lots of issues. This is something has been brought up multiple times but never responded to. What is the intention of the game design team here?

    This is not correct. There has been no change made to AI response time.
    @Kabam Miike Maybe the response time was not intended to be changed but there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that it has changed somehow. As respectfully as possible, we are trying to point out an underlying issue because it's obvious to so many of us. I can't play test as effectively as your developers should be able to but this is what I found specifically just after your last post. These are integral actions to the game and I am shocked this can go without updating for such a long amount of time.

    Issues I came across that seem related:
    Aegon vs Modok where Modok dexed out of the middle of my combo 2 hits in (Variant & Arena)
    SP2 of all Iron Men not connecting repeatedly because the AI response lets them evade between the 5 chain combo into sp2 - SIM v IM, SIM v Electra, SIM vs IMIW, IM vs SIM, etc (these ones tested specifically in Arena)
    Masacre vs multiple champs sp countered (arena + eq)
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    Just got hit with Arch Angle's SP1 while attacking into his block. I was using Omega Red in the Class Trip quest.

    Hey All,

    If you're still seeing this, I need exact Matchups. Which Champion you Used, and against who. We're continuing to investigate this.

    No, you cannot say "it happens to everyone", because that is not going to help us narrow this down. Any posts that do not contain that information will be removed.

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    More examples....

    Corvus vs quake (uncollected eq 3.1 invade path)
    Corvus vs night thrasher (uncollected eq 3.1 invade path)

    There are others on this path I can’t remember specifically.

    Also numerous cases in ROL in last week normally vs cap marvel and rhino

    Corvus vs 5* quake in a duel

    All iPhone 7

    It’s so erratic, I can go for hours/days of play without it happening and then in ROL I could get it happening 4-5 times on one fight.

    Time to sort it out folks, come on.....
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    I was using Red Hulk in Varient 2 2.2 and Yondu hit me with his sp1 while hitting into his block and the superior ironman hit me with 2 different sp1's while hitting his block. I am using an iPad 12.9.
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    Just now, 5* r3 Pun2099, full suicides vs 5* r3 Crossbones in T1A Arena, no suicides, both duped, Win streak 29. Hitting into CB’s block and he throws SP1 after first light after a medium. Can we ad this to the Known Issues post?

    iPhone 8+, WiFi, latest updates.

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    I'm not saying these events/changes/bugs are related. It's just a hypothesis. I can see how they might, and how they might not be related.
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    As stated before by a moderator, the mechanics have were always suppose to work like they are currently but were not work as intended before. So the updated change them but I do not think Kabam realized the game wide impact. So here we are today with an intentional change and we are still calling it a bug. This has not been address for a long time but yet this thread is still going. I think at this point it will never be addressed. It has benefited Kabam as people have had to use more resources to complete content so why would it be fixed in all reality. I would be very surprised if a moderator would address this at all moving forward. The only thing we can do as Summoners is to manage our resources so it does not come out of our pockets.
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    Today I got sentinel firing sp1 between second and 3rd hits and bishop firing sp1 on the 3rs hit during a contact combo, so not even hitting into block.
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    It truly does happen with everyone against anyone, however, to not get my post removed. It happened yesterday in map 5 Omega Red vs SW miniboss... attacking block to keep spores up and ideally get his unblockable hits.. she fired an sp2 right in my face. No slow down... no attempt at block break technique.. hitting her block as fast as possible and she just fired it off. This never ever used to happen. It literally works against champs like omega red and massacres designed fighting styles. Used omega red since I got him from feature 5* and it definitely didn’t used to happen.

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    In 5* featured arena using a max sig 5* Namor vs Blade. I’m running full suicides. Namor is yet another champ that you designed who gains a benefit from hitting into block. So I’m playing him as designed, hitting into Blade’s block to mitigate the suicide damage. Blade throws his sp1 while hitting his block. He was backed up against the wall.

    This has happened multiple times today, I just don’t have time to document every occurrence. Is this a bug or not? If so, please update the Known Issues thread. If not, close this worthlesss thread and save us the agony of seeing new messages posted only to find more reports of an issue that has plagued the game for months and still no communication from the Company. iPhone 8+, AT&T WiFi, latest updates.

