Content Creator Program of MCOC.

@Kabam Iko @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious or any other person able to give me a Max of information I would like to know what is the Content Creator Program of MCOC. What is it like and how do you benefit from the benefits such as the test of new people for 1 week.


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    Don't tag mods directly. And you need to have certain conditions met to be a CCP. I think it's like, have a YT channel about MCOC,
    Have useful guides there,
    A clean record on account (no suspicious activity).
    The CCP is basically a mode which allows for experimenting with certain buff champs (like the beta for spidergwen or shehulk) The CCs work close with Kabam to fjnd errors or bugs to release a champ that works.
    You basically get first acess to said buffed champion before everyone else. And you get to try out abillities and similar stuff. Your beta or CCP acc is different from your Main, which mean you can open say 5*s in your CCP and have the shards untouched on your main.
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    Ok thank you 4 all these informations
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    All of the info about the Content Creator program can be found here.
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