Any special event this month ?

This months event quest hasn’t lived up to End game ! I feel personally the rewards and content have been a big step back from last month, really hoping there is a special event with amazing rewards to make up for this month !


  • UmbertoDelRioUmbertoDelRio Posts: 5,223 ★★★★★
    It wouldn't even be that bad, if the bounty missions last month wouldn't have been that awesome. Getting almost 1000 5* shards per day is really hard to live up to.

    The whole infinity stone quest was the biggest letdown imo. Making it (that much) easier actually made that a lot worse, since now a 2/35 og cap can clear epic 100% with a little bit of practice. Before nerfing the quest I didn't see myself explore epic, mostly because my highest black widow is a 3*, but I was still really looking forward to gathering all the stones. Now that's basically gone. One nerf made 2/3 of the event practically pointless for a large amount of players.

    I'm still hoping for a black order boss rush or a black order clash or something like that, though.
  • TheDuke899TheDuke899 Posts: 265 ★★
    This month and especially the endgame related content was the reason preventing me from getting my acc deleted. Imagine how disappointed I am 🤮

    IDK what their content creators were thinking and still now, close to the end of this Desaster were its unrealistic that they bring something like a bosh rush, they ignore the massive negativ feedback.

    No apologies for this messed up, most anticipated month in the games history 🤯 or even a hint on something to make up for the disappointment to at least satisfy their community

    Besides that they did a good job with objectives but that's just for the new players... Everything else especially the RNG rewards really 🤬
  • It is rather ODD we didn't get some type of celebrity or character based Challenge like we did with virtually EVERY MCU release since GOTG VOL 2. Which I still say was one of the BEST EQs ever. Rocket's Scrapyard, The Bautista Challenge, fun EQ, lots to be had for the effort put in. Was hoping they would out do such with Endgame and.... well.... I'm not one to complain but.... seriously now??? Future Fight split their Endgame content in 2. So MAYBE Kabam will surprise us with something for the last 2 weeks. Or not...
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    Really hope they have something up that will come out to make up for this, Kabam I love the game and you guys with aq are doing great stuff just want to air how I feel with this month event has been a let down, it wouldn’t have been how I felt if it wasn’t end game the best event in mcu history, hope this isn’t taken in the wrong way as I love Mcoc and some of the new champs are so sick makes me want to play this game even more but would love to see this month pick up
  • TheDuke899TheDuke899 Posts: 265 ★★

    Thx Kabam for that **** 🤣 completely disappointing and embarrassing
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