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There appears to be a bug causing missing VFX (visual effects) for a number of elements including traps, phasing and some blocking animations.

What do I need to have completed on my account to get into the beta?

PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 399 ★★
Is it progression? Roster level? I posted this on another thread, but I feel like it needs its own thread. I know ccp automatically gets it, but I would also assume that a level 10 player would never.


  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 399 ★★
    I’m talking HB Beta.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,802 ★★★★★
    They select at random, so there's no real way to ensure it.
  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 399 ★★
    I know it’s random. Did you read my post? I’m asking what requirements need to be met in order to be in the pool of people randomly picked.
  • GluteusMaximusGluteusMaximus Posts: 1,468 ★★★
    edited March 2020
    PsyLife said:

    I know it’s random. Did you read my post? I’m asking what requirements need to be met in order to be in the pool of people randomly picked.

    for starters, having a version of the champ in question helps. 4, 5 or6 star versions. also helps if you're active. that's about it, as I've seen noobs and endgamers alike participate in past sandboxes.

    did the carnage/ venom beta, and heres my latest ticket

  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Im curious if every rarity has to be tested. I know ppl that were invited who only have a 3* and players with a 6* that didn't get an invite.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 15,098 Guardian
    Neotwism said:

    Im curious if every rarity has to be tested.

    Short answer: yes.

    I'll go farther: every player rarity has to be tested. In other words, how Hulkbuster performs when a five year veteran plays him is no more or less important than when a five hour veteran of the game plays him. Devs aren't supposed to have favorite children: the 1-40 game should be no more and no less important than the 41-60 game; the Proven game should be no more or less important than the Cavalier game. And 3* champs have to work, because if new players don't do well with them many won't stick around long enough to have any 4* champs.

    This gets into the very definitions of what it means for something like an MCOC champion to "perform." I used to mention how I understood this process, having been involved with it in the past in the MMO space, but I was only guessing that Kabam, whom I have not worked for, was using the same kind of processes. Now that they've "opened the books" so to speak with regard to the champion rebalance processes, I can now say with absolute certainty that's what they do as well. Performance is *defined* to be what it is measured to be.

    Let's use a ridiculous exaggeration to illustrate the concept. Is Ghost stronger on Tuesdays than Fridays? Of course not. Unless you're a champion like Moon Knight, your numbers and abilities don't change over time, so that's basically impossible. However, if the devs datamined Ghost to somehow deliver 40% more dps on Tuesdays than Fridays, then Ghost is in fact stronger on Tuesdays. Period. Because that's the definition of performance. You might say that's impossible and ridiculous, but it is also no less axiomatically true.

    They don't *know* every star tier of Hulkbuster has reached the level of performance they are targeting, until they measure it. Until they do, they don't actually know. And because of the Tuesday rule above, they can't assume.
  • Putang76Putang76 Posts: 283 ★★
    I got invited too the OML and Colossus buffs, and now the HB, don’t know why, but
    That’s cool by me
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,148 ★★★
    Is it that those who are in USA Canada gets it and other parts of world may not? I'm not sure just asking. If it is region based by any chance?
  • lozzadudelozzadude Posts: 147
    You have to be a CEO
  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 399 ★★
    I am in the USA, so... yeah.
    If it is truly random then how many people are picked?
  • Sieger7999Sieger7999 Posts: 48
    Only people that have been invited to the last 3 betas in our alliance have been the guys that are in the US and there are 5 of them in our ally, might be random but that is weird rng if that is the case
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