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Which Howard the duck do you prefer in the game?

Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 2,013 ★★★★
edited October 1 in General Discussion
There are two of the ducks in the game one is the og version of Howard and one is the Symbiote version of Howard. Which do you think is better and which do you like better? Just a little poll I wanted to post.

Which Howard the duck do you prefer in the game? 122 votes

Howard the Duck
Foxhero007SlappapowOrcDovahkiinHammerbro_64Thi101Colonaut123FhfjghhggggjfhfjgAmazing_Demon05Branu0727Dead1HedronMawrCalleachCaptainPollDPXFistheGOATJoedart 15 votes
Venom the Duck
PantherusNZThe_OneLeNoirFaineantHaji_SaabRiise81RazorDevilJadedKDoggg2017DrownedGodphillgreenTerraLvernon15TopRanked_2DOKTOROKTOPUSWîndšpäve_ASDF_Osfan8G0311RoronoaZoro23FR33_HUG5 107 votes


  • X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 1,873 ★★★★
    Venom the Duck
    There is no challenger in this poll
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,339 ★★★★
    Venom the Duck
    Howard looks cool in his mech, but he isn't good
  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 2,013 ★★★★
    Venom the Duck
    Venom the duck is awesome in my opinion og Howard may get buffed someday you never know But he still has some use like say a havok counter
  • Fugitive21Fugitive21 Posts: 193
    None of them
  • My_SuperiorMy_Superior Posts: 1,840 ★★★★
    Venom the Duck
    The Mech Suit is garbage when compared to Symbiote Suit. I hope they buff the tech version to fill some utility roles that the cosmic version can’t; power control, tanking kill shots, shrugging debuffs, etcetera.
  • FR33_HUG5FR33_HUG5 Posts: 822 ★★★
    Venom the Duck
    VTD has more utility.
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 599 ★★★
    Venom the Duck
    no comparison honeslty,ramped up venom the duck (at atleast 6 fury, 2 power gain,2 regen/crit) he is one of the best most fun to use champs
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 3,658 ★★★★★
    edited October 1
    Howard the Duck
    I got a 2* VTD and a 5* HTD. Which do you bring into a quest? VtD only has solo synergies, so I unfortunately have to go with Mech boi
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 1,275 ★★★
    Howard the Duck

    I just felt bad for OG Howard so heres my pity vote

    Me too!
  • SlappapowSlappapow Posts: 120
    Howard the Duck
    I like OG more as a character and VtD is definitely better because of his utilities. Also, when Howard was announced way back when I though we were gonna get him without the mech and he was gonna do some Quack-Fu on champs 3 times his size, but we can't have everything.
  • Ctleath_013Ctleath_013 Posts: 418 ★★
    Venom the Duck
    Sooo much better
  • HedronHedron Posts: 167
    Howard the Duck
    Coz i have a 5star version of this guy😑😑
  • Sagittarius78Sagittarius78 Posts: 32
    Venom the Duck
    VTD has all kinds of perks..
  • OrcDovahkiinOrcDovahkiin Posts: 307
    Howard the Duck
    Ummm is this a joke? Howard is Quack-Fu tier
  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 430 ★★
    Howard the Duck
    VtD is the better character
    But i just love Howard lol
    His SP2, SP3 and victory screen are still funny to me
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