Kabam 5* offer, what do you think....



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    Looking at the sheer number of champs available by class, the chance to get a particular champ would probably be greatest with Mystic (~19 champs or a ~5% chance).

    That’s not really much different from the initial featured 5* crystals from years ago. Other classes have more champs and approach a 4% chance per champ. I don’t recall those types of odds breaking the game when the feature 5* was set up differently, and that’s a time when 5*’s were much rarer than today.

    With that said, limited runs of shards for class 5*’s would make sense—like 3-4 times a year and a limit each time. That might strike enough of a balance to allay concerns that AGs become devalued.

    The real limiting factor, however, is this: I sincerely doubt the game team would allow anything other than cash transactions for class crystals, if for no other reason than the fact that it would be very popular among the player base. Why give away for “free” what you can sell for $$$?

    Dr. Zola
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    DNA3000 said:

    DrZola said:

    They'd completely eliminate any value in basic crystals I think unless they were far more expensive than them.

    That’s a reasonable concern.

    Dr. Zola
    They can throw out as many as they like for units or cash but if they ever did them for shards (which I just don't want them to do at all), I'd want to see them even far more expensive than featured crystals otherwise it would reduce the value in current crystals far too much IMO.
    I don't think they would ever do them for shards. Or at least, not the same shards. As I mentioned a few times in the Act 6 threads, I think that this might make sense as a reward you cannot infinitely grind for. Originally I suggested introducing a different set of shards, like classful 5* shards. But I now think the easiest way to do this would be to make a 5* class token you can earn in non-repeatable fashion that you could use *with* 10k 5* shards to create a 5* class crystal. So just saying for example, you could make 6.3 completion and exploration each award a 5* class crystal token, and if you use this token plus 10k 5* shards you create a 5* class crystal.

    Doing this would allow for players to earn these classful 5* crystal for a shot at a certain class, but it would also limit the maximum number they could earn because they would only exist as a reward in certain non-repeatable content. Whether you want players to be able to earn one or two or twenty, you just scatter that many into the higher tier content.
    That's not a terrible solution. Making it easy and affordable to target specific classes one has gems for would definitely unbalance a lot in the game imo
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