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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Abigail Whistler


  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Grom (Earth-616)Over-Mind

    Powers and Abilities

    Grom was the "ultimate physical specimen" of his species:[4]

    Superhuman Strength: Over-Mind's body is far superior to that of a human being, granting him superhuman strength sufficient to lift at least 10 tons.[4] However, Over-Mind can use his psionic powers to temporarily increase his physical strength by a factor of 7, enough to lift at least 70 tons,[4] up to the class 75.[23]
    Superhuman Speed[23]
    Metahuman Stamina:[23] He has greater endurance than humans and recover 5 times faster.[4]
    Metahuman Durability:[23] Over-Mind's body is highly resistant to physical injury. He was able to withstand with no effects the combined blows of Hulk and Hyperion.[16]
    Enhanced Agility & Reflexes[23]
    Regenerative Healing Factor: His accelerated metabolism enables him to repair damaged bodily tissues approximately 5 times faster than a human is capable of.[4]
    Immortality: Over-Mind is virtually immortal:[22] He was immune to the effects of aging and diseases.[4]
    As the merger of a billion Eternal brains, Over-Mind possessed the following powers:

    Telepathy: Over-Mind was able to scan others' mind.[26]
    Telepathic Control: Over-Mind proved himself to be able to mentally control others with great ease.[2][6][5] This mind control suffers from a few limitations.[23] The people controlled by the Over-Mind rarely realized it, feeling themselves in control.[1]
    Precognition: He also appeared to possess a certain degree of precognitive abilities.[4]
    Telekinesis: Over-Mind also possessed a limited telekinetic ability in which he can use to levitate objects within 50 feet of him. The weight of these objects must not exceed the weight he can lift physically (without psionic augmentation).[4]
    Psychokinetics Blasts: He could also project his telekinesis in the form of blasts of concussive force. These blasts are equal to approximately 20 pounds of TNT at a range of 15 feet, and can severely deform a steel plate 1-inch thick or kill a human at a maximum range of 10 feet.[4]
    Psionic Energy Channeling: He could also channel his telekinetic energy to temporarily increase his own physical strength, though he can only do this for a brief period of time, and that incapacitate him to use other abilities at the same time.[4]
    It is unknown how long he can maintain this psionic powers before fatigue took over.[4]

    Flight: Over-Mind have proved himself able to fly or levitate on some occasions,[9] and to be unable on others.[18]

    Grom stated he could be able to overpower one or two Watchers, perhaps even three.[10]

    While possessed by the Chorus, Over-Mind's powers were kind of shifted:

    Psionics: Over-Mind possesses the combined psionic powers of six moderately powerful human telepaths.[4] As a result, he possessed many abilities:
    Telepathy: He was able to read the thoughts of others, project his thoughts into the minds of others, and communicate telepathically with others across an undetermined radius.[4]
    Illusions: He could project three-dimensional opaque illusions, within his field of view and providing it is a single image, for an unknown time and number of people affected.[4]
    Gestalt Personality: As a group intelligence made up of six once-separated consciousnesses, the Over-Mind had a gestalt personality greater than the sum of its parts. Through concentration, he could allow one of his six component personalities to temporary manifest itself as dominant. When doing so, he usually created an illusion of the physical image of the manifest group member.[4]
    Over-Mind is an exceptional combatant, having mastered all of the hand to hand combat styles of his race. His extended lifespan, coupled with his psionics, have made him an excellent strategist and tactician.[29]

    Magic Susceptibility[23]
    Mind Control Limitations: His mind control power suffer from limitations towards superior intellects and powers, and towards any race.[23] or world Eternals.[1] His mind control proved ineffective on Quasar and on Eternals Hyperion and Makkari.[25] This immunity didn't protected from Quasar from mind scanning.[26]
    Mentally Unstable: He has suffered of mental breakdowns at two occasions, rendering him vulnerable.[23]
    An armor and helmet.
    The Tablet of The Eternals, which instructed him on the modus operandi to avenge the Eternals.[12]
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Katherine Bishop (Earth-311) Lady Katherine

    Powers and Abilities
    Archery: Lady Kate is a master archer, though she cannot take on an army on her own.
    Smoke Bombs
    Bow and Rope Arrows
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Mentor Hawkeye Clint Barton

    Team up Young Avengers

    Hawkeye (Katherine "Kate" Bishop) (Earth-616)

    Powers and capacities
    Kate does not have superpowers.

    Martial training : Excellent athlete, she is trained in archery, having an Olympic level and in several forms of hand-to-hand combat (boxing, aikido, jujitsu, wrestling ...). She is also a talented fencer.
    Armament : Like Clint Barton, she uses a bow and special arrows (explosive point, smoke gas capsule ...). Kate also has a sword and combat staves that she uses in melee

    Highly skilled archer, fencer, swordswoman, martial artist, boxer, and other forms of combat
    Use of two battle staves, a sword, a bow, and trick arrows
    Hailee Steinfeld is set to portray Bishop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Hawkeye (2021) on Disney+.

