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    I am so happy they fixed the problem. I am sorry for alliances that had inflated or deflated war ratings before the fix, but it is what it is.
    War rating is that, war rating, it should measure how good you are at war and determine who you match.
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    Looks good to me
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    Gaurav363 said:

    Gregdagr8 said:

    That is 100% a fair matchup. Matchmaking should be done by war rating ONLY. NEVER EVER should ally rating or prestige come into the algorithm.

    If you enter any tournament in real life where all are welcome to participate, there will be uneven matches. Lets just say soccer. Remember, ANYONE can enter this tournament. Then a match comes with 5-6 year old kids vs 30 year old professionals. That is no where close to a fair matchup, but in a fair tournament where anyone can enter, these matchups HAVE to happen to determine the correct spots for the season rewards. Thank you Kabam for FINALLY matching via war rating ONLY. Please do not ever let prestige or ally rating enter the algorithm. Matching via war rating is the ONLY way to have a FAIR war season.

    Ok u mentioned about soccer tournament...So why in soccer there are divisions 1st tier 2nd tier 3rd tier
    U don't see Man utd Playing some 3rd league tier team in League matches...they play wid Livepool Man city Spurs...
    War rating should be a factor but it should not be the only factor upon which matchmaking should be decided..At least alliance rating should be considered
    If you want to divide allys into divisions based on prestige then lower "divisions" shouldn't get the same rewards as higher "divisions" right?
    Nailed it. Precisely the reason why AW matchmaking was so broken in the first place.
    Teams that play in League One in England don’t get the lucrative rewards and millions of dollars that goes with playing in the Premier League. So why should lower prestige alliances battle other lower prestige alliances, instead of the cream of the crop top alliances, yet gain the very best rewards by placing in Master bracket?

    The leveling off the field is gonna be interesting to watch, and I’m all for it.
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    think of it more like a chess rating. If a teenager is rated a grand master then he or she should play against grandmasters.
    If you want separate divisions there would be different standings and rewards... oh wait there are! Gold 1 is diff than plat 3. A 12 year old kid doesn’t get to face a bunch of other 12 year old kids and get to claim he is the second highest rating chess player on earth. Just as an example.
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    QuikPik said:

    Because the old match making system gave us this mess. These are the prestige of the alliances in the top50 of each tier on 4-15-2020.

    You had the better performing alliances in each prestige range moving way too high in the war rating system because they never got matched against alliances with a similar war rating but the system rather looked for an alliance that was closer in prestige.

    Does anyone really think a 7k prestige alliance belongs in Plat 2? If they are able to beat 9k and 10k alliances consistently to get there then yes but that wasn't the case. The system would look far and wide for match them against an other 7k prestige alliance even if their opponent was in gold 1.

    My good God... Argument won, comprehensively.

    That kabam let that persist for a whole season, let alone multiple, is a travesty.

    I'm surprised the big spenders at the top, didn't pick up the ball, take it home and let the whole edifice collapse.

    I'll stop moaning about Morningstar now, kabam should be conducting a charm offensive of the major teams and promising this will never happen again.

    (Silver 2 alliance, which doesn't get impacted)
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    Matchmaking does seem a bit off. 26m vs 56m ally plus many friends havin mismatches like that. I understand keeping it similar to warrating but that’s a crazy matchup lol. we not backin down tho!
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    @Moosetiptronic it's been that way for 8 seasons !
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  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    War rating isn’t THAT close lol
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    @QuikPik dude, that is unbelievably tragic.

    I don't like kabam, but I appreciate their need to create content, which people will spend on, especially the whales. I'm staggered this went on this long. If you're in gold+ and high rated prestige, I feel for you.
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    Ahhhh my buddie @QuikPik ! You still keeping those spreadsheets? LOL. Yeah man, I'm so glad they finally did this. Please, I hope this stays forever.

    For all of you that don't know. The alliance that was #1 in Masters a week ago NEVER fought another master or Plat 1 ally because their prestige was low. Do you think that's fair? The top top allies have been barraging Kabam about that and Kabam had to change it. You can't have a low prestige alliance winning an entire season and never face a top 300 alliance. That's just not fair. This is the only fair way to do alliance war. I'm so happy this was finally done.
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    Alliance Wars are not solely based on any one factor, but you will be matched with Alliances near your War Rating. This is a performance-based rating that changes with your Alliance's wins and losses. Alliance Rating can be manipulated, so is not a good matchmaking comparison.

    We are continuing to work to improve our matchmaking parameters with every Season and even in between. Some Wars will be more difficult than others, but if you want to climb to the top, you're going to have to earn your spot!

    I would have thought the simplest solution is match based on rank. example, after each war, each alliance would be ranked 1,2,3,4,5... etc just like in any sport.

    Then for no.2 to climb to no.1 spot they would be matched with no.1 and if they win, they climb a spot. Similar, no.4 would be matched with no.3 and etc
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    Gaurav363 said:

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Porthos
    We are an alliance with 16million rating and average member rating of around 550k and ur matchmaking program paired us with an alliance with 32 million rating and average member rating of around 1.05 million rating...How do u expect us to go against these alliance?

    If the roles were reversed would you be here complaining that you got an easy matchup? If the amswers no, you're just scared of your opponents.
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    Das_gi said:

    Ahitlaw said:

    Hey mate you forgot the war room chat

    WE WILL DESTROY YOU ;) lmfao
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    To keep alliances paired evenly with war rating and prestige will put alliances with far lower prestige ranked higher than allices with way better prestige and rosters. That is just dumb. War rating is the only thing that should matter. That is the only way to keep it fair.
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    AW matchmaking should be based on war rating only. Have no idea why they added prestige in the equation. It is not fair when there were alliances with lower prestige in Masters and none of the high rating alliances could fight them. Any alliance wants to be in Masters should fight master alliances.
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  • York61206York61206 Posts: 24
    @Kabam Miike This isn’t even close to fair for these guys
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    edited April 2020
    Not even close the guys we fighting are wiped out in first section and are a silver 3 alliance against our gold 3 alliance. Our last 10 wars have been an even fight with balanced matchmaking this is just pathetic but working as intended I guess
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    Kabam ruining our perfect season. Ah well. Still a shot to jump from G1 to plat 3
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    Regardless of how or why matchmaking works, it shouldn’t be changed mid season or without being notified. You’ll now potentially get alliances who have fought and spent hard in the first 6 matches to increase their ranking/tier/bracket and will now just get completely screwed over in the last 6 wars.
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    Markjv81 said:

    Regardless of how or why matchmaking works, it shouldn’t be changed mid season or without being notified. You’ll now potentially get alliances who have fought and spent hard in the first 6 matches to increase their ranking/tier/bracket and will now just get completely screwed over in the last 6 wars.

    We are one of them.
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    Mid season change like this I want this war scrapped.
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