r5 5* Omega Red or r2 6* Domino?

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Having a bit of an issue...
Was planing to take OR to rank 5 but pulled 6* Domino this week
I'm currently shortly after completing act 6.1. will be finishing v4 100% this month. Have no other serious double immunity champ in my roster aside OR. Suggestions with examples and arguments would be welcome


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    Do you use suicides? If so, do OR. If not, do Domino. Both will melt content, but I'm Biased towards Dom.
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    I have both at 5/65 Sig 200, so my suggestion comes from experience.

    First, if you run suicides, or have ever considered it, then OR is definitely the right choice.

    Secondly, you mentioned not having any other great double immunes. That's another vote for OR in my opinion.

    He's also got some regen ability to make him a bit more sustainable.

    Domino is obviously a phenomenal champ, and the raw damage she can do, especially with crits and crit bleeds, will certainly out due OR, so the good thing is, you can't really make a bad choice either way.

    Both have some nice synergies with champs people actually like to use as well.

    No bad choice, but since you mentioned not having another good double immune, I would vote OR all day.

    1st world problems suck.

    Good luck with your choice.
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    I don't run suicides but am considering them if I go OR. That double immunity is quite a deal for me. I also have r4 ST and Void, which makes OR even better. On top of that I have no synergies for domino above 4* rulk and 3* massacre. Thanks for all the posts. Very insightful
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    I have a similar question in my mind :) to r5 omega or domino... I havent seen a different kind of answer yet. Still waiting and following your post :)
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    Domino, unless you're running suicides.
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    Why everyone is only talking about suicides? Does anyone know which one is more useful while playing act 6 after cavalier?
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    Doesn’t mean a 6* that doesn’t have a place in any of your teams should be ranked solely because she’s a 6*.

    You yourself said that you don’t have a dual immune except OR.

    Personally though, I’ll 100% V4 first, then see what R5 RUG I pull before deciding. If it’s mutant then problem solved. If it isn’t then I’ll spend the cats on OR.
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    xNig said:

    Personally though, I’ll 100% V4 first, then see what R5 RUG I pull before deciding. If it’s mutant then problem solved. If it isn’t then I’ll spend the cats on OR.

    That was also my thought. Finish v4 and see what r4-5 gem I get. With my luck it'll portably be mystic lol
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    Domino is Best in game for now
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    Guys, thanks for all the input. It was very useful. I think I'll go with Omega if I don't pull a mutant 5* r4-5 gem from variant 4. He's definitely a champ I need for the next content I want to do and overall a better utility champ, especially for me. I have other hard hitting champs in my roster. Domino can wait
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