    Powers and abilities
    Kate is highly skilled at archery, fencing, swordsmanship, jujitsu, boxing, and other forms of combat. She carries two battle staves similar to those once used by Mockingbird, a sword similar to the Swordsman's, as well as Clint Barton's bow and arrows. Black Panther had also supplied her with trick arrows.[14]

    Powers and Abilities

    Skilled Athlete: Kate is a very skilled athlete.[18][74]
    Proficient Martial Artist: She has been trained in self-defense, and is skilled in boxing, jiu jitsu, and other forms of unarmed combat.[18]
    Master Archer and Marksman: Kate is one of the world's greatest archers.[74]
    Adept Swordswoman: She is adept in both fencing and sword fighting.[18][3]
    Cellist: She can play the cello.[23]
    Weaponry: She is skilled at using swords, bows, arrows, and battle staves.[75]
    Physical Strength
    Kate possesses the strength of an average young adult athletic.
    Kate wields a variety of weapons modeled after ones she had obtained from the ruins of the Avengers Mansion before returning them to Captain America[12]:

    Hawkeye's Bow: The bow is Kate's weapon of choice. She formerly used a bow of her own design before being given Hawkeye's Bow by Captain America.[1]
    Various Trick Arrows and other normal Arrows.[76]
    Hawkeye's Battle Staves (formerly): Kate wields battle staves modeled after Mockingbird's Battle Staves.[12]
    Hawkeye's Sword (formerly): Kate wields a sword modeled after the Swordman's Sword.[3]
    Kree Composite Soul Bow (formerly): A vintage Kree weapon received from Marvel Boy.[15]
    Pinaka (formerly)[77]
    Hawkeye's Pontiac Firebird
    Hawkeye's Volkswagen Beetle (formerly)
    Noh-Varr's Kree Ship (formerly)
    Quinjet (formerly)
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 447 ★★
    Doctor Nemesis (Mutant)

    Bloodhawk (Mutant)

    Blazing Skull (Mystic)

    Lady Mastermind (Mutant)

    Agent X (Mutant)

    Bombshell (Mutant)
  • Quicksilver.
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 447 ★★
    Callisto (Mutant)

    Mentallo (Mutant)

    Wildside (Mutant)

    Match (Mutant)

    Andreas von Strucker (Mutant)

    Moira X (Mutant)

    Forearm (Mutant)

    Primal (Mutant)

  • Postmortem

    Sugar man

    Dansen Macabre

    Emil Nikos

  • Ex Nihila

    Death’s Head II



    Aegis (Trey Rollins)
  • Knull.
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Irene Adler (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities

    Destiny was a mutant with the following abilities:

    Destiny's Diaries

    Precognition: Destiny possessed the psionic power of precognition: the ability to perceive in her mind's eye the events of possible futures. Although she was blind, Destiny could mentally scan the probability spectrum of alternate futures and mentally perceive the sounds and sights of events that distinguished them. By concentrating she could focus on only the most probable alternate futures. The accuracy of Destiny’s ability to foresee future events decreased in direct proportion to the number of alternate futures to scan. She could comfortably scan the alternate futures that existed from one second away up until those that existed fifteen minutes away. Hence, she could be 97% accurate in her predictions of the future ten seconds away or less. Despite the limited extent to her certainty, her long-range scanning could be of great use in the early detection of possible random factors that could disrupt her to her partners’ plans. The more likely that a particular alternate future would manifest itself in her reality, the clearer and more distinct her mental impression of it would be. Less likely alternate futures would appear hazy and indistinct. For example, when she, Mystique and the Brotherhood tried to assassinate Robert Kelly, she saw a future where mutants were feared and respected, but apparently ignored the vision where murder would result in a future with mutants being hunted down and exterminated by the Sentinels. If she left her precognitive perceptions fully open, she would "see" an overlapping succession of images drift in and out of focus as probabilities shifted and further elements transpired. By active participation in the events around her, she could help shift the probabilities toward desired ends. Her personal phenomenal field, that area with which she could not scan the future for events that might take place on the other side of the world or even a mile away.
    Astral Projection: After her death and brief resurrection, Destiny projected her astral spirit to Blindfold's room. It is unclear if this is a power she always had or a side effect of her resurrection.[14]
    Physical Strength
    Normal human female with minimal regular exercise.

    Destiny is legally blind.

    Destiny's Diaries - A twelve volume record of Destiny's visions and predictions for the next hundred years or so. The full content has never been revealed.
    Hand crossbow
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Chimera (Earth-TRN220)
    Powers and Abilities

    Chimera can generate ectoplasmic bursts in the form of telekinetic dragons to strike enemies both physically and psionically. She also has telepathy enabling her to read minds and create illusions, and can access weapons from many different dimensions.

  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Moira MacTaggert (Earth-TRN748)

    Powers and Abilities

    Rewound Reincarnation: Moira is reincarnated in a new timeline upon death. From her second life onward, she could recollect all the memories she experienced in her previous lifetimes from as early as in utero.[3]

    Undetectability: Moira's status as a mutant is invisible to mutant sensors and detectors. Mutant detectors will see her as a baseline human.[3]

    Genius Intelligence: Dr. Moira MacTaggert was one of the world's leading geneticists and possessed special expertise in the study of superhumanly powerful mutants.[1]
    Military Training: Moira MacTaggert received military training in the British Armed Forces during her seventh life.[1]

    Physical Strength
    Moira MacTaggert possessed the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

    Limited Reincarnations: Moira's reincarnation cycle is finite. When she encountered Destiny during her third life, she was informed that she would live tentatively only ten lives, or eleven at most. Additionally, if Moira were to die before her mutant power manifested at the age of thirteen, the reincarnation cycle would end.[3]

    Destiny's Diaries[29]
    Moira faking her death contradicts the Chaos War: X-Men tie-ins in which a dead Moira fights during the Chaos War, alongside other dead X-Men members, as well as her appearance in afterlife during Doctor Strange’s battles against the Pitiful One.[30] However, in both cases, this is later confirmed to be the Shi'ar golem killed in Moira’s place.[2]
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Grannz (Earth-616)Flashfire

    Powers and Abilities

    Able to generate and fire bursts of light and electricity.

    Physical Strength
    Equivalent to a normal human male with intensive regular exercise.

