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Best r5 science champion?

I have the choice to r5 my void signature 124. I’ve been thinking to max him out for a while now. But wanted to make sure I don’t regret the choice if I ever pull a capiw, or quake.

Best r5 science champion? 21 votes

NatedogTheManMythLegendJayProngsWraithMarv3llousDrewC05Obaid_Jacob03BradMercerSkillful_star 9 votes
Solrac_2Eugene_VirtuosoRockypantherx 3 votes
CrkwestTerraStingerbkOsfan8Saransh245Maldroit2PIZZATIMEWedgemonsterDkiller123 9 votes


  • That all hinges on what you're doing, and how good you are with Quake. If you can Quake like the best of the them, you MAY want to wait. I don't have Void or Quake, but I do have my 5* CAIW at R5 and he's a straight BEAST. 0 regrets. Also, he's not awakened either. Although I would drop a 5* AG on him in a HEARTBEAT.

    However, with all that said, your Void has a fairly high sig level. If you enjoy using him, I would say go for the rank up. More heavyset champs typically results in completing higher end content with great ease. Which will help you allocate the resources to rank up either Quake or CAIW if you ever happen to land them.

    Don't wait around too long on high end rank ups if you have a solid candidate set and ready. More stuff will undoubtedly come, and exponentially faster as you max out more 5* champs. Plus, all the resources are slowly becoming more easily accessible. Hope that helps.
  • CrkwestCrkwest Posts: 384 ★★★
    Really different uses for each, so hard to pick, but IW cap is just amazing, so I'll go with him
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