Proof of recent AI timing changes

dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 489 ★★★
Ok, so I've been noticing a change in parry timing, and AI recovery time lately, but wasn't sure if it was lag, or just me, or what it was.
I noticed others mentioning it, so I was sure it wasn't "just me" .. and I did some additional testing/studying .. and I believe I have a found a really simple, and definitive "test" to verify this.

Please refer to below video link (I discovered back in Jan this year), teaching how to do a 10-hit combo using Hood (15-hit combo vs some matchups: ie Dr. Strange, Symbiote Supreme, etc.)

Ok .. so as you can see in that video, Hood appears to have a very quick Med allowing him to sneak in that second combo after the first.

After seeing that video back in Jan, I started practicing, and lo and behold, it worked wonders .. I was able to rip off 10-hit combos with relative ease.
I've been doing so for the last 7 months without fail ..

However, with recent timing changes, I believe Hood's interaction in this regard is failing.
I wanted to put it out here, and verify if others were still able to do his 10-hit combo or not? or if it was, again, "just me" at this point.


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