    Flight patch
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Hisako Ichiki (Earth-616) Armor

    Powers and Abilities

    Armor is a mutant with powers based around a psionic exoskeleton, including:

    Armor facing off against Fin Fang Foom

    Psionic Exoskeleton-Armor: Armor can generate an enormously strong, powerful, durable, and impenetrable psionic exoskeleton armor around her entire physical body. It can be further enhanced by drawing more power, energy, and strength from the bloodline of her Japanese ancestors. This exoskeleton drastically enhances her strength, endurance, stamina, agility, invulnerability, and durability, though she can only maintain it for short periods of time lest the effort leave her drained. In situations of extreme emotional stress, Armor can significantly enhance her exoskeleton's size, strength, agility, dexterity, and durability, but she can only do so briefly as the strain can render her unconscious. The strength, power, and size of her psionic armor greatly enhances and increases tremendously when her relatives die.[2] In addition, the body armor greatly heightens and strengthens the concussive force behind her offensive and incredibly destructive blows, and makes her practically invulnerable and immune from a significant degree of physical harm and damage. To some extent, she can shape her armor, such as her ability to form Wolverine-like claws and make them extend outward.
    Superhuman Strength: Her body armor greatly strengthens and amplifies the concussive force behind her unusually offensive and highly destructive blows. Her psionic armor grants her enough superhuman strength to lift a Skrull ground tank and punch someone through several walls of a building and even assisted Colossus in restraining a small ship capable of breaking orbit from lifting off.
    Superhuman Durability/Invulnerability: The body armor is depicted as enveloping her completely and protects her from tremendously strong and powerful attacks and in some depictions, Armor's armor is strong and durable enough to survive the heat caused from a long fall through the atmosphere. Likewise, she is able to fully withstand the impact from falling to the ground from high up in the atmosphere without any physical or external injury.
    Concussive Blast: She can cause her armor to release a large, solid, concussive blast of energy, but it takes a lot of concentration.
    Armor has received combat training from Wolverine and classes in tactics from Cyclops.
    Armor speaks Japanese.
    Power Limitation: *Armor's psionic-energy exoskeleton armor is vulnerable to lasers as "it has to let light in," and Adamantium due to its unique and special abilities and properties, such as Wolverine's claws, although he is not able to go through it with the rest of his body. In this case, she only remained uninjured because the distance between her armor's perimeter and her body was slightly greater than the length of Wolverine's claws.

    Cost Of Power: Armor's powers increase when a member of her family dies.
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Xi'an Coy Manh (Earth-616) Karma

    Powers and Abilities


    Mind Possession

    Xi'an is a mutant with telepathic and psionic based powers dealing in possession, mind scanning and limited telepathy. Her powers include:

    Telepathy: Xi'an has limited to moderate telepathic and empathic capabilities which were never truly touched upon by Professor Xavier. She's received some training with Emma Frost in that regard but her psychic prowess was nowhere near that of the White Queen's. Like most telepaths, Karma can read an individual's thoughts and feelings, sift through memories, or discharge mental blasts to overwhelm opponents. It's been speculated Karma's possession abilities stem not as a her core mutation but a sub-power of which her other mental abilities take in the background.
    Psychic Possession: This psionic ability allows her to project a mental energy surge that overwhelms her victims' consciousness while placing her mind in command, operating their bodies as if they were an extension of her own, experiencing what the subject's senses perceive. During the possession, her subject's higher brain functions revert to diminished levels, similar to their state in a dreamless sleep, and the subject is left with no memory of the actual possession. When Karma first takes possession of someone, she can only move her subject's body awkwardly until she acclimates herself to her new host.
    Mass Possession: Although Karma can possess multiple subjects simultaneously, her control over her subjects is fragmented as she shifts her attention from one to another. Possibly she will overcome this handicap as her experience in using her powers grows.
    Remote Possession: Xi'an can host individuals over a distance while maintaining her original body, but her control is limited.
    Mind Control: She can control her subject's actions and thought patterns allowing her to alter their perceptions and memories, and command entranced opponents to divulge information.
    Sensory Link: Karma may establish a scrying link either through partial or remote possession and gain the feelings and sensations of the target. While ranged possession means controlling a body in another location and requires her to see through her victim's eyes, she needs greater focus to control them and has sometimes appeared to be in a meditative state.
    Psychic Shield: Generates a psychic shield that disrupts incoming psi-signatures, protecting her from all manner of psychic assaults.
    Hand-to-Hand Combat (moderate): As an X-Man, Karma has been trained tutored in various self defense practices by great many militant specialists ranging from Cable, Magneto and to her own father from an early age.[31] Over the course of decades as a mutant rights activist, a gladiator in the Underground Mutant Theatre and life in general she has broadened her combat capability and become a very capable fighter in her own right.[26][32]

    Firearm Expertise: Being an avid guerrilla fighter and costumed adventurer Shan is very adept at using various long-range batteries while locked in combat with an opposing force.[31]

    Businesswoman: As the only eligible heir to the Hatchi Corporation after her sister Susan/Dao's passing.[33] Ms. Coy Manh has stepped up to inherit the multi-billion dollar weapons designing conglomerate,[34] becoming an avid company head whom can run her industry while maintaining a stable foothold in other areas of R&D.[4]

    Mechanical Engineering: Ever since she lost her leg to a Nimrod Sentinel in the battle of "Second Coming".[35] Xi'an has had to keep up in maintenance regarding her bionic replacement.[36]

    Multilingual: Karma speaks Vietnamese, English and French[37]

    Physical Strength
    Karma possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

    Subordinate Personality: If she remains in possession of a host for too long, she will begin to think and act as her host would, and eventually her own personality would become subordinate to one identical to the host's.

