Medusa vs Nebula in AQ, still gaining power under armor shatter?

Just how the title says. I had Nebula armor shattered and she was still gaining power. Map 4 AQ mini boss #2. Am I missing something? Nebula is a robot, she shouldn't be gaining power under armor shatter effect. Or is this how Medusa is going to work now? Sorry I'm confused, any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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    Did there happen to be a node that boosts power gain? Cause I’m pretty sure it says it only reduces enemy power gain by 100% so it might be overcome by a mode that totals her power gain to 150%

    Could definitely be wrong tho. I haven’t used Medusa in a good while
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    There’s a node on her that grants power when hit with a damage over time debuff that they are immune to. So when Medusa puts a bleed on Nebula while she’s armor shattered, Nebula gains power.
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    Empowered Immunity
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    There’s a node on her that grants power when hit with a damage over time debuff that they are immune to. So when Medusa puts a bleed on Nebula while she’s armor shattered, Nebula gains power.

    Before the last update Dusa could armor shatter a robot on a spite node and stack furies without no power gain so I'd think this should function the same way and eliminate power gain altogether.
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    I'm having the same issue using Medusa against Nebula. The exact bug is: if I apply one layer of armor shatter on Nebula (after medium hits+special 1), everything works fine - Nebula gets power locked. But if I want to keep that armor shatter active by using a special 3, Nebula starts to gain power as normal after the special 3. It doesn't matter if one layer or two layers of armor shatter is still active.

    I use Medusa a lot, and certainly also a lot on this Nebula in AQ under the same node. This bug only starts to happen after this new update with the other Medusa bugs happening at the same time.

    Hope this is being looked at and will get fixed very soon?
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    @McLeed YES! That's exactly what happened to me now that you mention it. I fired an sp1, Nebula was armor shattered, no power gain. Then I fired an sp3 to continue the armor shatter and she started to gain power. So it must be something with Medusa's armor shatter on her sp3 not working properly. McLeed, thank you!
  • Hey there, we're currently investigating this issue. Once we have more information to share on it, we'll be sure to let everyone know.
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    Any chance we have an update on this? Been another week and a half since the last post here. I'd call this a pretty severe bug for anyone who uses the champ. Her main ability that gives her value is no longer functioning
  • Medusa armour shatter also didn’t work against 5.4.6 ultron for me. Very frustrating and ended up costing me some revives as I didn’t want to have to do the bane path again.
  • Luckily I was smart enough to stop and start recording otherwise kabam just ignore me it seems
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    As many of the summoners mentioned here in the last few weeks, Medusa's armor shatter doesn't work on robots after the first time. Many posted the videos regarding that too and I haven't seen any update on that.

    Today, I was fighting the nebula mini boss in map 4 AQ.. She was still gaining power even though I had armor shatter on her after the sp3. She used work great until u guys decided to change her description or something.

    She is and will be the best counter to robots. So, atleast let us know if that is a bug or an intended change u guys did to her. If this is an intended change then we can atleast save the resources.
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    Aarkus and OML could be better counters, but we will have to wait.
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    U need a sp2 for aarkus to place an armor shatter compared to Medusa's sp1.. And I donno about OML..
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    I hope it gets resolved in the next update
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    So I just updated the game and the very first thing I did was try Medusa on the Alt Really event quest. At first I used and S1 to Armor Shatter the first sentinel, it worked just fine. However after refreshing it with an S3 Sentinel was now able to gain power despite the shatter. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Medusa?
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    Yup. Just finished exploring 5.4.6 and it kept happening when I was fighting the final Ultron. Annoying.
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    another thing about Medusa shattered armor, it does not prevent Killmonger from gaining its armor thus it forbid you to break the armor of killmonger while the armor is shattered !
    a little bit weird as if the armor is shattered, killmonger should not be able to regain its armor !?!
  • Her Armor Shatter issues still haven't been fixed :(
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    5/50 medusa duped against sentinel (robot) and i have an armor shattered up and i use an L3 to refresh my stuff and basic hits grant power even though in her description is says armor shattered reduces ability accuracy and power gain by 100% while its active and i still had one
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    edited October 3
    Yes her Armor shatter hasn't been fixed
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    Can you guys do anything right for a change? @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious

    Medusa was supposed to be fixed when you guys broke her armor shatter a month ago because you decided out of the blue that you want to seperate armor shatter and armor break debuffs, just because you did not want Vision Aarkus armor breaking stuff, which is a whole other issue I have no clue why that was done whatsoever, and now that a month has passed she is still bugged. She still cannot get rid of the passive armor with the armor shatter of Killmonger which causes her to get reverb damage. Can these be these issues that get fixed rather than unnecessary fixes to the heavy attack animations of characters?
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    @Fred_Joeity i can send one later and prove its still bugged if you dont believe me
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    Look Kabam, I understand that you all want to make new mechanics by separating armor shatter and break; I even think it's great that there was foresight that messing with Medusa would be a bad idea and acknowledged that on her it was a bug and would still count as a break as well once it was fixed. However it may also be a good idea to roll back an update where it wasn't broken and test and mess with the code outside the game, all while making sure to announce that Vision Aarkus would work differently once the kinks were worked out. It would appease at least the majority of people.
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    Down to 3 paths to finish exploring 6.1.6, could've saved a good half dozen revives if her armor shatter wasnt broken, I've dragged it out too long already to keep waiting for a fix. Watch it'll be fixed the day after I finish 😂
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    same with guillotine 2099 i had armor shatter she wasn't gaining power, but once i used medusas sp3 to place another armor shatter guillotine 2099 started gaining power
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    Shouldn't her abilities be shut down ? It happened repeatedly with Medusa to me and I can't find any rational explanation. Robots should have 100% decreased AA while Armor Shattered. Her signature ability gives her up to 100% chance to gain self-repair charge. Also please note this has been happening for months, it isn't just bug from recent update. Does anyone have any rational explanation for this ?
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