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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • NetherealmNetherealm Posts: 27
    Weapon H as a science champion
  • HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 64
    i Really like the theme of villains that Kabam has started on and would love to see more villains of other champions.

    Captain America villains:

    Baron Zemo (skill)
    He would probably wield a sword in regular combat with the usual bleed, seeing his modernized black suit with the trademark purple hood and gold “crown” would be awesome to see.
    Some synergy boosts would be-
    A unique boost with Red Skull and Punisher 2099
    Nemesis with captain America(all)
    Enemies: falcon, winter soldier
    Teammates: abomination

    Arnim Zola (Tech)
    He’s a Swiss villain who sided with the Axis power during WW2 and was the head scientist for Red Skull’s hydra. He’d be a tech because his brain and conciseness was transferred to a mechanical body with a tv screen in his chest and a camera for a head.
    Some synergy boost ideas-
    Friends: red skull
    Nemesis: captain America (ww2)
    Enemies: captain america(classic), falcon, winter soldier
    Unique boost with doc octopus

    Iron man villains:

    Mandarin (mystic)
    The mandarin is arguably Tony’s number 1 villain and has huge potential with the abilities of his ten rings being incinerate, degenerate, armour up, honestly the potential is astounding. I’m not too sure how his design would go but kabam has come out with really good company designed looks for champs like Medusa and red skull.
    The only synergy boost I’m sure he would have would be a boost with all iron man’s and maybe a boost with war machine.

    Whiplash (tech)
    Since Omega Red came out the idea for whiplash using his electrified whips in regular combat is now a in the game and seeing Whiplash as the first champ to debuff enemies with shock through regular combos would be amazing and unique. His design is another that I’d love to see Kabam workshop. Again for synergy boosts I wouldn’t know what he’d have other than one with iron man, war machine and maybe omega red because of the similarities.

    Thor Villains

    Absorbing Man (mystic)
    Carl “Crusher” Kreel was magically transformed by Loki to become any material he touches and became a constant advasary for Thor. With morning star in the game using her signature mace or flail whichever term you prefer Carl using his signature ball and chain would be awesome to see in combat as it is to see Morningstar as well as the prospect of him being able to transform into a steel form like how Emma Frost shifts through her diamond form. Design wise his regular purple striped pants would be cool to see adapted in game. Some synergies would be-
    Nemesis: Thor
    Enemies: Thor(JF), Hulk
    Unique boost with Loki

    Malekith (mystic)
    In most recent comics involving Malekith they’ve displayed how much of a threat he is to Thor and Midgard. For design I’d love to see what Kabam comes up with. For some synergies-
    Nemesis: Thor
    Enemies: Thor(JF)
    Enemies: Heimdall
    Enemies: Loki

    Hulk Villains

    The Leader (Science)
    I suggest science because he acquired his powers through gamma radiation but him being a tech instead would be cool as well because he more often then not fights in a mech suit against hulk or gets abomination to do his dirty work for him. Design wise seeing his big green head and scrawny body would be funny. Something unique that could be added is a new type of poisoning that effects all non-gamma related champs so hulk(both), fixit, red hulk, she hulk, and abomination wouldn’t be affected. Some synergy boosts-
    Nemesis: hulk
    Enemies: she hulk, red hulk
    Teammates: abomination
    Unique boost with doc octopus

    Zzzax (Science)
    He’s just a huge electrical monster but shares the same potential as whiplash or even electro. Zzzax being a science is a mere suggestion as he was manifested by electricity so him being a tech I wouldn’t say is out of the question. Design for zzzax is pretty straight forward but even still seeing him with the effects that could be put on him would be awesome. Besides the hulks I’m not sure what other synergy boosts he could have.

    Black Panther villains

    Klaw (tech)
    Ulysses Klaw has already been seen in the MCU and is a rare villain to have lived through a movie before being killed in his second appearance. Klaw is black panther’s greatest villain after killmonger and holds ties to other champs in game because of his time with the masters of evil. I would really like to see MCU Klaw tho if Kabam decide to use another look then I’m all for it. Some synergy boosts could be-
    Enemies: black panther(both)
    Friends: killmonger
    Unique boost with ultron (AOU)

    M’Baku “AKA: Man-Ape”(skill)
    M’baku Is an awesome villain in comics as he holds a serious hatred towards T’challa And wants to overthrow him to gain power over wakanda and rule with an iron fist. His design is open to interpretation whether MCU or comics but I would hope he lands in the large variety of champs because of his stature. Some synergy boosts would be hard to gather but black panther would always be there.