    Tran's Influence: It is revealed that ever since Xi'an had assimilated her malefic twin brother into her genetic matrix that her personality has considerably darkened.[38] To the point that her evil sibling barely even needs to exert his influence over her actions from time to time as a consequence of their fusion.[34]
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Danielle "Dani" Moonstar, originally codenamed Psyche and later Mirage

    Valkyrie Abilities:
    Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina and agility
    Psi-link with Brightwind
    Ability to sense impending death in others
    Ability to repel death based specters
    Energy projection
    Magic immunity
    Weapons expert
    Mutant Psi Abilities:

    Danger sense
    Creating illusions
    Psionic bow & arrows
    Psionic bullets
    Psionic bolts
    Empathic/telepathic link with animals
    Ability to create solid objects out of psionic energy
    Former Abilities:

    Quantum energy manipulation
    A mutant, Moonstar originally possessed the psionic/psychic ability to telepathically create illusions of her opponents' fears or wishes. She later developed a wide range of psionic and energy manipulation powers. She also developed some magical abilities after a series of adventures in Asgard. She was a member of the X-Men's 1980s junior team the New Mutants and, after a long absence, its reincarnation X-Force. She was also a member of the X-Men, Young X-Men and Fearless Defenders. She was depowered after Decimation. She regained her powers after being infected with, then cured of Warlock's transmode virus by Dark Beast. She regained her Valkyrie powers after making a deal with Hela.

    Blu Hunt portrayed Danielle Moonstar in the 2020 film The New Mutants.

    Powers and abilities
    Mutant powers
    Mirage is a mutant with empathic psi abilities to communicate with animals and people, as well as create three-dimensional images of visual concepts from within the minds of herself and others. Her most developed ability allowed her to manifest people's fears or desires as realistic illusions.[71] Because of the Scarlet Witch's powers and actions, Moonstar lost her mutant abilities.[72] But has since regained them after being infected with, then cured of Warlock's transmode virus by Dark Beast.[73][74]

    Her ability began as manifesting people's worst nightmares, many times in an uncontrollable fashion, against the will of both involved.[75] Soon she gained the ability to control this and to alternatively manifest a person's "deepest desire", mainly as something or someone the affected person respects.[76] She can also project images of objects of fear or desire from the minds of vertebrate animals and certain insects, but only the animal from which she derives the image will be able to see it.[77]

    She can even create illusions by channeling residual thought and emotional impressions in an area (such as showing Wolverine a battle scene between Mister Sinister and unknown assailants, simply by entering the area where the battle had recently taken place).[78] At first, Mirage could not control her image projecting powers and would draw and project images without consciously willing to do so. She has since gained control through training and maturity.

    Mirage has a quasi-telepathic talent that allows her to form a rapport with various fauna, including her winged horse, Brightwind, primates, canines, lupines, felines, and avians. She can sense their feelings, consciously perceive images in their minds, and even see through their eyes. This enables her to communicate with Wolfsbane in her transitional half-lupine form or transformed into her full wolf form.[79] She has also been able to exist peacefully with wild animals.[80]

    She had, for a time, the ability to make the telepathic images manifest as psionic energy, becoming tangible entities of solid psionic force.[81] This ability was limited in that Mirage could only sustain one illusion at a time.[82] She often carried around a "dream spear",[83] in order to destroy previous illusions.[84] Many times, her powers caused her to experience sharp, blinding headaches.

    Mirage has displayed the ability to focus her psionic powers into energy arrows which could stun an opponent by disrupting their central nervous system, or force them to relive a traumatic memory.[85] In later publishing Moonstar's psi arrows have a more physical aspect to them.[86] Able to draw blood from those stuck with them, it is currently unknown if this is an effect of her latent materialization abilities or not.[87]

    Although not a traditional telepath, her mental abilities give her sufficient control to have used Cerebro at a time it was only usable by telepaths,[88] and she has also exhibited a danger sense.[89]

    Valkyrie abilities
    When Mirage rescued Brightwind, she became a valkyrie, and became endowed with the Valkyrie power to perceive and sense the coming of Death.[8] As such, Mirage could perceive a "deathglow" surrounding a person in serious danger of dying, a dark cloud or graphic visual image over people who were in mortal peril. She could also perceive Death incarnate and even do physical battle with Death itself to stave off mortality for a short time. She has created an illusory "Cheyenne ghost-staff" drawing upon an image in her own mind and has successfully wielded it as a weapon against Death and the Asgardian death-goddess Hela.[8]

    She initially lost these powers due to the fall of Asgard[90] but has since regained them after making a deal with the reborn Hela.[36][91]

    Moonstar appears to have gained a substantial degree of superhuman strength from Hela as she was able to knock Ares off his feet. Additionally, she wields a powerful supernatural sword able to discharge energy, bleed skyfather class divine, capable of slaying spiritual entities and cuts through curses/enchantments. Matt Fraction has confirmed that since Danielle's restored Valkyrie powers come directly from Hela herself, they are much greater than they were previously, referring to her as a "Valkyrie Plus". It has been mentioned that she was specifically designed to take down a god. New Mutants writer Zeb Wells has confirmed that her recent power boost was temporary and that she is depowered again.[92][93][94] She still owes her services to Hela as a Valkyrie and as such, Brightwind remained with Danielle as a reminder of this pact. Danielle still possesses her Valkyrie powers, they used to only activate when Hela herself wills them to do so.[95] But over time learned to call on it at will again without her consent.[96]

    Physical abilities
    Due to her training at Xavier's and her time as a Valkyrie in Asgard, and her natural athleticism growing up in the Rocky Mountains, Dani is physically fit and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. In addition, she is experienced in the use of several simple weapons, especially the bow and arrow, spear, knife and sword, which she carried as a Valkyrie. She is a skilled equestrian and swimmer, a good marksman with a rifle, and an excellent archer.

