Alliance Quest Season 6 - Discussion Thread



  • Jawarrior2001Jawarrior2001 Posts: 258
    Menkent said:

    50/50. I've been using OR for the electro fight. Only use medium, heavy, and special attacks. Unless you screw up the unavoidable damage is minimal. I know not everyone has a high rank OR, but hopefully someone in each bg has one. I've been told the masochism path is harder too but I haven't tried it for myself.

    Personally just think it's a cheap shot to put an electro on a node with heal block knowing that nearly every attack will do some damage to you, I mean it's what nearly 40% of physical damage? Could at least change to node to something other than heal block, but hey :D
  • Davidr27Davidr27 Posts: 55
    So no update to this terrible vivified node without a real counter? Only Corvus can do this path after getting a few charges
  • tafretafre Posts: 99
    Has Vivified been fixed? I created a post that had Kabam Zibit acknowledging the issue but has it been fixed before it went live again??? Here is the post:
  • DestroyerDestroyer Posts: 84
    Almost two months since last we heard from a mod. Could you please provide an update on the bugs, Hype compensation, lack of notice on the more than slightly increased difficulty of the Map 5 SW boss map, and more?
  • Jawarrior2001Jawarrior2001 Posts: 258
    Has there been any sort of discussion regarding the issues from the launch of this AQ season, in regards to bugs/compensation for all of said bugs?
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 137
    Still no word from any mods for practically 2 months about the beginning of AQ season 6 with how overpowered Hyperion was and the bugs that constantly have been happening with no word on any compensation for the amount of personally resources each member of alliances have had to use. This is personally the worst customer service ever! You all at Kabam and the moderators that are here to assist them have failed everyone within this community especially those that have been posting on this discussion thread since Season 6 began.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 2,283 ★★★★
    What happened to the rewards buff that was said to be coming later on after the season dropped?
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