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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 64
    Baron Zemo (Skill)

    Bio: Helmut Zemo is the son of former Captain America villain Heinrich Zemo who held the mantle prior. After his fathers death Helmut had founded the original Thunderbolts team of former villains.

    Passive: use of a sword in combat causes Zemo to apply bleed on the enemy at random.

    Passive: gains permanent fury when at a certain percentage of health.

    Special 1: after a quick slash of his sword Zemo fires off a few rounds at the enemy causing bleed.

    Special 2: a flurry of slashes that cause bleed and/or armour break

    Special 3: lays into enemies with both sword slashes and gun shots ending with a gunshot to the head off camera. Causes bleed for X amount of time for X amount of damage. Also causes Zemo to gain fury.
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    CristyagustinCristyagustin Posts: 2
    edited November 2018
    Hay muchos personajes que faltan que son clasicos como mística de los x-men y lo que no entiendo por que agregaron solo a algunos personajes de infinity war y no pusieron a thor y black widow como salieron en infinity wars que son también personajes infaltables y también me gustaría que pusieran a la nueva mujer avispa la de la pelicula.
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    CristyagustinCristyagustin Posts: 2
    edited November 2018
    Debieron de poner a mística de los x-men hace rato y también solo pusieron a algunos personajes de la película infinity wars faltaron thor y black widow con sus nuevos look y habilidades y poderes.

    No se porque cuando publico mis comentarios me cambian las palabras que son chantas
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    BeginthEndBeginthEnd Posts: 334
    Stan The Man

    Signature: Excelciour!

    Stan becomes aware of his true form. Loosing all ties to reality, as we know it, he become One. Above them All.
    Upon using SP3, Stans physical body changes into an asterisl, immortal God. He steals all abilities of opponents and adds them to his own. Additionally, he had an 80% chance lifesteal from any debuff applied, gaining 50% of damage, redirecting it back at opponent.

    Passive: Stans glasses allow him to see what’s coming before it even gets close. His pen is mightier than any sword, allowing him to regenerate from any debuff or damage over time effect.

    Stan is immune to all Mind-Control, Hex, Fate Seal, and Stagger.

    Depending on the situation, Stan calls upon his keen intellect to make the most of any math up.

    Against Skill champs: Opponents suffer from -250 critical rating.

    Against Tech Champs: Opponents sufffer from -20% Power control/gain/steal attacks and absorption.

    Against Mystic Champions: Mystic champions passively suffer from -25% Lowe gain from all basic, heavy, and special attacks.

    Against Science Champions: Opponents suffer from -15% ability accuary reduction.

    Against Mutant Champions: Opponents suffer from the combined effects of all other class reduction abilities combined.

    Stan The man is not affected by Ability Accuary Reduction. Ever. Period. Nuff said’

    Sp1: Nullify all buffs on Opponents and gain 15% of one bar of power for each buff nullified.

    If Awakened and One (after sp3) Deal 1000 damage per buff negated as a burst of Energy damage.

    Sp2: Mind control for 2 seconds. Opponents controls are reversed for 2 seconds. All debuffs are reversed to Opponents 100% chance. If a debuff was removed this way, Stan regenerates 6900 health over 9.8 seconds.

    If Awakened and One. (After SP3) Opponents are fate sealed and suffer from power lock for 6.9 seconds.

    Sp3: Stan becomes One. above them all. He changes into his asteril form, gaining immense power. Gains permanent power gain boost, granting additional 10% power from all attacks and passively generating 6% of one bar power per second.

    The sheer brilliance stuns Opponents for 6.9 Seconds. Causes bleed, shock, poision, and incinerate damage. Each dealing 1690 damage over 6.9 seconds. Duration is increase by 1 second for every 12 seconds Stan remains as One. Max +3 seconds.
    Stan remains One for 20 seconds before reverting to his normal form.
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    Vampi007Vampi007 Posts: 91
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    Vampi007Vampi007 Posts: 91
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    Gr81Gr81 Posts: 41
    I would love to see the humanoid Pteranodon Sauron! He would be amazing in this game, considering he is like a power vampire.
    Here are some of his abilities that I snatched off of Wikipedia.
    Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and intelligence
    Hypnotic eyes (he can enslave champs to do his bidding)
    Razor-sharp claws (his bleeds would be comparable to Archangel)
    Fire-breath (which he absorbed from killing the second Black Widow in revenge for shooting him)
    Ability to absorb life forces and mutant powers, and sense mutants (he can also turn the life force he has leeched against an opponent in a burst)