    Former abilities
    For a brief period of time Danielle Moonstar's powers were bolstered by Arcadia Deville in odd yet phenomenal ways.[97] She could tap into the primal mainstream of the universe to channel quantum energy through her natural mutant power, as well as make use of them in other dis-separate ways. Such as emitting force blasts potent enough to cripple powerful demons,[98] heal and mend with a glancing touch,[99] resist the physiological and psychological invasion by the techno-organic mutant Paradigm,[100] see into broader energy spectrum beyond light and energy at a quantum level and cause a transmogrification effect on the surrounding area at a subatomic level,[101][102] sense disturbances in energy fields from miles out as well as alternate them to cancel out and sync with alternate energy forms such as Electromagnetic Waves,[103][104] even possessing an undisclosed capacity to manipulate reality on a quantum level.[105]
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Danielle Moonstar (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities

    Danielle Moonstar is a mutant who was depowered as a result of M-Day.[44] She was granted a portion of the Valkyries power when Brightwind chose her as his rider,[23] but lost that power and her connection to the Valkyrior when Old Asgard fell.[9] Later Hela restored her Valkyrie powers,[57] then Danielle was exposed to the Transmode Virus,[58] and was subsequently cured by Dark Beast, which resulted in her mutant powers being restored.[59]

    Telepathy: Even while depowered, Danielle appeared to retain some semblance of her telepathic abilities, such as when confronted by Regan Wyngarde the two engaged in psychic combat. Dani appeared to still be strong enough telepathically to hold her down long enough to talk Regan down.[52]

    Empathic Illusion Casting: She has the power to create three-dimensional images of certain visual concepts from thoughts and emotional impressions within the minds of herself and others. Originally, Moonstar could only create images of the objects of other people's greatest fears.[60] Later, she learned how to reach into another person's subconscious and project an image of the object of that person's "heart's desire."[61][62] Still later, under Charles Xavier's further training, Moonstar learned to use her power to derive and project more specific images from another person's mind that were unrelated to such strong emotional states.[63] Moreover, she learned how to project such images around herself and others in order to alter the appearance of herself and others. For example, once she and her teammate Cannonball, neither dressed impressively at the time, had to find Wolfsbane at a stylish hotel. In order that she and Cannonball would look as if they belonged in the hotel, Moonstar made herself and Cannonball look like the desk clerk's mental image of the ideal wealthy guests for the hotel.[64] With time, Moonstar learned to project three-dimensional versions of images from her own mind, such as life-size images of the New Mutants training in the use of their powers.[65]

    Despite the fact that Moonstar had to probe a person's subconscious in order to discover the mental image she wished to project, she wasn't a true telepath. Although she could consciously initiate the mental probing in order to find and project an image, the probing process itself wasn't governed by her conscious mind. Hence, Moonstar did not consciously know what the image she sought in another person's mind was (in any more detail than that it was the image of the object of their greatest fear, or that it was the image of his or her ideal customer, or whatever) until its image actually appeared in the three-dimensional form before her.[citation needed]

    The three-dimensional images that Moonstar caused to appear were similar to holograms, although they were created by psionic energy rather than by lasers, and could be seen by anyone in their vicinity. However, only the people from whom Moonstar derived the images would perceive them as "real," indistinguishable from the real persons or objects they portrayed. To other people, the images were recognizable as immaterial illusions.[66]

    Moonstar could use her power to derive and project mental images on several people at once.[66] Each "victim" would see a different image, corresponding to his or her own individual concept of the kind of image that Moonstar sought. If, for example, she sought to make a group of people each see the object of their greatest fear, probably each person in the group would see an image of a different person or thing.[67]

    The seeming materialization of the object of his or her greatest fear of desire invariably had immediate emotional impact on the person from whom Moonstar had drawn the image she projected. Moonstar's images dissolved and ceased to exist as soon as she ceased to maintain sufficient concentration to keep them visible.[citation needed]

    Moonstar was limited in the use of her power by her need to see the person from whose consciousness she derived her images.[66] She could use her power on a person even if he or she could only be seen by Moonstar through binoculars. However, she couldn't draw images from a person who was standing only a few feet from her, but behind something, she couldn't see through. Nor could she derive images from a person whom she saw via live television but who wasn't actually within her vicinity.[citation needed]

    At first, Moonstar could not control her image projecting powers, and she would draw and project images without consciously willing to do so.[1] However, she learned to control her power due to Charles Xavier's guidance and her own growing maturity so that her power operated only when she willed it to do so.[63] Moonstar, like the other New Mutants, was killed and then resurrected by the alien Beyonder. When the Beyonder recreated the New Mutants, somehow their proficiency in utilizing their powers was greatly reduced.[68][69] Hence, although Moonstar could still perform all the feats listed above, it was now more difficult for her to do so. Also, her ability to keep her power under her conscious control was lessened as a result.[14]

    Moonstar's ultimate potential is to be able to cause her three-dimensional images to become tangible entities of psionic force.[26] She was only able to make use of this full potential temporarily when her abilities were briefly augmented psionically by Charles Xavier while he was mentally possessed by a member of the alien Brood.[19]

    Moonstar could also use her power to derive and project images of the objects of fear or desire from the minds of animals. The only difference was that the animal from which she derived the image would be the only being to see it. She could even use this power on fish and certain insects, although not on animals with intelligence any lower than these creatures. Moonstar could derive mental images of her winged horse Brightwind's objects of fear and love even if Brightwind was beyond the range of her sight, and project such images to him over a great distance. The limits of her powers with regard to Brightwind are unknown. She summoned him in the past by projecting an image of herself, whom he loved, to him, even though he was out of her range of sights.[citation needed]

    Neural Arrows: She can focus her psionic powers into energy arrows which can stun an opponent by disrupting their central nervous system, or force them to relive a traumatic memory.[70] Later, she learnt to materialize her arrows in order to affect tangible matter with them.[71][72]

    Animal Empathy: Moonstar can achieve a quasi-telepathic rapport with higher animals including primates (but not including human beings), members of the dog and cat families (including wolves and mountain lions, for example), and birds. She can sense their feelings, consciously perceive images in their minds, and even see through their eyes. However, since an animal's ability to conceptualize is highly limited, she was limited as to what she telepathically could learn from an animal.[1]

