Which is the better Mutant

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I have 3 different Mutants and can't really decide which I like best. Who do you like the most? An explanation would be very helpful too. Thanks!

Which is the better Mutant 41 votes

4* Psylocke (Unduped)
Vdh2008MegaSkater67Haji_SaabThemis_xwsthsDisbanded_pensTheVyrusTerraCallmelaFleurSixshot1M1k0rinWrathfulRavenDkutctghKade7175Ingi_Freyr1975Battle_Greninjashadow_lurker22Shadow_PhoneixLordRaymond3crgoodw1nBatsii 29 votes
4* Beast (Unduped)
ScholiaRaiden141Slimeball 3 votes
4* Storm (Unduped)
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    4* Psylocke (Unduped)
    Beast and Storm need the dupe I think. Correct me if I’m wrong. But if you ask me, personally I like Beast the most.
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    4* Psylocke (Unduped)
    I think beast is really fun to play with, but Psylocke has excellent power control even when unduped. So much so that I bring my 6* into war for path 4 AoN node.
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    Go for Psylocke
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    4* Psylocke (Unduped)
    I would say she’s my favourite champ, nobody else has her level of control in fights and she’s better than magik for power control if you know how to use her. Her passive lock prevents willpower triggers and is not removed by masochism. Once you have that lock the majority of fights become easy. You can get them in a loop of intercepts where you 4 hit combo, back off and then dash back in as they start to come towards you. This can carry on until the fight ends so no need to parry taking chip damage and they can’t use specials. You’ll have increased crit damage and ability accuracy reduction as well which can come in handy against certain champs. Another way to use sp1 is to use it to drain their power and force them to drop below a powerbar threshold. In doing so, psylocke gains enough power to have her sp1 ready again. Rinse and repeat.

    Alternatively you can apply an active power lock with sp2 and sp3. This is easy to keep reapplying because she consumes a psi charge on sp2 to generate enough power to have her sp1 ready immediately after. So you’ll have enough time to reach sp2 again just as it’s expiring.

    Sp3 is a guaranteed power lock too and has a very long stun duration should it bring them to 0 power which it always should if you wait long enough to do so (should usually just be ready but you wait a few seconds at most if not). That gives you enough time for 2 5 hit combos followed by medium medium and then a third medium to open up your third 5 hit combo. You’ll build up 2 or 3 psi charges attacking the stunned opponent giving you the passive lock before the active lock expires. You can use this for a quick reset if you slip up and get hit. She is one of my favourite champs and is undoubtedly a better option for power control than the usual names like magik, Hawkeye etc. Used her for uncollected Ægon and finished the fight on 100% health. She’s incredibly useful and I wish I could get a 5*.

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