What Brought You to MCOC and MARVEL



  • Harith1987Harith1987 Posts: 50
    Very big question , well. I was browsing on Facebook and somehow an advert came up for this game. Installed this game then started playing till now since jan 2015.
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    I started reading X-Men comics in the early 90's when Jim Lee was headlining the new X-Men book. When the the animated series debuted a year or 2 later, that brought my interest up from casual reader to full on fanboy. I was buying and reading all the different X-related titles, collecting the Toy Biz action figure line, the trading cards, the Sega Genesis games, everything with an X on it.

    At the same time I started reading X-Men comics Street Fighter 2 hit the arcades and I instantly became addicted to that game and every further iteration of it. When it eventually was ported to the home consoles, I bought and played those as well, including every SF2 upgrade. I continued on with the Street Fighter Alpha series.

    These 2 elements tied together in the mid 90's when Capcom stated doing X-Men and Marvel fighters in the same vein as their Street Fighter series which I played just as much as the SF games. It culminated in the vs series: X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 1&2 etc which I remained obsessed with all the way through to the the early '00's.

    Fast forward a decade or so, and I'm seeing YouTube recommendations for a mobile game named after an old comic series I had read 15 or so years ago. It looked alot like a Capcom Fighter from the videos I watched. That was enough for me to try it out and 3 years later, here I am.
  • HalleyHalley Posts: 282
    Lvernon15 said:

    Back 5 years ago I saw an ad on tv, made an account, had no clue but I liked Spider-Man so I got the game, now 5 years later I haven’t missed a login day for nearly 2 full years and play way too much and need to break my addiction

    Indulge yourself, man, it's no harmful but passionate 🤣
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    My cousin but he stopped playing after like a month of playing the game he gotta disappointed that I pass him in like a week but that’s because I was spending money when I first started playing and he was FTP
  • TaZ_4178TaZ_4178 Posts: 506 ★★
    Honestly, I saw add on youtube and 3yrs later here I still am lol. As for marvel in general, been a fan since I was a kid and always loved video games.
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,582 ★★★★
    Marvel: Because of a Captain America figure that my brother gave me in 1978
    MCOC: Because I'm a fan of Marvel and thus try out the game 5 years ago
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    I always loved the Marvel Comics, i have a whole stash of the og ones. I like the Deadpool and Spider Man ones. The Avengers are my best marvel 'series' especially Endgame, my favourite. I really like Iron Man and am a big fan of Spider Man (remember when he got kicked out of the MCU?) :(
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