    This ability extends to Wolfsbane's lupine form. However, since Wolfsbane retains her human mind as a wolf, it was more difficult for Moonstar to sort out the mental impressions she received from her than it was for Moonstar to deal with those of a real wolf. Moonstar's telepathic rapport with Wolfsbane was originally sometimes painful to Moonstar because of this fact, but it stopped after a period of time.[70]

    Moonstar also has a quasi-telepathic rapport with her winged horse Brightwind; possibly Brightwind has psychic abilities of his own that made the rapport easier. Though highly intelligent, Brightwind has an animal's mind, so Moonstar can't communicate with him telepathically in quite the same way she can with Wolfsbane while she is in her lupine form.[26]

    Valkyrie Powers
    Being one of the shield maidens of Valhalla, Dani possessed the supernatural capabilities predominant in all Valkyrie's.[23][24] Such as the typical Asgardian physical superiority; enabling her to challenge the likes of Ares in physical combat without fear of serious injury.[49] The abilities seem to come on and off again whenever she is around the dead.[73] But lately she has been gaining greater control over calling her Valkyrie powers at will instead of when the need demands it.[10][74]
    Asgardian Physiology

    Superhuman Strength
    Superhuman Speed
    Superhuman Stamina
    Superhumanly Dense Tissue
    Superhuman Durability
    Regenerative Healing Factor
    Superhuman Longevity
    Energy Manipulation
    Death Sense: As one of the Valkyrior Danielle has the natural ability to perceive and sense the coming of Death. She could perceive a "deathglow" surrounding a person who was in serious danger of dying. Moreover, Moonstar could perceive Death incarnate, in whatever form it took to claim the person with the deathglow. A person surrounded by the deathglow was in danger of death, but might still be saved from dying (until he or she met his or her inevitable end at some later time under different circumstances).[68][75][14]

    Resist Death: Moonstar could challenge Death itself and death gods using a "Cheyenne ghost-shaft" made from her image powers.[75] She succeeded in driving away Hela when she attempted to claim the soul of Wolverine,[76] and in driving away Death itself when it came for Margaret Power.[75]

    Mount Summoning: Through the unique brand of Odin-powered magic that the Valkyrie, Dani can call forth her celestial mount Brightwind to her wherever and whenever she pleases at will.[74]
    Former Powers
    Quantum Energy Manipulation: She had the ability to manipulate quantum energies to affect energy and matter on a subatomic level and fire powerful energy blasts.[77]
    A group of MLF members including Moonstar, Dragoness, Forearm, Locus, Tempo, and Wildside were stated to include Alpha Class Mutants.[78] It is unknown if all or only part of them were included in the statement, or if it was even a true statement and not a pretext for Operation: Zero Tolerance to step in.[citation needed]

    Moonstar is a better than average athlete for her age, in large part because of all the times she has spent on her own in the wilderness. She has a fair knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, has enhanced durability, and is a particularly good horseback rider and swimmer.[citation needed]

    Physical Strength
    Moonstar possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.[citation needed]

    Primarily she uses bow and arrows in battle, but sometimes also uses guns or swords.
    She has a few special arrows that she won in a bet with Hawkeye.[79]
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    Apache Kid (Skill)

    Harpy (Science)

    Elloe Kaifi (Cosmic)

    Tyrannus (Tech)

    Jetstream (Mutant)

    Meanstreak (Mutant)

    Ulysses Bloodstone (Skill)

    Death Adder (Science)

    Tyr (Cosmic)
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 517 ★★

    Megan Gwynn (Earth-616)

    Current Alias
    Girly-Girl,[1] "Hot Dragonfly",[2] Little Moth,[3] Pix,[4] Winged Witch[5]

    Powers and Abilities


    Pixie Dust

    Pixie is a hybrid mutant and fairy and possess powers granted to her both by her mutation and inherent magical abilities, without a clear distinction regarding the source of each power. Her powers include:

    Wings: Pixie has insectoid wings protruding from her back that allow her to engage in flight and with great maneuverability. Her wings were formerly rainbow-colored and butterfly-like,[11] and after losing a piece of her soul, they were monochrome for a while,[48] but they have since settled on a pink and blue-ish appearance.[49][50][51][2] Following her time in the Age of X reality, Pixie was haunted by her memories of Nightmare, her Age of X counterpart, occasionally swapping from insectoid wings to batlike wings. This shift was psychologically based, and initiated by Nightmare (as an alter ego) taking dominance. It is unknown if she still has this ability, as Pixie requested that most of Nightmare's memories be removed.[52]
    Hallucinogenic Dust: Pixie generates a dust that causes powerful visual and auditory hallucinations in her victims. This dust affects others by being inhaled or through skin contact. Often the hallucinations are calming and pleasant images such as teddy bears, bubbles and unicorns.[22]
    Spell Casting: Pixie has innate magical aptitude; Doctor Strange initially promised to teach her more spells once she turned eighteen.[22] Pixie was one of the many possible candidates for the title of Sorcerer Supreme.[53]
    Teleportation: After the creation of her Souldagger, Darkchylde taught Pixie a teleportation spell, "Sihal novarum chinoth!".[20] With this spell, Pixie can transport herself and others over great distances instantaneously.[54] She can also teleport inter-dimensionally.[55][56] Even while inexperienced in teleporting, Pixie has shown a great amount of aptitude for it to the point where she is able to warp to and reach locations before her teleportation coach: Nightcrawler.[54]
    Demons Banishment: Using the spell from the Cheyennes magic book, she was able to banish demons.[57]
    Sleeping Spell: Scarlet Witch taught Megan a sleeping spell "Mists of Morpheus, go!"[58]
    She was deemed a Low Threat by the O*N*E.[59]

    Two Bloodstones - pieces of her soul.[37]

    Illyana giving Megan her bloodstones and Soul Dagger

    (Formerly) Pixie used to wear a helmet in case she fell or crashed.[14][6]

    Pixe wielding her Soul Dagger.

