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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    AJC_1870AJC_1870 Posts: 43
    The rest of the new mutants, alpha flight, Damien Hellstrom..even characters from Marvel’s “New Universe” like Psi-Hawk and Justice.
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    FisichellaFisichella Posts: 79

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    Worthy Cap Endgame can use the skin from WWII Cap (broken shield optional) and have 2 phases like NF. Second phase he summons Mjolnir and becomes OP and shock immune, throws different specials etc. I know Endgame is old news but I think this was a missed opportunity and since Kabam are buffing old champs I think WWII Cap could just get this a a kind of massive buff
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    Another_NameAnother_Name Posts: 180
    Sandman, as a baseline of where to work from, should be Human Torch essentially, pre fight persistent charge, a counter art to the flame on phase and all
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★

    White Knight
    Moira X
    Andreas von Strucker
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    060295060295 Posts: 47
    Iron red hulk. General Robert maverick!!! We had thunderbolt Ross so why not another red hulk-with iron patriot armor?
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    Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 920 ★★★
    I would love to have a UK month, and get both Captain Britain/Britannic and Union Jack. Would be pretty awesome to have some British heroes in the mix.

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    Baron Blood synergy with Cap?
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★

    Nomad (Ian Rogers)
    King Cobra
    Goliath (Bill Foster)
    Living Laser
    Grey Gargoyle
    Death Adder
    Black Mamba
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★

    Red Raven
    Gladiator (Melvin Potter)


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    G598hostG598host Posts: 1

    Zombie Dr strange

    Mutant X

    Victoria (Spartax)


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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★

    Outlaw Kid
    Ringo Kid
    Lord Byrrah
    Lady Dorma
    Rachel van Helsing
    Ulysses Bloodstone
    Apache Kid
    Dominic Fortune
    Combat Kelly
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    Steel_Ball_RunSteel_Ball_Run Posts: 534 ★★★
    Dr Strange overhaul:

    Abilities: Vishanti’s Blessings, Artifacts, Fate Seal, Nullify

    *Vishanti’s Blessings:
    -Strange invokes three Vishanti’s Blessings to aid him in battle, each lasting 9 seconds
    +Oshtur’s Refuge grants 100% increased Armor Rating. This Blessing also grants 25% additional Block Proficiency and 25% Critical Resistance
    +Agamotto’s Insight grants 50% increased Attack Rating and Critical Rating. This Blessing also grants 25% Block Penetration
    +Hoggoth’s Wisdom grants 16% increased Power Gain and all hits regenerate 1.75% health

    -Dr Strange receives 100% less power from Attacking and Defending, but gains 33% Power every 9 seconds
    -Dr Strange counters enemy’s Buff effects with Counterspell. Spell effectiveness: 60%
    -Dr Strange’s mystical mastery shields him from oncoming sorcery, granting 1000 Energy Resistance and reducing enemy’s Nullify, Fate Seal and Stagger ability accuracy by 100%

    *Heavy Attacks:
    -When opponent is at full power, this attack inflicts a Power Lock debuff for 10 seconds and instantly drains 10% of the opponent’s max power
    -When under Oshtur’s Refuge, this attack generates 40% less power on the enemy
    -When under Agamotto’s Insight, this attack gains 25% additional Critical Damage rating
    -When under Hoggoth’s Wisdom, this attack inflicts Stagger. The next time a Staggered opponent triggers a buff, that buff along with all other buffs will be Nullified

    *Mystical Artifacts- Pre Fight Ability:
    -Strange starts a quest with 1 Persistent Charge
    -Defeating an enemy grants 1 Charge, max: 3. If Dr Strange is knocked out, he loses all Charges
    -Dr Strange can consume 1 Charge to equip a Mystical Artifact before each fight. Only one Artifact can be equipped per fight
    +Eye of Agamotto: Grants True Strike, this allows Strange to ignore Armor, Resistances, Evade and Auto Block effects
    +Cloak of Levitation: Grants 25% chance to Auto Block, this chance is doubled while Strange is below 50% health. After triggering, this ability enters cool down for 10 seconds. Auto Block does not trigger Parry
    +Crimson Bands of Cytorrak: Special Attacks inflict a passive Stun for 2 seconds and generate 110% less Power on the enemy. Additionally, all of Dr Strange’s Stun effects last 0.5 seconds longer
    +Book of the Vishanti: Boosts all of Dr Strange’s ability accuracy by 300% and Energy Damage by 50%

