Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    5piderpool5piderpool Posts: 6
    2 more champion ideas.
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    jaydubjaydub Posts: 41
    Lady Sif
    The Destroyer (from the vault on Asgard)
    Laufey (Ice Giant)
    Omega Red
    Mr. Sinister
    Scarlet Witch (Infinity War)
    Professor X
    Emma Frost
    Havok (Alex Summers)

    Side note: Iron Patriot should be on the list to get an upgrade, he's basically a Pepsi can with an arc reactor in his chest.
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    Tyler_v58Tyler_v58 Posts: 9
    America Chavez
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    Stonef00tStonef00t Posts: 2
    Could I suggest the additon of Cloak and Dagger to the contest.
    Not only would there be scope for some great unique synergies but also a brilliant opportunity to have a partner assist on their SP3s similar to the SP3 of Groot where he calls in Rocket, would be good to see dagger appear from within cloak for example. Anyway just a thought I hope will be considered ✌
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    Ge32AJZGe32AJZ Posts: 4
    I only want 3 Americans hero's

    Defensor (Carlos Dante Sepulveda)
    The old argentine hero

    Red Locust (Fernanda Ramírez)
    The new Mexican hero

    Phantom rider (Carter Slade)
    The Old west hero
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    Enyalios66Enyalios66 Posts: 39
    Still waiting for Jessica Jones, she'd be such an easy creation!

    Class: Science (obviously)
    Type: Offensive Champion
    4* max stats
    Health: 12500
    Basic Attack: 1190-1200
    (She'd be a glass cannon)
    Fighting Style: New (somewhat like her fighting style in Future Fight; more like a boxer)

    Sp1 Gut Punch: Is what it says, "a punch to the gut" 10% chance to break opponents armor, 25% with sig ability

    Sp2 Drop The Fist: Jessica drops her drunken fist making a tremor with a 20% chance to stun for 3.45 seconds; 35% chance with 6 seconds with sig

    Sp3 Anger Issues: As Jessica finishes her flask, she turns to her opponent, jumps to them, delivers a punch to their face, a knee to the rib, and then slams them face first into the ground.
    40% chance to stun, 15% to Bleed Dmg 150.250 health over 4 seconds, 5% to armor break , and 45% chance to gain a Stack of Fury <- The stats for sp3 are not affected by signature ability

    Signature Ability: "Clear Mind" Jessica has higher chances by 25% to stun her opponent or break their armor if her health remains above 85% if Jessica drops below 85% she gains 3 Fury Stacks but in turn has lower chances to stun or armor break

    Fury: Jessica gains 15% damage for each stack she has.
    Regeneration: If Jessica has more than 5 Fury stacks she can regain 20% health over 4.55 seconds.
    Armor Break


    With Daredevil Netflix: Channel Anger:
    Each Fury Stack Jessica has can be channeled into a quick health replenish of 10% per stack. Each debuff Daredevil has on him gives him back 5% health

    With Luke Cage: Emotional Response:
    Jessica gains 10% attack and Luke gains 10% health

    With Iron Fist: Friend of A Friend:
    Jessica does 15% more damage to all mystic champs

    With Spiderman Stark Enhanced: I <3 NY:
    Jessica gains 2 Fury stacks
    Spiderman gains 20% chance to evade more

    Bio: Part time Defender, hero, private investigator, mother, full time New Yorker; Jessica 'Campbell' Jones is a rare specimen, one who's more lethal than her male teamates. After a tragic car accident which gave her powers and left her an orphan, Jones took up the superhero identity of Jewel! It was shortly lived though, after being under the horrific control of a telepath by the name of Kilgrave. Jessica gave up the life of heroics soon after, retiring and becoming a self managed private investigator in Hell's Kitchen, New York. Yet even as a P.I. Jessica finds herself fighting for the people of NY whether she wants to or not; Because if one thing is for sure in her line of work: The past never stays buried...

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    Enyalios66Enyalios66 Posts: 39
    Edit: Change JJ & IF synergy name to:
    No Nonsense

    Also The Daredevil and JJ synergy:
    Uses up her Fury Stacks after the health replenish.
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    Alex_Rider1Alex_Rider1 Posts: 25
    the ff could be added with a synergy with spider-man, no ideas for abilities though
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    imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 333 ★★
    edited May 2018
    I think a character like Leech from X-Men would make for a cool utility character.

