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Delayed calendar again?



  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 1,944 ★★★★★
    This is not right. It finally show up in 2 of my accounts but I will miss day 28

    IGN: zuffy
    IGN: zuffy jr
  • McGMcG Posts: 30

  • I'll talking with the folks here and see what's up.
  • ChumpyjoeChumpyjoe Posts: 17
    It looks like it's somehow tied to the summoner appreciation calendar because I had it on my second account last night but not my main account and it showed up today on my main account. That's what happened with the summoner appreciation calendar for me.
  • nachoninja138nachoninja138 Posts: 11

    Same problem here
  • Rob_b_robRob_b_rob Posts: 10
    @Kabam Vydious I did the update as soon as it popped up but now i lost a day on the sinister labs calendar.

  • Same here, calendar show up today but last day's 5* shards are missed. IGN: Sean709394
  • SonnyDSonnyD Posts: 1
    IGN: SonnyD
  • IksdjvanIksdjvan Posts: 239 ★★

    Same here.
  • 1TTID11TTID1 Posts: 7
    My IGN is 1TTID1, calendar delay issues as well!
  • Luiz27Luiz27 Posts: 1
    My IGN is luiz2792 and have have the same issue with the calendar.
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    I have the same issue. The game says i will miss day 28 for the 250 5* shards. You can easily see i was logged in several times yesterday and had the game installed before the calendar would have started.

    IGN: Neotwism
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Should we open a ticket about the missing day?
  • The_Stig9684The_Stig9684 Posts: 42
    Another note worthy point would be, Android users didn't really have a chance, because the update was released after the calendar rewards were distributed.
  • SleepyRabbitSleepyRabbit Posts: 4

    Hey everyone -

    For those of you still having a delayed calendar, can we get you to confirm your in-game usernames for us please? Thank you in advance!

    Missing out on the last 250 5* shards reward as well. IGN: SleepyRabbit
  • Meshu43Meshu43 Posts: 139

    Firstly it didn't showed up , and now when it's showing , it says you miss one day !
    Kabam Answers please , it wasn't my fault , i did post for not being able to see the lab tab :/
  • So bogus that all these Calendars (monthly each version included) always seem to have some requirement that you download the update the very early hours upon the new content being available, else there seems to be back-end day’s missing.

    This past update (iOS) I kept on checking in the UPDATE section of AppStore all day long yesterday, and NOTHING. Wasn't until late at night that I thought to do Search for MCOC and check if Update was available there. It WAS available when going directly to the App in AppStore, but WAS NOT in the UPDATE Section (which I assume is what Auto-Update uses to know when it has to automatically update your apps).

    Not to mention all the times that Android users have had to suffer thru because their Updates never seemed to clear Android Store availability before the first day's Calendar has already come and gone.

    A better system for duration of Calendars is definitely needed Kabam.

    People should have up until the day that the game forces you to have the latest update in order to run (normally several days to a week later) and still be able to access the full duration of any new calendars. Those without Auto-Update, but who still login every day, and aren’t a leave to the Forums here or constantly checking App Store, should not be penalized. Some people also could be teathered to an “away-from-home” WiFi-only access for couple days, and are unable to do Updates even though they can still get in and play under the existing version.
  • ..meant to say “could be away from home on CELLULAR only, and might not be able to Update game”.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,189 ★★★★★

    Thanks, everyone!

    Give it a bit. It looks like things are running find and y'all should still be getting this accordingly. If you don't see them by end of day tomorrow, let us know!

    I have a level 9 account and Sinister Labs calendar is not showing.
    Must it be at level 10 or higher?

    Is there a level requirement for the Sinister Labs calendar to appear?
  • Hit_me_TwiceHit_me_Twice Posts: 35
    IGN : Hit me Twice.
    Hat the same day delay and nie ohne day I missed !
  • celticairbornecelticairborne Posts: 12
    IGN Celtic Airborne. Same problem here, updated early, on at least every 5 hours,and still missed a day...
  • NiepodamNiepodam Posts: 10
    IGN Niepodam
  • CassyCassy Posts: 1,033 ★★★
    edited August 2019
    Would it be that great fuss to give a us an extra Day?
    No one would mind if there where a randomizer. But 5* shards are not for everyone so easy to obtain.
    I am looking forward that Kabam will get the Update / calendar issue solved this year. Not beeing so nitpicking bout logins or check all New Features after an update.

    PS. I cant stop the sigli title from popping up every New login.
  • I didn't get the "sinister labs" calendar. My IGN: TheBerlinFlash
  • MattcoxMattcox Posts: 74
  • Buckylives2_0Buckylives2_0 Posts: 32
    IGN: Buckylives
  • HashinHashin Posts: 1
    IGN: Hashin~1

    Missing last day reward as well
  • ign : MOȘ-CRACIUN
  • lozzadudelozzadude Posts: 156
    ign: lozzadude

    Missing last day
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