    This is a champ who if done right, could actually compete with Archangel.
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    Gr81Gr81 Posts: 41
    Professor X
    Magneto needs better buffs
    Weapon X
    But mainly, I would love to see Sauron.
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    Gr81Gr81 Posts: 41
    And of course, APOCALYPSE 😁
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    elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 85
    Some of the champs requested in this thread have been added. Vote to rank your favorite Champ Requests here (links to actual Ranker here).
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    Stan Lee should be a character.! I play marvel Lego hero’s with my 5 year old son. We unlocked Stan lee and we both use him all the time. He has the ability to turn into the hulk , wolverine claws and his regen, spider web shoot and spider climb, cyclops eye beam, and I don’t remeber the rest. I think this would be a great tribute to the the man. When I told my son we could write a request in for his favorite game MCOC she asked me to do this right away.
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    D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    Still waiting for doctor doom....
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    Kinja7810Kinja7810 Posts: 5
    Kabam since Venom, Carnage, Agent Venom, Venompool, Venom The Duck, & Symbiote Supreme were already in the game

    Could you add "TOXIN" & "ANTI-VENOM" in the contest in order to complete the team. Thank You in advance! Looking forward to see Toxin and Anti-Venom in the game. 😊🕷🕸
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    Captain_NietschCaptain_Nietsch Posts: 481 ★★
    Characters from Capt. Marvel, the upcoming movie would be great. Maybe Kabam is already looking into it? Time it just after release of the movie.

    Korath, Talos or Bron-Char could be great.

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    in honor of Stan lee I think we should make a Stan lee Character but in the his Thor ragnarok armor. He would be a cosmic character with only 3-5 stars
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    1)spiderman 2099
    3)spiderman ends of the earth
    4)hulk 2099
    5)Mary jane (Spinneret)
    6)Jessica Jones
    Please do this
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    Edjon_JoniEdjon_Joni Posts: 2
    edited December 2018
    Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)
    He is the new Ghost Rider. He is very strong like the other Ghost Riders and even he is not a spirit of vengeance like Johnny Blaze (he is possessed by his uncle, a satanic serial killer) he still shares the same abilities like him and he drives a 1969 Dodge Charger, The Hell Charger (a self repairing car and he can teleport and create portals with it).


    1) Regenerative Healing Factor
    2) Self-Sustenance
    3) Pyrokinesis
    4) Condemnation
    5) Rage Enhancement
    6) Penance Stare
    7) Superhuman strength, speed and durability

    Penance Stare

    PS: He uses a chain with knives at the edges in combat.

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    i'd love to see Weapon H more than any other champ.
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    JahVinci1982JahVinci1982 Posts: 48
    I would love to see Shuri, Misty Knight and Nightshade, generically more ethical diversity of female champs
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    Doctor Doom (Tech/Mystic) and Fantastic Four (Cosmic)
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    ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 178
    edited December 2018
    I want to see some Contest of champions Original characters.
    Luna Snow
    And Captain America Sharon Rodgers are Future Fight Originals. But I thought I'd use them as examples. So is Cresent and Io. but I think you guys can also pull of some amazing original characters as well.
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    ChainslayerChainslayer Posts: 62
    Here's an idea... create Netflix variant for characters Luke Cage and Iron Fist (Iron Man has 3 variants, so why not?) Add Jessica Jones while you're at it. This could make a new monthly Special Event. Maybe add Misty Knight from Luke Cage or Iron Fist's Colleen Wing
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    ChainslayerChainslayer Posts: 62
    Some characters from Agents Of SHIELD would be nice
    1) Deathlok
    2) Graviton
    3) Blackout
    4) Scorch
    5) Blizzard
    6) Absorbing Man
    7) Calvin Zabo/Mr Hyde
    8) Lash
    9) Hive
    10) Hellfire
    11) The Patriot
    12) Flint
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    Seriously need the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom. Even better would be Gladiator, Silver Surfer, Blue Marvel, Anti Man, Virtue (Ethan Edwards), Wonder Man, Hercules, Namor, Vulcan, Exodus, Thane, Genesis, Zadkiel, Fantomex, Knull, Toxin, Riot, and Shang Chi
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    Please add BloodScream
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    LowlivierLowlivier Posts: 13
    edited December 2018
    Hello everybody.

    Kabam puts us characters that nobody knows, stronger than the cult heroes that attracted us in this game that no longer makes sense.
    Put us Nova, sandman, mysterio, the fantastic 4, the silver surfer, white tiger, jessica jones .... there is so much character really expected.
    And stop making stronger than the cult heroes of ordinary people even if they are new ...
    Thank you all for reading me.
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