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[Android] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • MikeHancho31MikeHancho31 Posts: 184 ★★

    Having visual issues like we had back when 8.1 released. Can't see Bahamets gamma wave or SPs and that issue is with most champs. Omega Sentinel block animation does not show and most beam attacks can't be seen. Using a Cricket Ovation 2.

    Here's a pic of OS holding block. Once I figure out how to send a video, I'll post that as well.

  • AlexandrpavAlexandrpav Posts: 5
    Kabam idiots, where are you? What about android lags????
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 1,561 ★★★★
    In-Game Name: renaxqq
    Device and Model: Nokia 7 plus
    Device Operating System: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: V41.0.0
    Game Mode: Not related to any game mode.
    Description of the Issue: hitting into Sandman's block makes game/fps to slow down.
  • Drdoom47Drdoom47 Posts: 1
    In game name: wustybway
    Device and model: Samsung Galaxy
    Device operating system: android 10
    Cellular or wifi: both
    Game version installed: 41.0.0
    Game mode: not related to any game mode
    The golden piggy bank appeared in the store and then disappeared and has not returned. When it was available for the short time it was also no updating when a fight was won.
  • OshEbAICSOshEbAICS Posts: 20
    In game name: OshEbAICS
    Device and model: Nubia redmagik 8 pro

    Game version installed: 41.0.0
    Game mode: not related to any game mode

    After the update it suffered a drop in graphics quality and fps

  • RalRal Posts: 10
    In-Game Name: ral07
    Device and Model: Galaxy M31
    Device Operating System: 12
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 41.0.0
    Game Mode: Calendar
    Description of the Issue: I am at sumoner level 24 but my calendar dont show anywhere. My calendar is missing and i cant take daily login reward.

  • Username: Methuka1000
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    Wifi or Cell: Wifi
    Version 41.0.0
    Hello, When ever I try open the app I'm stuck on the loading screen except the first time i open the app after installing it. I really would like to play this game and I've had this problem for over a year. I would be very grate if you guys could fix this, Thank You.

  • Shades_36Shades_36 Posts: 2
    edited September 7
    When I challenge a champion it will log in for without fighting any champion
  • I can log in to alliance war. Multiple people reporting this bug.
    Wifi, Android pixel 4a I think. Updated MCOC prior to bug.
  • ValisFettValisFett Posts: 4
    edited September 7
    User name : Valis Fett
    iPhone 13 - 16.6
    How is it possible that I “missed “ the lane on uncollected. Please see photo and advice.

  • ImpalerImpaler Posts: 26
    Same input errors as last month's due to the games frame rate being rubish, and still complete silence over this....
  • In-Game Name: MTPockets420
    Device and Model: Galaxy A32
    Device Operating System: Android 13
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: up to date 25 August 2023
    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quest
    Description of the Issue: Story Quest won't let me finish act 5 chárter 1 Quest 5. I get to dr. Voodoo and get stuck on loading screen and can't finish
    Event quest does the same at final boss.

    In-game name: HUEVOS LOCOS
    Device/Model: samsung galaxy s22
    DOS: android
    Cell/wifi: both
    Game version installed: current aug 25th duh
    Game mode: EQ
    Description issue: EQ chapter 1.2 , BWDO is continuely crashing my game and killing off half of my current health every time. With over 200+ champions to choose from, why are kabam placing champion defenders with known bugs.?
  • In-game name: BlueMelon
    Device/Model: Oppo find X2 pro
    DOS: Android
    Cell/Wifi: Wifi
    Game version installed: latest
    Game mode: Home page/All
    Description issue: Game gets stuck on this page saying that an error has occurred and that it has failed to login, currently visiting China with a VPN and a stable connection but this problem still persists after a week
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 1,561 ★★★★
    In-Game Name: renaxqq
    Device and Model: Nokia 7 plus
    Device Operating System: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: V41.2.0
    Game Mode: EQ chapter 3.2 Morbius boss fight.
    Description of the Issue: intercepting Morbius causes a lot of lags and stuttering. Morbius sp1 causes lags.
  • MrBrendoMrBrendo Posts: 3
    edited October 7
    Dazzler7 said:

    Come on kabam a response would alleviate a lot of the anger we a70 users have currently. Can someone at least confirm you are looking into this?

    From what I see, there are all types of cell phone brands, and different types of crashes, it's going to be a lot of work lol, this infinite charging.

