Help with 5.2.4

I am on 5.2.4 and I need help on which champions to use.
I was thinking about awakening my 4* Morningstar to do it but I would have to use a basic. I also have a 4* sig 40 ghost but have no idea have to use her. And a 4* saber tooth. I would like to know which I should use or if there are any others besides the ones I listed.


  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 849 ★★★
    5.2.4 is the Masochism Map, I believe.

    There are 3 primary strategies for Masochism:

    1) Sabretooth with Killmonger Synergy - Killmonger's synergy means that every time ST inflicts a debuff, they suffer -100% ability accuracy, meaning they don't trigger masochism. You can then fight the fights normally without worrying about Masochism. Sabretooth is a great ramp-up champion where you build up his furies and can deal some massive damage.
    2) Avoid Debuffs - Focus on using champs who don't rely on inflicting debuffs and essentially fight the fight stun-immune style. Learn to intercept and bait heavies/specials.
    3) Overload - Masochism works on a timer, once it triggers and purges a debuff, a countdown timer starts up, during which you can debuff them to your heart's content. This fight will take longer because they'll be healing up fairly regularly, but it's somewhat more straightforward because you're not dancing around. This strategy can work especially well with Heal-reversal/block champs if you can inflict them while the debuff timer is ticking.

    Finally - I recommend going in and just fighting as long/far as you can without using any items. Once you lose all your effective champs, just quit out and start again (energy is only 30 units each full refill, while healing/revives are much more expensive).

    Finally - don't use a generic on Morningstar, and learn to use Ghost - she's amazing.
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