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[iOS] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • Strike_firstStrike_first Posts: 2
    iOS 13.5.1
    iPhone 8
    Mcoc- latest edition

    Game logo shows then game crashes.... deleted/reinstalled/ happens in WiFi and cellular.
  • Mushmouth69Mushmouth69 Posts: 1
    edited July 2020
    Player: The dude

    App crashes on start up.
    Iphone se. iso 13.5.1.
    Crashes on WiFi and cellular.
  • CaptNoFear13CaptNoFear13 Posts: 8
    not able to open the game on opening the app the game automatically closes
    Phone iPhone XR
    iOS 13.5.1
    Crashes on both WiFi and Cellular
  • 1_Mighty1_Mighty Posts: 14
    I use a iPad mini 5 and it’s crashing as well.
  • CarmaJCarmaJ Posts: 19
    edited July 2020
    Adding to the mix. iPhone 7plus, IphoneSE in game name Carmajrk~1. Crashing on WiFi and cellular. IOS 13.5.1. Thanks. Someone mentioned the FB refresh being issue but mine is refreshed and still not connecting.
  • L79GL79G Posts: 43
    edited July 2020
    In-Game Name: Ryuk - 死神
    Device and Model: iPhone X
    Device Operating System: iOS 13.5.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Last available
    Game Mode: App crashing
    Description of the Issue: App crashing after Marvel Logo.
  • O_Deadpool_OO_Deadpool_O Posts: 140 ★★
    IPad 2020 Pro, IOS 13.5.1.
    Game is crashing on launch, just after the logo is shown.
  • Roqbone97Roqbone97 Posts: 44
    App keeps crashing iOS 13.5.1
    Cavalier Roq1 in game username this is going to hurt my ranking in Arena.
  • king_ov_scrubsking_ov_scrubs Posts: 396 ★★★
    iPhone 11
    iOS 13.5.1
    crashing on wifi and cellular data
    latest version of game
    all game modes
    game crashes/kicks me out when i open the app

  • You_want_bloodYou_want_blood Posts: 1
    In game name : you want blood
    Device :iPad Pro
    Device operating :13.5.1
    Verizon 27.2.0
    Game mode:App crashOMG
    Description: app crashing after and during marvel logo
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    iPhone 11 pro
    iOS 13.5.1

    Game crashing instantly upon attempting to open
  • MatanacosMatanacos Posts: 67
    Same issue. iPhone 6S. V. 13.5.1
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 635 ★★
    iPhone XR
    T-Mobile Everything up to date on MCOC and phone
    Game crashes instantly, won’t start at all.
    Iphone : 11
    Version: 13.5.1
    Crashes instantly after launch and seeing marvel logo

    Your better than that Kabaam!
  • bobtheeagle
    iphone 6
    ios 12.4.7
    both cellular and wifi
    version 27.2.0
    no game mode, could not log in as game would crash after the marvel logo showed
  • AmitylavaAmitylava Posts: 1
    Zhao Yun
    IPhone 8+
    IOS 11.3.1
    latest game version
    wifi/cellular data (both)

    I’m playing contest of blinking app. Can’t even login at all.
  • SRArch_SAI21SRArch_SAI21 Posts: 89
    Guys i wanted to inform kabam peculiar issue never seen for last 5 years, I entered a quest opened node properties, I got a call finished it and tried to go back to game the app crashed and never would get back in, i rebooted my phone deleted all cache game several times still it doesn't work, Using Iphone 6S latest IOS
  • johnlaw3742johnlaw3742 Posts: 164
    as a note, I do not have the Facebook app installed on my phone.

    iPhone X
    ios 13.5.1
    started out happening only on wifi but now
    crashing on both wifi and cellular
    latest game version 27.2.0
    Game is crashing upon opening.
    edit- I was able to get back in by turning on/off airplane mode, bluetooth and wifi in various orders until I could get back on
    iPhone 8
    ios 13.5.1
    game ver 27.2.0
    game is crashing when opening only on wifi- connects fine on cellular.

  • AsgardianAsgardian Posts: 1
    IPhone X
    IOS 13.5.1
    latest game version
    wifi & cellular data

    Unable to load the game. Once Marvel logo appeared, the app crashed.
  • BarabbasBarabbas Posts: 9
    Game seems to be fine now on my iPhone
  • HardcorecvkHardcorecvk Posts: 9
    In game name: hardcorecvk
    Device: iPhone 11, iOS 13.5.1
    Both cellular and wifi
    Game version: newest
    Game will not open, as soon as I try to open it closes instantly at first screen.
    I tried redownloading game, also rebooted device. Still same issue.

  • BarabbasBarabbas Posts: 9
    I solved the issue by switching to airplane mode than as soon as you get the message, switched it off. It starts now all the time.
  • BarabbasBarabbas Posts: 9
    Switched the airplane mode off*
  • DBGMDBGM Posts: 16
    Game is back up
  • syes132syes132 Posts: 12
    im on chromebook and it doesnt work too
  • MarkusOfGileadMarkusOfGilead Posts: 10
    Name : Rzarrector
    iPhone 6 - 12.4.7
    Carrier : AT&T 36.0.2
    Data and WiFi both
    Latest version of MCoC
    It seems in every game mode when I fight Silver Surfer and he executes his SP3 it gets to the part where he carries the defender into the sun looking thing and then it freezes for a second and then crashes. It just happened to me in Arena and when I went back it said network connectivity issue try back later. I tried back later and the fight was over somehow, even though it wasn’t when it crashed (both champions plenty of health). I had apparently won I think as my multiplier was still at 3x. It also happened to me when n an Incursion and game also crashed in incursion right when I used a 10,000 health potion and I ended up losing it!! When I opened game again potion was gone and my health hadn’t changed major loss of units paid for!
    Also general lag issues frequently - more so on WiFi. And random game crashes in the middle of a fight in any mode I believe.
  • Monkeyhole2___Monkeyhole2___ Posts: 6
    Game name Monkey Hole
    iPhone 11
    Latest game and operating system installed

    Issues with specials not responding, issues with dashing back, and issues with blocks not responding. It is happening in AQ and in monthly event quests.
  • OtotheQOtotheQ Posts: 10
    In-Game Name: O-('.'Q)
    Device and Model: iphone X
    Device Operating System: ios 13.5.1
    Cellular or WiFi: both. cellular is china mobile
    Game Version Installed: 27.2.0
    Game Mode: logging in
    Description of the Issue: I can't log in without using vpn for the past 2 days. I think it is because I am in China, as another Chinese player had commented in another post that he hasn't been able to play during this time as well, but it is often not possible to use vpn services during the day in China so there are times I can't play at all
  • Andy_1900Andy_1900 Posts: 6
    n-Game Name: DNA’
    Device and Model: iphone X max
    Device Operating System: ios 13.5.1
    Cellular or WiFi: both.
    Game Version Installed: 27.2.0
    Game Mode: logging in
    Description of the Issue: currently in China...I can't log in with or without vpn
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