    Special 1: Bolts of Balthakk:
    -This attack may deal up to 100% additional damage and recover 100% additional Power at random

    Special 2: Flames of the Faltine:
    -When under Oshtur’s Refuge, this attack has 100% chance to place a Slow debuff for 15 seconds
    -When under Agamotto’s Insight, this attack has 100% chance to place an Armor Break debuff, reducing Armor Rating by 50% for 15 seconds
    -When under Hoggoth’s Wisdom, this attack has 100% chance to place a Heal Block for 15 seconds
    -If any of these debuffs are shrugged-off prematurely, the enemy takes 50% of Dr Strange’s base attack as instant Energy Damage

    Special 3: The Prestige:
    -100% chance to Fate Seal the opponent, immediately Nullifying all buffs and prevents any new buffs from activating for 15 seconds
    -This attack gains 1% additional Attack Rating for each buff nullified. Max: 50

    *Sig Ability: Master of the Mystic Arts:
    -The first time Strange would be knocked out, he instead enters his Astral Form and consumes all Persistent Charges, becoming Invulnerable for 1 second and regenerates 4-12% max health per charge consumed.
    -Additionally, while any Blessing is active, Dr Strange takes 15-100% less damage from all passive DoT effects

    *Same base synergies

    *I’ve Come to Bargain (3*s and above): w/ Dormammu and Mephisto
    -Strange: +15% Armor and Attack Rating while fighting against #Villains or #DimentionalBeings
    -Dorm and Meph: Each attack deals a burst of 30% additional energy damage

    *Sorcerer Supreme (3*s and above): w/ Voodoo, Symbiote/Sorcerer Supreme and Loki
    -Strange: +10% Armor Rating for each Mystic in the team
    -Symbiote Supreme, Kali: +10% faster Power Gain and Special Attack Rating
    -Voodoo: +2% Attack for each Loa buff on the opponent
    -Loki: +50% Attack and Crit Rating while opponent is Cursed

    *Sanctum Sorcerers (4*s and above): w/ Mordo
    -Strange: Can block Unblockable attacks
    -Mordo: +10% Block Proficiency per Buff

    *Otherworldly Threats (4* and above): w/ Maw and Thanos
    -Strange: Gain an additional 1 Persistent Charge when defeating a #Villain or #ChildrenofThanos
    -Ebony Maw: +10% Attack Rating for each Deterioration passive
    -Thanos: +1000 Energy Resistance

    *Elementary (5* and above): w/ OG Iron Man, IMIW
    -Strange: +10% Armor Up and Armor Break potency
    -Iron Man: 100% Attack Rating if enemy is under an Armor Break debuff
    -IMIW: +35% Plasma duration
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    BuffBeastBuffBeast Posts: 1,075 ★★★★
    I should’ve added this a long time ago, but here’s my knull champion concept

    Class: Cosmic
    Tags: #Villain #Size: M #Symbiote

    One With The Void
    Void: +5% attack rating for each symbiote on the team
    Knull: Gain a fury buff increasing attack by 10% for 10 seconds against #Hero champions

    Carnage’s Revenge
    Note: I couldn’t decide which name I liked better for the synergy, but either works
    Knull: Gain a passive fury buff, increasing attack by 15% against science opponents
    Sentry: Decreases attack rating by 10% against symbiote opponents
    Carnage: when losing more than 5% of health from a single source, gain a passive regeneration buff that lasts 5 seconds (can only trigger twice)

    Knull: +30% Buff Potency

    Being the lord of the abyss, knull is immune to: Coldsnap,Frosbite, and incinerate
    He also has 45% Poison and power burn resistance

    Almighty Abyss: Persistent Charge
    Knull can enhance all his symbiotes and their power. Enhanced symbiotes (working on the name) gain the following abilities:
    +70% Increased Critical damage and rating
    Resistance to bleed,incinerate and poison
    By 90%
    +10% attack rating
    And +1000 physical resistance.

