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Alliance Wars - Defense Tactics and Rewards Update Discussion Thread


Defense Tactics are coming to Alliance Wars Season 11, and bring along the rewards update you've all been waiting for! Check out the Announcement Here.

Then come back to this thread to discuss your thoughts on the upcoming changes!


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    Shoaib_scShoaib_sc Posts: 5
    So, can metal champs be armor shattered?
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    LibertyPrimeV1LibertyPrimeV1 Posts: 4,179 ★★★★★
    July 17th is when Base War Rewards will be Buffed, and July 31st is when Season War Rewards will be Buffed.
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    ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,773 ★★★★★
    At least the t5cc crystals have good parity. Itl just take 10 years to form a T2a from those crystals lol
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    jnikolas92jnikolas92 Posts: 192 ★★★
    Few questions here @Kabam Miike

    - are there changes being made to the AW Victory and Challenger crystals?
    - I'm assuming and hoping that defender diversity is still IN
    - any chance on a breakdown of individual win/loss rewards?

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    DhopsDhops Posts: 37
    What are the t5cc percentages? 25% or 2%?
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    ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,773 ★★★★★
    bpunk88 said:

    Still no solutions for officers/leaders to manage defense? Shameful

    Season crystals are a joke, too wide of a range of *possible* rewards. Gold 3 players can potentially make out better than Master level with season crystals

    They should be broken up into tier crystals master platinum gold etc with thier own amounts of sharss possible but not more than the next higher tier
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    Gregdagr8Gregdagr8 Posts: 380 ★★★
    Why are the values not given? Does it vary based on what tier war you are in? Can we get the values, that's a huge piece of information that we need now to start ranking up for next season.
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    bpunk88bpunk88 Posts: 184 ★★★
    Eddins said:

    Please tell me the war victory crystal got buffed?

    I'm guessing 3 x T5 class ISO instead of 2.. :trollface:
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