    Souldagger: A piece of Pixie's soul was taken by Darkchylde to forge a smaller version of the Soulsword, called the Souldagger.[20] The Souldagger has displayed many of the same qualities as the Soulsword including:

    Striking the Supernatural: The Souldagger only harms magical creatures or objects.[2]
    Sword Summoning: Pixie can store her Souldagger in nothingness and summon it whenever she desires.[2]
    Flight via wings and magical teleportation.
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    Llyra (Mutant)

    Black Mamba (Science)

    Hiroim (Cosmic)

    La Lunatica (Mutant)

    Tarot (Mutant)

    Ringo Kid (Skill)

    Nomad (Ian Rogers) (Science)
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    Korvus Rook'shir (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities

    Korvus wields the Blade of the Phoenix. This weapon, which can only be handled by those from his bloodline ("For any hand but mine, it would be easier to lift a star, Raza. But to me it has no weight at all."), was first described to have a small piece of the Phoenix force left within. However this was corrected by Rachel Grey, who said, "No, it's more like a faded blue shadow ... or an echo of it ..." As a result the blade itself contains much less power compared to the Phoenix Force. But it also allows for a greater degree of control as a trade off.

    Korvus said that the weapon taught him how to use it, and that it was far too easy. Another interesting effect of the blade is that it opened Korvus' mind to the past users, essentially letting him relive their greatest trials and tribulations. This would also lead to Korvus and Rachel Grey having linked minds, sharing one another's tragic histories, and ultimately lead to an attraction between the two scorned heroes.

    The extent of the weapons potency has yet to be explored. It's to be noted that Korvus, while in use of the blade, has easily defeated all the X-Men at once, except for Rachel Grey, who has a special connection with the Phoenix energies within.

    The names Korvus and Rook'shir appear to be taken from the avian genus Corvus, to which the birds known as rooks belong. This would be in line with the bird-like features of all members of the Shi'ar race.
    It is strongly hinted that Korvus could become a possible avatar of the Phoenix, as he is Rook'shir's descendant.
    Korvus was clearly stated as not a mutant by Cerebra, a scanner and Emma Frost.[8]

    Blade of the Phoenix

    * Energy Discharge: The Blade of the Phoenix literally glowed with energy and had blue flame crackling off it.[1] This energy could be channeled into blasts[7][12][13] or used the strengthen the effects of a cutting blow.[1] The Blade was also able to deflect offensive energy attacks.[12][21] The Blade appears to have retained this power even without its connection to the Phoenix Force.[22]
    Former Powers
    Phoenix Force: The Blade of the Phoenix held an infinitesimal piece of the Phoenix Force within it granting access to a small amount of its cosmic powers.[1] However, while preparing for its new host, the Phoenix began collecting and consolidating all its fragments and the portion Phoenix Force was drained from the Blade leaving it bereft of its powerful qualities.[6]
    Magnetic Resistance: When Polaris attempted to take the Blade using her magnetic powers, Korvus was effortlessly able to deflect her attack.[1] Without the Phoenix Force, the Blade appears to have lost its magnetic resistance.[4]
    Bloodline Enchantment: The Blade of the Phoenix can only be wielded by descendants of the Rook'shir bloodline, who can do so with ease.[1] For any other "it would be easier to lift a star" than to wield the Blade.[5][2] When Korvus first held the Blade, his mind was opened and he was taught how to wield it by those who had carried it before.[23] When the Phoenix Force left the Blade, it was much heavier and harder to wield for Korvus.[6]
    Based on Korvus's comments, the Blade of the Phoenix has been wielded by more than just himself and Rook'shir.[7] This may mean the Blade was used by Rook'shir ancestors before he bonded with the Phoenix Force or that others wielded after Rook'shir death and before Korvus received it.

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    Cassandra Nova (Cosmic)

    Krystalin (Mutant)

    Bulldozer (Mystic)

    Sidewinder (Tech)

    Spymaster (Tech)

    Huntara (Skill)

    Grey Gargoyle (Science)

    Skylark (Science)
  • I'd love to see the mutants Blob and Toad be added to the game and have even thought of a unique way Kabam could do it. Similar to how Moleman sits on Giganto Jr or Peni on SP/DR, Toad could be on Blobs back and they are entered into the game as a single champion titled "Blob and Toad". Toad could provide support from above occasionally licking the opponent. He could even jump off of Blob and bounce back for the heavy attack. Blob would do most of the heavy lifting with an unstoppable ability, but in the SP3 they seperate and double team the opponent. Any thoughts?
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    Spyke (Mutant)
  • Steel_Ball_RunSteel_Ball_Run Posts: 534 ★★★

    Iron Man (Godbuster)- Class: Tech

    Bio: When Tony was abducted by the eScape's rogue operating system Motherboard, he eventually broke free from her influence and rebelled against her. The eScape allowed Tony's mind to become unfettered from the restrains of the human brain, and the full power of his imagination unleashed conceived the Godbuster Armor

    *Note: While the name is just Godbuster, I’ll be compositing some of Iron Man’s strongest armors together to make it more interesting

    Attack Rating: Average
    Crit Rating: Above average
    Crit Damage: Below average
    Health: High
    Armor Rating: Average
    Block Proficiency: Above average
    Prestige: High