    xiaomi note 8 pro
  • Blank0123Blank0123 Posts: 5

  • ahmynutsahmynuts Posts: 3,459 ★★★★★
    It's interesting (and maybe a little bit funny) to see that like 90% of the people on this thread that are having issues either have the most out-there random ass phones, phones that are just on the cusp of not meeting the absolute minimum requirements for the game to even function, or have installed the game via APK and are yelling at Kabam and calling them stupid
  • ErundilErundil Posts: 8
    In-Game Name: Erundil
    Device and Model: Honor pad 8
    Device Operating System: Android 12
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: latest
    Game Mode: All modes
    Description of the Issue: disconnections every where, aw map not shown, heroes freezing while fighting.
    Thanks for all this issues
  • AdmHunterAdmHunter Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: AdmHunter
    Device and Model: Redmi 12
    Device Operating System: Android 13
    Cellular or WiFi: Celular
    Game Version Installed: latest
    Game Mode: Story Mode, Act 7.2.6
    Description of the Issue: Black Widow Deadly Origins fight in 7.2.6: Every time I try to enter the fight with my skill champions, the game crashes and the health of my champion gets reduced to half. She killed almost all of my team without even getting in the fight. Kabam Please give me some kind of compensation for this or atleast solve this issue.
  • KASEM123KASEM123 Posts: 1
    edited October 11
    In-Game Name: GHOST SHADOW
    Device and Model: HUAWEI NOVA 10 SE
    Device Operating System: 12.0.1
    Cellular or WiFi: BOTH
    Game Version Installed: 41.2.0
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: when i going to fight the screen changed from loading to update and it take just alot of time please fix it
  • BrandonCNBrandonCN Posts: 9
    In-Game Name: BrandonWolf
    Device and Model: Galaxy Tab A7
    Device Operating System: 12
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: Latest 41.2.0 
    Game Mode: All, Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest, Alliance War, Battlegrounds, etc.
    Description of the Issue:
    -Lag and crashing issue, I know the lag maybe is because of the device, but the app crashing started 2 updates ago including the latest one.
    -I'm playing the game as always and after about 6 to 9 fights the game crashes, through all that fights there's a lot of lag and freeze, sometimes even the Google Play pop up that shows your level shows like the app restarted? and this provokes more lag, sometimes this causes the loading screens to be way longer than before and sometimes it just crashes while loading.
    -Of course this ends up on me disconnecting and joining back the game with 50% less health points.
    -another thing I saw was lag caused for a lot of particles or at least that's my theory, hitting the block of champions like Overseer, sandman, Vision arkus, etc. Causes a little bit of lag.
    -I hope this gets fixed because I'm not having a great time playing this last two updates because of that crashing issue, greetings kabam team.

  • RexamiusRexamius Posts: 3
    In-Game Name: Rexamius
    Device and Model: Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Fold 5
    Device Operating System: Android 13
    Cellular or WiFi: Both Cellular and Wifi
    Game Version Installed: Yes, I have latest version installed from playstore (Can’t see the version ID as game won’t start).
    Game Mode: No mode, game won’t start .
    Description of the Issue: I bought the cavalier bundle from google playstore yesterday around 10 PM EST. since then my game won’t start on any of my android phones. I does work on iPhone, but everytime I try to run on Android, it says “Lost Connection” or it crashes as soon as it starts with that red wifi single at bottom right. Below are the Screenshots

  • Ma5terKuSh89Ma5terKuSh89 Posts: 1
    edited October 26
    In-Game Name: mast3r_kush
    Device and Model: Samsung A52
    Device Operating System: Android 13
    Cellular or WiFi: Both Cellular and Wifi
    Game Version Installed: V41.2.0
    Game Mode: game in general
    Description of the Issue: Since I purchased the Cavalier Nexus Bundle from the Google Play Store yesterday, the game has stopped working. Every couple of seconds there's a loading/disconnect pop up, followed by red disconnect signal flashes on the bottom corner, and it will not allow any gameplay or purchases to be made in-game. Included are screenshots. Please fix.

  • Elohim16Elohim16 Posts: 64
    edited November 6
    In-Game Name: Lord Malachi
    Device and Model: Galaxy Note 9
    Device Operating System: One UI
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Latest version
    Game Mode: Alliance War
    Description of the Issue: I can fight in wars, but I can't place my defenders. Also, my login rewards is always blank, as in, no rewards.
  • JayedJoyJayedJoy Posts: 14
    In-Game name: Jayed Joy
    Device: Sony Xperia 1 V
    OS: Android 14
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game version: 41.3.1
    Game keeps crashing. Every time I open the app, it takes maximum a minute. Then it just crashes. I tried reinstalling, but no luck.
  • Stuck on this screen every time I open the app.
    In game name: seabass220
    Device: Samsung galaxy s22 ultra
    Cellular or wifi: both
    Game version: 41.3.1

  • YJTANYJTAN Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: YJTan
    Device and Model: Redmi note 9S
    Device Operating System: Android 12
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 41.3.1
    Game Mode: All modes, unable to login
    Description: when I enter the app, it shows the no network sign immediately, but my network is ok, works fine. And after that it gives the message 'unexpected error occurred, please try again later '. Is has been like this for the past 2 weeks, meaning I'm unable to login the game , I have sent messages to kabam but still not resolved, can anyone help me. I've updated to the latest version.
  • tioguillingtioguilling Posts: 21
    edited November 13

    In-Game Name: tioguillin
    Device and Model: Huawei p50
    Device Operating System: 13.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 41.3.1
    Game Mode: all fights
    Description of the Issue: everytime i tried to do a fight in the load screen insted of loading says actualizing and does nothing it just stays that way, i leave the game 1 year ago, today a tried to play and that happend...
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