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    Just happened to me in 6.2.5. Blade threw his L1 while I was hitting into his block with my AA. This has been happening all over the place, and it’s extremely frustrating.
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    Not a special this time.. a basic attack. I was attacking Blade in war with Omega and he interrupted my block hits out of nowhere and landed an attack.
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    I was literally just mid combo using Omega Red when a Red Hulk busted out a special 1. Nearly caused me the fight. Really need this resolved/Looked into.
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    I was fighting in Alliance War with Void against an unblockable sp1 Domino.
    Domino was able to hit me with her special in the middle of my combo which instantly killed me. I had a few boosts active as well.

    I know it has been addressed in the forums as something "AI has always been able to do" but somehow, this has never happened to me before v24.0.

    I would like to join a long list of players who are begging for a fix to this since THE PLAYERS CAN NEVER DO THIS.

    It is really disheartening that we lose resources earned by effort go down the drain due to system bugs.
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    Hey All,

    If you're still seeing this, I need exact Matchups. Which Champion you Used, and against who. We're continuing to investigate this.

    No, you cannot say "it happens to everyone", because that is not going to help us narrow this down. Any posts that do not contain that information will be removed.

    This just happened to me last week while hitting into IMIWs block with my Corvus Glaive in AQ map 6. He had autoblock and I was hitting into his block to finish the fight and BAM, I get hit with his sp1. PLEASE FIX!
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    edited August 2019
    Happened today in 4* featured arena. Phoenix threw her sp1 between second and third hits of Red Hulk hitting into block.
    Android 8.0, Asus Mediamate
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    You can replicate this issue with any fight against a champ that has a dash back and hold ability like Nightcrawler, Xbones, and Hood in any game format. It happens most often where the AI has an aggressive behavior.

    You can see that if you hit into the champion’s block after they’ve dashed back to block that the timer is present but then the timer drops mid combo. It’s as if they drop their block for a fraction of a second.

    As stated in other posts there is often a different result where the champion either drops their block completely or uses a special.

    You can see where this might be an issue when fighting Nightcrawler and Thing because hitting into their block is how you work around their defensive abilities, or at least I think that’s how you guys intended it to work. Hitting into a block is also a great way to back a champion up but this “bug” also makes that difficult.

    It isn’t a consistent event but it does happen. I can go through and entire stun immune path in 6.2 and it won’t happen but I can attempt it once in war against a boss and it happens.

    iPhone XR
    Updated iOS


    Happens most often against Nightcrawler and Thing. Has happened against other champs in the contest.
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    I can't understand why such changes to AI mechanics are not tested before being released. This is a standard part of the SDLC.

    Just right before I started writing this post, i faced the same issue again.
    Story quest, act 5.3.2. I was using wasp against Thor Jane Foster. The ability description states that anytime in a model of a combo if was tries to attempt the heavy, a passive stun is applied on the opponent. When i did an m-l-l-heavy chain, Thor did not get stunned. Rather, she activated her special attack.

    This is a really frustrating matter when a game we love so much faces issues like these.
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    "This is a really frustrating matter when a game we love so much faces issues like these."

    I don't understand why a mod or dev can't comment on this thread. It's an easy question to answer: Is this going to stay or are you looking into a fix?

    An answer would personally give me some relief, as I could then make a better decision with regard to my in-game purchase decisions moving forward.
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    Another bug stemming from this recovery time today - Red Hulk recovers from a heavy too quickly to parry in AW.
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    This bug is back or hadn’t been fixed properly. Twice since the newest update I’ve had an opponent use their special while I was in the middle of a 5 hit combo.

    Both times I was using Venom the Duck. 1st was during monthly event, War Machine in chapter 1.2 (uncollected). And the 2nd was in AQ map 4 against Loki in the first section left-mid path.
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    Any chance we could get an update on this bug. I think the last comment said it shouldn't be happening. Many have posted the requested information about when it is still happening. Video's and everything. Happened to me yesterday in AW attack. Hyperion threw a special while I was hitting his block with OR. Update please?
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