    Knull can enhance 3 symbiotes per quest
    Note: I do think he should have an apocalypse type mechanic where he enhances abilities, but I don’t want it to be the same as apoc’s version
    I think they COULD possibly make it so it affects non symbiotes aswell,maybe use the model for symbioid, and then slap some of the features on the character you chose. Just an idea though

    If the enhanced symbiote was already a symbiote, they gain:
    A true strike passive and burst damage on special attacks

    Knull has +1700 physical resistance and +900 energy resistance.

    Almighty Abyss Charge: max stacks 3
    Almighty Abyss charged are gained through using Special attack 3 and will give a charge once per fight. Almighty Abyss Charges can be used to Enhance a symbiote. Per each enhanced symbiote, knull gains:
    +10% attack rating
    +17critical rating
    +15% debuff potency
    +1 true damage buff (doesn’t stack)
    Special attacks

    Special 1: Knull ferociously slashes his opponent, placing 3 bleeds that deal 400-700 damage per tick, lasting 5 seconds.

    Special 2:
    Knull uses his sword to obliterate his opponent, stunning them for 2.50 seconds and triggering a fury buff.

    Special 3:
    Knull unleashes the wrath of his symbiote army on his opponent, annihilating them and triggering an
    Almighty Abyss Charge and true damage.

    That’s all I’ve got. It’s kinda hard to make a OP character into a champion honestly, please do leave suggestions because I feel like I missed something or made him too OP in game

    And the suggestion added by @Djin

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    AltairMUP96AltairMUP96 Posts: 95
    My 2021 Wishlist:
    Robyn Hood Earth 616
    The Mandarin
    Iron Monger
    Black Cat
    Valkyrie (Comic Version)
    Baron Zemo
    Kitty Pryde
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    OppoRancisisOppoRancisis Posts: 16
    I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but I think that bringing in Quicksilver with triple hit medium attacks and two hit light attacks would be an interesting way to show his super speed.
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    ToxiciscityToxiciscity Posts: 2
    Add All Powerful Sentry

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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★

    Layla Miller
    Venus Dee Milo
    Mister Sensitive
    La Lunatica


    Cassandra Nova
    Living Tribunal
    Elloe Kaifi
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    VdadC6VdadC6 Posts: 2


    Wraith (Zak-Del)

    Superior carnage
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    V1PERV1PER Posts: 8
    I would absolutely LOVE to see Stan Lee come to the Contest as a playable champion

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    jereesjerees Posts: 246
    sand man and lizard man

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    Thebombsquad1Thebombsquad1 Posts: 755 ★★★
    I want Batman
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    GreanGrean Posts: 1,397 ★★★★


    Layla Miller
    Venus Dee Milo
    Mister Sensitive
    La Lunatica


    Cassandra Nova
    Living Tribunal
    Elloe Kaifi

    Isn't Cassandra a mutant
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    6) Mystique

    One of the most unique characters in the Marvel Universe, Mystique can shape-shift into anyone she has seen, and has exceptional fighting abilities. She would have rivalry synergies with countless other Mutants, and would be a Mutant herself.
    Unique Abilities:

    There is a fixed 5% chance that Mystique shape-shifts into another champion for a split-second, confusing the enemy, exposing their armor (Armor Break) and weakening their attacks (Weakness) for 8 seconds.
    Poison Immunity
    Awakened Ability:

    Mystique deceives her opponents with shape-shifting. When Mystique's Deception exposes her enemy, the effect is now permanent, and can stack without limit.
    Other status effects:

    Fixed 10% chance to gain Precision and/or Cruelty


    Mystique should definitely be added, especially since she plays a major role in the X-Men series and is always by Magneto's side. Although it will be a little difficult to come up abilities besides shape shifting.
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    Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 920 ★★★
    edited January 2021
    V1PER said:

    I would absolutely LOVE to see Stan Lee come to the Contest as a playable champion

    @V1PER I made a thread about introducing a playable Stan Lee character recently and most people hated the idea, lol.

