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Rogue_PsychoRogue_Psycho Posts: 34
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Hello KABAM,
I think that it would be extremely beneficial to make a change to how regular quest energy is used. I think that like in AQ and AW when you go over a previously traveled path it shouldn't cost any energy. This is because the only difference between the two is that one is individual and the other are alliance events. Now you may say but you're still traveling over tiles but so is the case in AQ and AW so that is irrelevant. I think this would be an important positive change to the contest that would make it more popular. I hope you understand why this would be beneficial.
Thank you,
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  • Rogue_PsychoRogue_Psycho Posts: 34
    Please leave a comment on whether or not you agree, Id love to hear feedback.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 1,091
    Disagree. Imagine the points that would be put up in Hero Use, Combat Events, or especially this month's Fantastic-4 Champion Use, without having to expend any additional energy.

    AQ/AW is a single instance of a quest, traveled from start to end. Whereas each time you run a solo quest it is a new instance of the quest, in which you repeatedly have to begin from start to end each time.
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 154
    If they were to implement this you would be able to run a path non stop once you have completed it ones.
    So you could grind potions, revives, iso, gold etc non stop. + the things SummonerNR mentioned.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 819
    You’d be able to infinitely farm things in certain quests too easy and everything would be too energy cheap
  • Rogue_PsychoRogue_Psycho Posts: 34
    I hear yall, you all make good points.
  • A reduction would be nice, maybe for -1 energy for repeat paths only if it’s 3 energy originally for cavalier level players
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