Womans Day Boss Rush and Other infrequent events.......

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If you are going to make a event like a boss rush, especially one concerning a once-a-year subject make a exclusive crystal instead of just offering shards! This event could have offered a 5-star exclusive female crystal featuring guaranteed female champion with chance for one of featured champs of the event. Instead just a random 5-star hero or featured 5-star hero.

All effort I put into completing this quest and I get a 5-star HULKBUSTER...one of the most OLD more trash champs in this game's existence. Also saw Magneto, Netflix DD, Iron Patriot and other undesirable champs. No one wants these champs! I did NOT do this event to be given ancient trash champ that came out over 4 years ago! I've also seen these champs in featured crystals.....these champs should not be in Crystal's that cost and extra 50% in resources.

Or maybe perhaps make an algorithm that if you already have a champion duplicated multiple times, the chance to get that champ is decreased. It's not fair that some summoners get multiple duplicates of awesome champs like Domino, Hyperion, Star Lord, Arch Angel, Medisa etc.....and rest of us get duplicates of garbage champs!

Netflix DD, Iron Patriot, Hulkbuster', Both Magnetos, War Machines.....seriously theres over 90 champs available I shouldnt be getting to 200 sig on crystal pulls alone!


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    there no such thing as trash champions in this game only bad player that don't know how to use them.
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    there no such thing as trash champions in this game only bad player that don't know how to use them.

    This is the most ignorant response to a valid complaint I have ever seen. In EVERY game there are always a few changes that are trash....they are weak powered, dont offer utility, etc.

    Diablo is a trash champ...Iron Patriot is a Trash champ, Magneto is Trash........if they werent trash people would want them on their roster or in their Attack teams! You can YouTube top champs of 2020, 2019 etc and see videos of which champs are ALWAYS in bottom tier lists. Colossus used to be till update...now hes good.

    Since you say they are so good...I would like YOU Foxhero009 to post a YouTube video showing these champs in act 5 uncollected path or Road to Labyrinth Path......so u can school me.

    Foxhero009 I hope you get a lot of dup Hulkbuster, Diablos, Iron Patriots, and Iron Fists in ur future......I'll be looking forward to battling your team made upnofnallnthese champs so you can show me how good they are :)
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    @Swedeah siloed the grandmaster with x 23, soloed the collected with rogue, soloed variant 3 Lang with Howard the duck, and soloed red hulk with Howard the Duck. The damage gets pretty insane on Howard the Duck.
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    there no such thing as trash champions in this game only bad player that don't know how to use them.

    I'd love to see you solo the boss rush with Joe Fixit.
  • Hulkbuster is getting a buff though, so could be a blessing in disguise
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