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Community's Choice: Champion Update



  • antbot2antbot2 Posts: 26
    İRON PATRİOT for iron man
  • raphamarxraphamarx Posts: 2
  • TheKattman83TheKattman83 Posts: 1
    edited May 2019
    Old Man Logan
  • KahqKahq Posts: 9
    Old Man Logan
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,504 ★★★★★

    Terra said:

    I think Colossus will win by a landslide

    All evidence is pointing that way. It's a shame. I wanted KK to have some redemption. Lol.
    KK is already a very good champ at higher ranking if you know how to use her.
  • VaederVaeder Posts: 4
    I say collusus will be a good update cus he could be a good counter to havoc. His sig ability and animations needs works along other stuff.
  • Ol01Ol01 Posts: 3
  • espadasxespadasx Posts: 5
    please update IRON PATRIOT i already have him x 120 of 5 stars
  • DjoaoDjoao Posts: 15
  • VerosPanVerosPan Posts: 1
    My Choice: Colossus!!!
    - he need like Hulk also new Specials to reach enemies in distance too. He's to easy to bate.
    - We have not that much bleedimmune champs in the mutantsrange. And that would be cool against all the powerful bloody Talents 😁
    - Logan is never that good than Wolverine or X23..
    - Cosmic Champs on this List are never that good than Corvus, Medusa, Hyperion or Carnage. Will say... we have here no need for more well reworked champs.

  • SamaritanaSamaritana Posts: 19
    Iron Patriot
  • Hey there Summoners, the time has come! The official poll for you to vote for the next Champion to be updated can be found here.
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