Delve Underground to Steal Mole Man’s Hidden Treasures! [Corrected]

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Good Mole Man to you, Summoners!

Mole Man has been sneakily building a series of subterranean tunnels and lairs, just below your feet and filling it with treasures!

Do you dare to go spelunking into the unknown and traverse Mole Man’s expansive tunnels to take the treasures for yourself?

Introducing: Mole Man Expeditions!

Mole Man’s lair is vast, and he’s left Items, Crystal Shards and Catalyst Fragments strewed along the many paths of his domain.

This unique Side Quest will feature 4 Difficulties (Medium, Heroic, Master, and Epic), each consisting of 4 Maps, one unlocking each week. The Maps will feature multiple branching paths, where Summoners must choose between at least 2 Opponents of varying difficulty as they travel to the Final Boss.

Caves are small spaces, so you’ll only be able to bring in 3 Champions on your Team.

Be careful Summoner! You don’t want to get caught by Mole Man while you’re trying to steal his treasures!

Get ready to lead your Expedition into the Unknown!

All along the branching paths of these Quests, you’ll find Catalyst Fragments and Crystal Shards.

This Quest costs 0 energy, and the rewards are split along the paths of the Maps. There are some rewards for Quest, Chapter and Act Completion and Exploration, but they do not compare to the rewards that you can find along the many different paths.

Speaking of many paths…

Each path consists of 3 fights and the Boss Fight. There are multiple rewards along those paths.

Quest 1: 8 Paths
Quest 2: 12 Paths
Quests 3 and 4: 16 Paths

But what are the Rewards?

Mole Man’s treasures can be found along the many branching paths of the Quests. Unlike a traditional Quest, where the best rewards are found in Completion and Exploration, you’ll find the best rewards on the Quest Map itself!

This way, even if you do not have the time to complete the entire Quest, you can target the rewards that you need the most. The following chart shows the total possible rewards you can find on the map across all 4 Quests. Remember, 1 Quest unlocks each week!

There are also extra rewards in the Act Completion and Exploration rewards.

The Quest Completion and Exploration rewards are the same for every Quest of each difficulty. So you can get the following rewards for each Difficulty 4 times over the course of the month.

Time to go down under!

Quest 1 of Mole Man Expeditions will unlock on March 4th, with a new quest releasing every week! Don’t get lost in the caverns below!
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    ArifuteraArifutera Posts: 210 ★★★
    Are Completion and exploration rewards per quest/chapter or act?
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    PitPenguinsPitPenguins Posts: 22
    Where are all the 6* shards?
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    CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,965 ★★★★★
    edited February 2020
    Is the reward table per week or spilt across the entire 4 weeks?

    *Path rewards.

    *nvm “All 4 quests”
    Not as crazy as i first thought.
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    GamerGamer Posts: 10,356 ★★★★★
    Sean okay aside from less 6 star shard but self worth to do regardless keep on improving the game I’m rather hav game improvement
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    Secret_GamerSecret_Gamer Posts: 348 ★★
    What's the opponent PI range for Epic?
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    SiliyoSiliyo Posts: 1,408 ★★★★★
    This... is so... good. The rewards, the gold, everything, wow...
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    ege999menege999men Posts: 291 ★★

    why lower the 6* stars for this side quest? Other side quests like Love Is A Battlerealm had 1k 6* shards (correct me if im wrong)

    I'm sure there's more in women's Day event overall same amount for the whole month
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    Webby72Webby72 Posts: 254 ★★
    Just to check, are the listed path rewards the total rewards for completing all 36 paths over all 4 quests?
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    SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,848 ★★★★★
    Good rewards for a good challenge. Bring it, ya stupid master difficulty.
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    CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 992 ★★★
    I have a Few Questions.....Please Clarify @Kabam Miike
    Is this like the Dr. Strange Event?
    Can we choose the path Manually?
    So How much Time will be Given when We Start The Quest? Like 5 Min.s?
    What is the Average PI of Champions?
    Is there any Entry Restriction?...Like only Once a Day...OR Once a Week?
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    Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 922 ★★★
    Is there a reason there are no T1A listed as rewards?
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    Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 922 ★★★
    b3atu said:

    Is there a reason there are no T1A listed as rewards?

    The reason T1A is not listed as a reward is cause you ain't gettin none!
    So it seems.. just thought it odd that all other Low lvl rank materials are available.
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