    Captain Marvel villains

    Hala the accuser (cosmic)
    Hala is viewed as the strongest accuser in the Kree army and I know Hala is more a GotG villain but using her for a captain marvel story arc would be awesome and make sense because of Carol’s connection to the Kree with her powers. Hala would have similar effects as Ronan but instead of the 100% stun change it to fury or something to increase her power instead of cheesing wins with ridiculous stun. Some synergies would be-
    Rival: captain marvel(both)
    Enemies: star lord, rocket raccoon
    Enemies: Drax, gamora
    Unique boost with Ronan

    Zarda “AKA: Power Princess”(Cosmic)
    Zarda and her people gained powers from Kree testing similar to the inhumans. Zarda is or was also a member of the Squadron Supreme like Hyperion was and is the Marvel clone of Wonder Woman as Hyperion is for Superman. She would be great to see because of how obscure she is and could be treated as an interesting champ along with utilizing her in combat she would be very unique in fighting style and abilities. Some synergy boosts-
    Teammates: Hyperion
    Enemies: Thor, iron man
    Enemies: captain marvel(both)
    Romance: Hulk (in the ultimate comics she joined there version of the avengers and had a fling with the hulk)

    Spider-Man villains
    I know he has the most rogues in game but he also has the best rogues gallery in Marvel.

    Scorpion (tech)
    Mac Gargan has done so much in comics from the sinister six to wielding the venom Symbiote to now working for Felicia Hardy’s crime syndicate. He is always a threat to Peter and has held a hatred for the wall crawler most villains don’t share. Something unique is giving him the neurotoxin debuff as well like what archangel uses. Bleed would also make sense for him to have because of his on again off again claws and his trademark tail. For design I’d really like to see him in his recent Spider-Man video game look. For synergies-
    Nemesis: spider man(all)
    Enemies: miles morales, spider gwen
    Teammates: doc octopus, vulture
    Teammates: electro, rhino
    Unique boost with venom

    Shocker (tech)
    Herman Shultz is a personal favourite of mine because of how he’s made out to be an idiot but yet he invented his sonic gauntlets. He’s always been a threat towards Spider-Man as a heavy hitter in the criminal underground but because of how he’s been shown he’s never really had danger threat level for Spider-Man. As well as he’s not the most ruthless villains out there with a legitimate conscience and has tried to improve himself by joining the Thinderbolts for a time. For design his MCU look is alright but I’d love to see his OG yellow and red quilted costume he uses. For synergy boosts...
    Enemies: spider man(all)
    Teammates: doc octopus, electro
    Thunderbolts: Luke cage
    Friends: rhino

    Kraven the Hunter (skill)
    Marvel is one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains even going so far as to bury Spider-Man alive, replace him and fulfill the role of Spider-Man and once he viewed his life’s goal to best Spider-Man in every way he blew his head off. That’s serious dedication to his overall goal to best the spider. And the best part is you couldn’t keep this dog down as he was resurrected to cause more strife in Spider-Man’s life. For combat him fighting with a dagger or spear would be awesome also giving opportunity for bleed damage when he strikes enemies. He’s one of the best tacticians in Marvel planning ahead long before the hunt has even begun. For looks his leopard tights would be awesome to see because of the nostalgia behind them. For synergies-
    Unique boost with spider man(all)
    Enemies: agent venom
    Rival: taskmaster
    Teammates: electro, venom

    Lizard (science)
    Dr. Curt Connors is one of Peter’s mentors and friends until he take a serum with lizard DNA to regrow his missing arm which mutates him into a humanoid lizard hybrid with a thirst for blood, with razor sharp claws, teeth and a prehensile tail he’s a threat from all sides. Making Lizard a strong bleed champ with bleed resistance similar to Beast would be great to see. A cool feature for lizard would be for his bloodlust when he inflicts bleed he gains x number of fury charges putting him into a frenzy to kill. Design wise seeing him in his classic purple pants, black shirt, torn white lab coat would be great. For some synergies-
    Friends: Spider-Man (all)
    Enemies: Spider-Man (all)
    Teammates: green goblin, vulture
    Teammates: venom, electro

