Stones awakening up 5 * ... in monthly events already ..

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Kabam is past the time you put rocks awakening 5 *, 4 *, 3 * in the monthly events, according to your difficulty .let's players raise this discussion to kabam see that we want better rewards already .. enough of miseries ..💪🏻


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  • Thiago_0807Thiago_0807 Posts: 6
    5-star awakening in monthly events..
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  • SlimeballSlimeball Posts: 252 ★★
    we just witnessed a stroke
  • HairyslugHairyslug Posts: 76
    100% the rewards need updating everything is far too repetitive at the moment with very little rewards apart from Variant and act 6 the updates have been poor, I was saving resources for this Endgame update the big climax for the MCU you’d think the game would have a fun Event with big rewards but at the moment this is the least I have played this game in 2 years, rant over
  • mike0179mike0179 Posts: 14
    Yea Ive been playing this game daily for about 3 years now and there isn't much incentive to keep going with mediocre rewards and with the increasing amount of auto block, unblockable, unstoppable nodes coming every month.
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    5* AG crystal for exploring uncollected is still reasonable, but not a 6* haha
  • uthy99uthy99 Posts: 35

    5* AG crystal for exploring uncollected is still reasonable, but not a 6* haha

    especially with that nameless thanos, this eq honestly deserves to have a 5* ag crystal as exploration rewards, i was so dissapointed when i saw that the uc eq rewards had stayed the same this month.
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,197 ★★★
    If they want to do this, I guess an Awakening gem Crystal should be in the rewards once every 4 months in the Uncollected difficulty
    And 4* Gem in master
    But I doubt it
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