    Powers: able to cancel out positive buffs on the opponent

    Sig Ability: able to turn off a characters signature ability...
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    AleorAleor Posts: 3,073 ★★★★★
    I'd love to see Legion, so many nice things could be done with his different personalities.
    And even more I'd love to see Kamala Khan removed from the game by Legion's power to alter reality
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    RoxorRoxor Posts: 4
    Add QuickSilver. I want QuickSilver in Contest ASAP bcoz it's too late and Avengers Age of Ultron is now a old film. Why is contest ignoring such a great champion.
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    QmonQmon Posts: 20
    I don't know why a lot of people want Quicksilver in the game, when Spitfire should be added as she would be far superior than him in every way. Both Quicksilver and Spitfire have the power of speed but that's it for QS, whereas Spitfire can have a passive regen ability (or regen buff), a potential lifesteal (like Rogue's special 1 lifesteal), a speedy playstyle (as QS would have if he were added), physical resist, fury (vampire strength), and could cause incinerate on her basic attacks (like Phoenix when she has 5 furies). So many possibilities to create an awesome character, but she is overlooked by Quicksilver who can only run fast, as opposed to all her other abilities + speed.
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    BrutalMiraBrutalMira Posts: 235
    Iron spider and hope he is also God tier he have also regenation and power flood
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    BrutalMiraBrutalMira Posts: 235
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    sm211195sm211195 Posts: 13
    Manspider - He should have been added long back
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    JosemsJosems Posts: 1
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    YungPiru6YungPiru6 Posts: 10
    Red Skull
    Ebony Maw
    Dr. Doom
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    Porky_CaPorky_Ca Posts: 72
    Oink.......the whole FANTASTIC FOUR......team...end of point :)
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    therealTGAWtherealTGAW Posts: 5
    Add black panther (shuri enhanced)
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    Wiki9Wiki9 Posts: 71
    THE ONE ABOVE ALL!!!! Even as an unplayable character, he would be cool!!!
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    QbdnfrhuQbdnfrhu Posts: 84
    Mr_Wiff wrote: »
    Apocalypse (mutant)
    Sentinel (tech)
    Iron Spider (tech)
    Mystique (mutant)
    Havok (mutant)
    Blade (skill/mystic)
    Dracula (mystic)
    Kaicillius/Bad guy from doctor strange I cant spell his name (mystic)
    Toad (mystic)
    Jocasta (tech)
    Medusa (cosmic)
    Silver Surfer (cosmic)
    Fantastic 4 (cosmic)
    Heimdal (mystic/cosmic)
    Malakith (mystic)
    Cosmo the space dog (cosmic)
    Lockjaw (cosmic)
    Quicksilver (mutant)
    A-Bomb (science)
    Stick (skill)
    Cloak and Dagger (mystic)
    White Tiger (skill)
    Kraven the Hunter (skill)
    Emma Frost (mutant)
    Namor (mutant)

    you guys keep forgetting an obvious character.
    Everret ross
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    Cassidy_96Cassidy_96 Posts: 9
    Teenage Warhead!!!!

    Make improvements on Pheonix.
    Fury increase with combo build. Like Star Lord.
    Her specials should be better than Storms.
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    ThomazHardThomazHard Posts: 1
    edited May 2018
    Vcs poderiam trazerem ao torneio os seguintes personagens:
    Gata Negra
    Homem Areia
    Moon Dragon
    Mulher Aranha
    Mercenário o inimigo do Demolidor e da Elektra
    Madame Hidra
    Emma Frost
    Lincoln Campbel
    Quarteto Fantástico
    Valkirie (Sem ser a do Thor Ragnarok e sim dos quadrinhos)
    Lady Siff
    Lady Deathstrike (No estilo do filme x-men 2)
    Na próxima atualização do jogo, seria da hora ver pelo menos um deles no torneio.

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    BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,361 ★★★★
    Apocalypse, Mr Sinister, Redskull, Nova, Absorbing Man, Odin, Baron Zemo, The Destroyer (from the vault on Asgard), Laufey (Ice Giant), Omega Red, Kaecilius, Iron Monger, The Mandarin (The Real one, not IM 3), Korath the Pursuer, Mantis, Ego, Ayesha, Stakar Ogord, The Shocker (Herman Schultz), The Scorpion, Valkyrie, Skurge, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun, Lady Sif, Agent Phil Coulson, Korg, Miek, Shuri, Everett Ross, Ulysses Klaue, M'Baku, Winter Soldier (Infinity War Look ), Eitri, Wong, Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Mar-vell, Mysterio, Hydroman, Sandman, The Chameleon, Hobgoblin, Kraven the Hunter, Alistair Smythe, Morbius, Beetle.

    Some I incorporated from others list, but then went through characters who have been in the MCU. I definitely want to see more Spider-Man villains. Spider-Man has an extensive and exciting rogue's gallery.
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    Torpedo906Torpedo906 Posts: 11
    plz put Lizard and Scarlet witch (Infinity war)
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    JaieJaie Posts: 1
    Es bueno
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    ShadeZeroShadeZero Posts: 145
    He had romances with MANY marvel characters including wolverine.
    He is super strong and bad ass looking.
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    WarpathWarpath Posts: 15
    Red Wolf
    Danielle Moonstar
    AMERICAN Eagle

    I mean c’mon where are the native superhero's in MCOC...
    Even X-Force is introduced but without James Proudstar....!!
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    ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 178
    Silver Sable and Kitty Prided2ibv5hgkalf.png
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