    Black Cat (skill)
    Felicia Hardy is both an advasary and romance for Spider-Man. She has frequently been at odds and aided the wall crawler in battles. Currently she is a large figure head in the Marvel underground becoming one of the biggest if not the biggest crime boss in NYC at the moment. Any design Kabam uses would be great to see. Aside from bleed and luck I don’t know what other effects she could have. For synergies-
    Romance: Spider-Man (Symbiote)
    Rival: Spider-Man (classic)
    Unique boost with spider Gwen as they’re both romantically involved with Peter.
    Crime bosses: kingpin, the hood, joe fixit
  • My Champion wishlist please they are important on this game:

    1.Black Heart ( mystic ) bring the classic
    2. Iron spider man ( tech )
    3. Dr.doom ( science )
    4. Tigra ( Science )
    5. Scarlet Witch infinity war ( mystic)
    6. Quick Silver ( Mutant )
    7. Silver Surfer ( Space )
    8. Thor Infinity war ( Space )
    9. Black Cat ( Skill)
    10. Shadow kitty ( mutant)
    11. Pepper Rescue ( Tech )
    12. Squirrel Girl ( Skill )
    13. All Fantastic Four
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,744 ★★★★★
    Get busy kabam lol
  • NetherealmNetherealm Posts: 27
    How about a make-your-own-character event? We could pick a left arm from someone, a right arm from someone else, a left leg from someone else, a right leg from someone else, a torso from someone else, a weapon from someone else, a head from someone else, and we would choose a name for our newly made champion, and we would give them specials from other characters, and we could change the color of some of the body parts, and we would get all of this stuff individually for, like, 25 units each.
  • NetherealmNetherealm Posts: 27
    That would be awesome!
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
  • Iron Spider Infinity War - Spiderman Black-Red Suit Far From Home - Spiderman Shield Suit Far From Home
    Los necesito a los 3!!!!!!
  • Kitty Pryde
  • richard rider nova prime
  • I was thinking what if Namor the Submariner were to appear. He has never been in any Marvel game previously except for an old arcade spiderman game. I feel his buffs could be based on how hydrated he is. As a battle wears on he could get weaker around fire based or heat characters or energy blasts. Yet his 1st special would have him do a left and right back hand smack to the opponent and he jumps either off screen and back looking wet or a wave of ocean mist hits him and he is fully hydrated.

    When fully hydrated he has three attack buffs,an armor buff and speed increase.

    His first special can be used to restore hydration. Bleeding can make him lose hydration faster. His 2nd special would be two cross punches and then a punt kick that launched the character to the other side. Unblockable at full hydration. Ultimate move,Namor grabs the opponent and flies them into the ocean where he performs an autocombo that ends with a stabbing from neptunes trident.

    Or autocombo that ends with a killer whale rising from underneath and like a giant rising uppercut. That sends the opponent back out to land.

    Passive when awakened is hydration level being at 100% and giving random attack,armor and speed buffs. Higher the awakened level,the buffs last longer
  • ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 178
    More symboites
    Pork Grind
    Venomous Rex
    Other characters
    Union Jack
    not pictured
    Captain Britian
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 319
    How about no new characters added in game for a little while, there's to many champs in the game, we barely have time to like a champ or learn to use 1 when the new ones hit and all the old ones are forgotten.
  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 684 ★★★
    Nojokejaym wrote: »
    5 stars Black Bolt, Abomination, Magneto Marvel Now, Ms. Marvel, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Joe Fix-it, wolverine, black widow, scarlet witch, Thor and deadpool.
    Kabam please explain why they aren't 5 stars at least let us know why?

    Black Widow, SW,wolverine and Thor would be too o.p as 5*...