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    sudeep9680sudeep9680 Posts: 194
    Luke9523 said:

    V1PER said:

    I would absolutely LOVE to see Stan Lee come to the Contest as a playable champion

    @V1PER I made a thread about introducing a playable Stan Lee character recently and most people hated the idea, lol.

    There is no use to play stanlee as champion say another one
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    DoppelgangerDoppelganger Posts: 37
    The Scorpion
    Class Science
    Size medium

    Signature Ability
    Cybernetic suit: Scorpion becomes immune to bleed, anytime a poison is placed grants a 15%(Max sig 50%) chance to place a bleed.

    If the opponent is immune to poison anytime a bleed is placed deal X extra physical damage, if the opponent is bleed immune do the same.

    Scorpion’s Suit has enhanced armor giving him a permanent passive armor up buff that increases armor rating by X at the start of the fight. If this armor is removed for any reason this buff will be reactivated after 7 seconds.

    Though Scorpion’s suit seems heavy it is actually very athletic, Scorpion gains a passive Evasion Charge at the start of the fight.

    Evasion Charge
    Scorpion gains one Evasion Charge every time he gains a bar of power.(max stack 6)

    Each Evasion charge grants a 7% chance to evade if not blocking.

    Every Evasion Charge increases combate power gain by 5%.

    One charge is removed if the opponent activates a special, two will be removed if Scorpion is knocked down.

    If an attack is evaded and Scorpion has an armor up the opponent will lose 1% health per bleed or poison on them.

    Scorpion’s medium and heavy attack have a 100% chance to place poison that lasts 6 seconds and deals X damage, if the opponent is immune to poison place a bleed with the same effects instead.(max stack 8)

    Every hit in a special attack has a 60% chance to place poison, if the opponent has an armor break on them the potency of bleed and poison is doubled and the chance to place with special attacks is increased by 15%.

    Poison duration is increased by 1 second per Acid.

    If there are 8 poisons or bleeds on the opponent they are replaced with a passive Acid debuff that lasts 15 seconds and deals X damage, the damage is increased by X for every poison or bleed that is on the opponent.(max stack 3)

    If maximum Acids are place poison and bleed has no max stack

    Every basic attack has a 35% chance to place a shock that lasts 3 seconds and deals X damage.

    The chance to place is increased by 5% for every Evasion Charge, and the duration is increased by .5 seconds per poison or 2 seconds per Acid.

    Shut Down
    If an opponent is under the influence of both Shock and Acid the opponent cannot activate specials.

    The opponent will not gain power while shut down, and opponent offensive ability accuracy is decreased by 75%.

    Special Attacks
    All Specials have a 5% chance per debuff to place an armor break on the opponent that decreases opponent armor rating by X.

    All debuffs are paused for the duration of specials as long as Scorpion has an armor up buff.

    Special 1
    Scorpion rushes forward and punches the opponent, he then spins around hitting them with his tail, he crocs and fires an electric bolt from his tail.

    This attack has a 100% chance to stun the opponent for .5 seconds per poison or bleed on the opponent max 3 seconds.

    Special 2
    Scorpion flips into the opponent then leaps a long distance fling into the opponent, he then strikes them with the sharp part of his tail multiple times.

    This attack has a 100% chance to place 3 bleeds on the opponent, If the opponent is under the effect of the Acid debuff this attack pops up to 5 poisons dealing X damage per poison removed.

    Special 3
    The opponent runs at Scorpion while he crouches aiming his tail. Right when the opponent gets close enough he sprays them with acid, blinding them and stopping them from moving, he then uses his tail to stab into them lifting them off the floor he smashes them against the ground and then jumps over their body creating momentum and throws them across the screen.