    Abilities: Suit Up, Armor, Plasma

    *Pre-fight Ability: “I’ve got a suit for everything”. Tony Stark is always prepared, readying a suit depending on his current needs
    -Model 63- Godbuster: +40% Fury and Crit Damage Rating. All special attacks inflict Slow for 15 seconds. If no pre-fight ability was chosen, the Godbuster will be selected by default
    -Model 58- Nano Armor: +50% Armor ability accuracy and duration. 15% Perfect Block chance. Gain a flat 5% chance to Auto Block per Armor buff. This will not trigger Parry. Max: 40%
    -Model 68- Virtual Armor: Gain Armor Break Immunity and an indefinite True Focus passive. While under 20% health, consumes all Armor buffs to Regenerate 15% health per Armor consumed. Max: 5

    -Immune to Bleed, Shock, Incinerate and Cold
    -Start the fight with an indefinite Armor Passive, increasing Armor Rating and Crit Resistance by 20%
    -Advanced AI prevents opponents from purifying damaging debuffs

    *When Attacking/Being Attacked:
    -15% chance to gain an Armor Up buff lasting 15 seconds. Armor buffs increase Armor Rating by 10%

    *Repulsor Attacks:
    -Both Medium Attacks and the last Light Attack are repulsor beams. These hits do not make contact and deal Energy damage

    *Well-Timed Blocks:
    -100% chance to gain an Armor Up buff lasting 15 seconds. Armor buffs increase Armor Rating by 10%

    *Heavy Attacks:
    -Inflicts a Heal Block debuff lasting 10 seconds
    -This attack pauses all damaging debuffs for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 7 seconds
    -Godbuster: Inflicts a non-stacking 15% Armor Break debuff lasting 10 seconds
    -Nano Armor: Inflicts a non-stacking 15% Suppression debuff lasting 8 seconds
    -Virtual Armor: Drains 15% of the opponent’s max Power: Cooldown: 15 seconds

    SP1: Iron Avenger: Using the limitless potential of his Virtual Armor, Stark bombards the opponent with a barrage of repulsor attacks
    -Godbuster/Nano Armor: This attack cannot miss or be evaded
    -Virtual Armor: Each repulsor attack deals an additional burst of 20% energy damage. Shock debuff potency is increased by 25%
    -Inflicts Shock, dealing 60% attack over 30 seconds

    SP2: Proton Cannon: Iron Man sends out a point-blank repulsor beam to disorient his opponent, before finishing off with a mighty blast from his back-mounted cannon
    -Nano/Virtual Armor: 15% Attack Rating
    -Godbuster: This attack is Unblockable and Burns 66% of the opponent’s max Power
    -Inflicts Incinerate, dealing 140% attack over 6 seconds
    -The first attack inflicts Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by 35% over 4 seconds

    SP3: …And I am Iron Man: Restraining his opponent with the Nano Armor, Iron Man readies the Sol’s Hammer, blasting them with enough power to destroy a planet
    -Godbuster/Virtual Armor: Gain a Fury passive lasting 20 seconds, increasing Attack by 10% per Armor buff active. Max: 30%
    -Nano Armor: Consumes all Armor buffs, inflicting a Plasma passive lasting 5 seconds, dealing 75% Attack Rating per Armor consumed
    -This attack inflicts an indefinite Weakness passive, reducing Attack Rating by 20%

    *Sig Ability: Invincible Iron: Reinforced armor plating grants Tony a 50-100% chance to gain a Protection passive when the opponent uses a special attack, reducing damage taken from all sources by 30-90% for 5 seconds. Protection will not trigger if Iron Man has no Armor effect active


    Houseparty Protocol (2* and above): w/ all Iron Men
    -All synergy members: +3% Attack and Health for each member on the team

    Humble Beginnings (3* and above): w/ Iron Man OG
    -Iron Man OG: Gain a Fury passive lasting 15 seconds when using a Special Attack, increasing Attack Rating by 100% per power bar consumed

    Playing God (3* and above): w/ Dr Doom
    -Dr Doom: Increases Shock and Stun ability accuracy by a flat 15%

    Playing Human (4* and above): w/ Superior Iron Man
    -SIM: All attacks have 40% chance to gain an Armor Up buff. Heavy attacks grant a Cruelty passive lasting 7 seconds, increasing Crit Damage by 100% per Armor buff active

    Homeland Security (4* and above): w/ War Machine, Silver Centurion, Iron Patriot and Civil Warrior
    -All synergy members: +15% Buff Duration and Block Proficiency

    Emergency Protocol (4* and above): w/ IMIW, HB
    -IMIW: Plasma expires one at a time
    -HB: The last hit of the SP2 stuns the opponent for 1 second

    Illuminati (5* and above): w/ Dr Strange, Beast, Black Bolt
    -Iron Man: +1% Attack Rating for each Armor effect active
    -Strange: +50% Energy damage and resistance
    -Beast: +50% Bleed potency
    -BB: +50% buff duration
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    Piledriver (Mystic)

    Skullfire (Mutant)

    Living Laser (Science)

    Tinkerer (Tech)

    Outlaw Kid (Skill)
  • CritCapCritCap Posts: 65
    Make Endgame professor hulk! He is a large not xlarge (science of course) because he is Bruce and the hulk together, he has gamma radiation charges charged every ten hits and once he reaches 5 charges (afterwards, the more charges the better) he gets a fury buff lasting 15 seconds and the fury buff strength is as strong as as strong as nick fury’s. And his sp1 gains him 1 charge, his special 2 grants a stun to the opponent for 5 seconds and all additional charges are converted to those red numbers next to those numbers of the real damage in the special attack! His special 3 grants him 4 charges and a stun on the opponent. Of course you don’t have to do these things exactly and you can change these things if you don’t like them, heck, you don’t have to do this at all! But I always am happy to help and do half the work for y’all 😂😂! Overall thank you for your game and please consider making this character! Again thank you KABAM for reading this, bye
  • CritCapCritCap Posts: 65
    You can also add scientific discover charges instead!
  • MirTural8MirTural8 Posts: 33
    Please Add Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) 🔥💀🔥 next year,,,
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