    Idk about the rest tho

    and 6 star corvus and domino isn't
  • Eitri the dwarf 0bolnw19alam.jpeg
  • Dunno if these were mentioned, but:
    Antivenom(cosmic, science)
    Spider-Man 2099(tech, science)
    Mister Negative (science)
    The Lizard(science)
    Black Cat(skill)
    Jessica Jones(science, skill)
    Misty Knight(skill, tech)
    Marcus the Centaur Werewolf (mystic)
  • I wish they add Shang-Chi in
  • gyt9neojo70z.jpg
  • vishnu01vishnu01 Posts: 20
    it's okay not to put riot but add
    a spider iron suit please! 😭😭😭tcmefltxsz8k.png
  • RanickRanick Posts: 16
    Hit Monkey
  • Toxin would be awesome
  • AkyBoy777AkyBoy777 Posts: 2
    edited October 2018
    My suggestion:
    Class: Mystic

    Calypso has a 20-70% chance to start the fight with 2 stacks of Power Gain, each increasing Power Gain by 20%.

    When she receives a Debuff, 30% chance to replace it with a Power Gain buff, that increases Power Gain by 20%. This chance is half against Science champions and double against Cosmic champions.

    Special 1: 30% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 500 damage over 10 seconds. Chance is increased by 10% for each stack of Power Gain.

    Special 2: 50% chance to inflict Armor Break, breaking the enemy's armor and reducing enemy Armor Rating by 2000 for 30 seconds.

    Special 3: 50% chance to inflict Shock, 50% chance to inflict Bleed and 50% chance to inflict Incinerate, each dealing 500 damage over 30 seconds. If all 3 Debuffs activate, 100% chance to Regenerate 15% health over 15 seconds.
  • AkyBoy777AkyBoy777 Posts: 2
    edited October 2018
    Class: Cosmic

    Duplicate: Limitless Cosmic Power
    Every 30-10 seconds, a random Buff triggers on Scriers.

    Direct Damage
    Armor Break
    Poison Immunity

    Special 1: This attack deals True Damage, ignoring all of the opponent's Armor.
    Special 2: 60% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
    Special 3: 100% chance to inflict Armor Break, breaking the opponent's Armor and reducing their Armor Rating by 500 for 15 seconds.

    Enemies lv2: Thor (All champions gain +115 Critical Rating)
  • InfineightInfineight Posts: 278
    Put him in the God tier
  • Need champions like
    1) Professor X
    2) Charles Xavier (Different from the Prof X may be a younger version like Logan and Wolverine)
    3) Sebastian Shaw
    4) Apocalypse
    5) Mystique
    6) Azazel
  • Also a Symbioid cross over of Logan or Moon Knight
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106

    ( Mr.Negative)
    *Bio -:
    Emerging from a shadowy background, the man known as Martin Li was forced to undergo a series of experiments that left him with the power of the extradimensional Darkforce.

    *Character Class -:

    *Basic Abilities -:
    As a result of his exposure to the drug D-Lite, Mister Negative can generate and control the Darkforce & Lightforce, manifesting it as the photographic negative of black or white electrical energy. He uses this unique form of Darkforce for a variety of purposes.

    >All Attacks-:

    . X% chance to inflict Darkforce Energy debuff on opponents, which reduces the Ability Accuracy of opponents by X%(should be of practical use like 50%-70%)for X seconds.

    .Against Villian champions the Ability Accuracy Reduction decreases by X%.

    >Light Attack Combo Finisher-:

    . The target doesn't gain power from this Hit.

    . Depletes up to X%(should be of practical use like 10 %) of the Target's Max Power.

    >Heavy Attacks-:

    .X% chance to inflict Corrupting Touch on opponents placing Heal Block debuff on them for X seconds.

    *Special Moves-:

    >Special 1: A quick blast of Dark Energy to feel the opponent helpless.

    .This attack has a X% chance to Stun the opponent for Xseconds.

    >Special 2: Super-charged knives strike from the front.

    .This attack has a X% chance to inflict Concussion on the opponent for
    X seconds.

    .This attack deals X% additional Damage per point of enemy Power.

    >Special 3: The Martin Li temporarily wrests control from the Mr.Negative and uses his Superhuman Reflexes against his opponent.

    .This attack has a X% chance to Stun the opponent for Xseconds.

    .X%(should be of practical use like 80%-100%) chance to Regenerate X amount of health for X seconds.

  • rifle100rifle100 Posts: 22
    Also bullseye and morbus the living vampire.
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