    If no Acid debuffs are on the opponent place 1, If there are acid debuffs refresh all Acids on the opponent and stun the opponent for 1 second per Acid.
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    FisichellaFisichella Posts: 79
    Hello. I apologize. Is there a section about blocked accounts somewhere here? The fact is that the friend was given a lifetime ban, and she did not use any third-party programs.
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    Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★

    Hello. I apologize. Is there a section about blocked accounts somewhere here? The fact is that the friend was given a lifetime ban, and she did not use any third-party programs.

    This is the character wishlist thread, and there isn't a place to discuss bans on the forum, kabam doesn't like people discussing bans here they will probably tell you to contact support.
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    Shock29Shock29 Posts: 560 ★★★

    Signature Ability - Immortal Ruler of the Dark
    Dracula will gain one additional Regeneration Buff while Below 10% granting +X Health over 8 seconds.
    Bleeds inflicted will last up to X% longer based on Power.
    Miss will trigger up to X% more often based on Health.
    X% Chance to Apply Bleed after a Buff has been Nullified or a Stagger Debuff has ended.

    +543.74 Physical Resistance
    -700 Energy Resistance
    Being a Vampire grants Dracula 65% Resistance to Degeneration, Bleed, and Rupture Affects but Incinerates gain +45% Potency.
    Dracula's enhanced undying immune system grants him immunity to the Poisons of the Contest.
    Every 20% Health interval, Dracula will gain a Regeneration Buff granting X% Health over 8 seconds

    30% on all Basic Hits to apply Bleed dealing X Damage over 12 seconds.
    20% for all Basic Hits against Dracula to Miss. If Dark Manipulation is active, this extends to all Hits.
    If the Opponent is Bleeding, Dracula can block Unblockable Attacks.

    Dark Manipulation
    Against Skill, Cosmic, and #Dimensional Beings, an Indefinite Dark Manipulation is applied, reducing Ability Accuracy and Block Proficency by 55%. The Ability Accuracy reduction bypasses immunities to Ability Accuracy reduction.

    Additionally, Dracula gains the following bonuses while Dark Manipulation is active:
    +158.5 - 2698.6 Attack Rating
    + 25% Critical Rating and Bleed Potency
    +15% Ability Accuracy
    On all Critical Hits, 20% to apply Critical Bleed dealing X Damage over 7 seconds.
    Opponents suffer -40% Defensive Power Gain
    Dark Manipulation will not trigger against #Psychic Shielding and #Robot Tagged Champions.

    If the Opponent is Bleeding, Dracula can block Unblockable Attacks.
    While near a Bleeding Opponent, Dracula generates 8.35% a Bar of Power every second for each Bleed Debuff active.
    Additionally, if the Opponent is Bleeding, Dracula will Life Steal 70% of the Damage done to the Opponent on his Mediums and the Last hit of his Special 2.
    Bleeds are paused during Special Attacks as each Bleed Active provides +X Critical Damage Rating.

    If the Opponent Misses, Refresh all active Leech and Stagger Debuffs

    Heavy Attacks
    100% to Apply Stagger, Nullifying the next Buff active on the opponent.
    If the Opponent is Bleeding, apply Leech as well, stealing 25% a Bar of Power over 5 seconds. This debuff cannot stack and cannot be refreshed on Heavy Attacks.

    Special Attacks
    100% to Apply Bleed dealing X Damage over 8 seconds.

    Special 1 - Vamperic Suprise
    Dracula teleports directly in front of his opponent before slashing them.
    Guranteed to Apply one Critical Bleed if the opponent is already Bleeding.

    Special 2 - A Sword from the Void
    Dracula beats into his opponent before pulling his sword from the dark to send them surrying back.
    Gain a Power Gain Buff granting 40% of Max Power over 8 seconds

    Special 3 - "Welcome to my Kingdom"
    In the darkness, I hunt my opponent. And I, am hungry...
    Refresh all Active Bleeds with +30% Potency
    This attack gains +X Attack Rating of each Bleed that was active while the Special Attack was used.
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