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Thoughts on Old Man Logan and Colossus buffs?

Clearly both champs went from garbage tier to demigod+ tier.

While I have a 4/55 Colossus (thanks V2), I’ve gotten a lot of personal use out of him. His immunities are among the best in the game. Permanent armor up makes him great Havok counter, among others. And with the proper synergy, he has some damn good damage output (comparative to other dual/triple immune). Would anyone consider him 5/65 worthy (prestige increased to 10,220 max - a significant increase, but still falls short on the top 30)?

As far as OML, I haven’t properly used yet. I’ve noticed his regen seems a bit better, while his passive non-damaging bleeds can potentially turn to fury charges and/or make specials unblockable. Seems his damage output got a major boost while furthering allowing you to better “control” his pacifism. Still much better.

Personal thoughts? Satisfied? Stuff left out? 5/65 worthy?


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