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Is Doctor Doom worthy of a generic AG?

Hello everybody,

I have just completed act 5 100%, and I got a juicy generic 5* awakening gem, plus a mutant one. Now it comes the though part: I have to decide which champion I want to use my gem on, and eventually take such champion to rank 5. So far I only have one r5 champion, nick fury, so whomever I am going to choose must be someone with both damage and utility.

Actually, I have been lucky enough to have plenty of good champions already awaken, as you can see in the pic. Although there is one that I have been using even more nick fury: doctor doom. He helped me so much getting cavalier, and throughout all act 5 100%. And I have wanted so badly take him up to rank 5, although I have been hesitating since he misses the dupe.

So, my biggest concern boils down to the following question: is doctor doom worthy of a generic AG, and then eventually of a rank 5 once he is awaken?

Or should I wait for someone who needs more than doom the awaken ability? The fact is that I already have some awakened guys who would have been worthy of a generic gem, such as Nick Fury, Hyperion, Cap. Marvel Movie, Colossus, therefore the temptation of using the gem on Doom is very strong at the moment.

Besides, in stash I have a skill and a mutant awakening gem, still waiting for someone worthy of them. So, if I had to pull a Namor, an Omega Red, o Blade or a Nick Fury, I would be half covered on that side. Probably only Void and Cap IW are left worthy of a generic gem among all champions.

Please let me know your thoughts, because this dilemma is tearing me apart.

Is Doctor Doom worthy of a generic AG? 47 votes

Use the gem on Doctor Doom and r5 him
IcejrFeeney234TROUBL3Dege999menVeiledfairyDarth_StewieSpiderCoolsOnmixChampioncriticMarvel2289RookiieCosmosurfer2000Superfighter101GOTGBeastDadPrimeDataReAnimatorPDXCLUEMANATTIJAB4102ELITEFl_Flames 24 votes
Wait for someone else to use the gem
YcatsJessieShawk34Tomax746HAVOC6INC_6fchskmSkygod69Totallyaperson 8 votes
Take Doom to R5 unawakened
PantherusNZchoko_JokepoolMoudouTJ107EtjamaValBr111FulerczParzival17192Lil_Lasagnaew316TheSpeedster777MrChunkyBossman_RaahulChazington 15 votes


  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,981 ★★★★★
    Take Doom to R5 unawakened
    Only for prestige. I'd save the gem.
  • OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 870 ★★★★
    Etjama said:

    Only for prestige. I'd save the gem.

    Eh, wouldn’t dismiss it as ‘only for prestige’. At a high enough level, his sig allows him to create very easy openings through an opponent’s block by placing a lengthy shock when a buff is staggered or nullified.

    Sounds niche, but it can make your life a lot easier in ways you won’t really be able to appreciate until you’ve experienced it yourself.

    For example, you can speed up the pace in defensive matchups by ‘forcing’ heavy openings (so that you can make the most of his Aura while it’s up), and you can infinitely stunlock and chain heavies on several different buff heavy nodes you’ll find scattered around Acts 5 and 6. More importantly, the notorious 6.2.5 Mordo becomes very straightforward to solo if you’re running an R5/R2 Doom at high sig.
  • OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 870 ★★★★
    That being said, I’d sit on the gem for a bit @JMKeynes, especially given that it’s a generic. No need to rush these kinds of decisions. There are a lot of champs you may pull down the line who will benefit more from an awakening.

    Personally I’d grab that Sentinel and start working your way through V3 - might end up with a Mystic AG at the end of it.
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 1,131 ★★★
    Take Doom to R5 unawakened
    I'd awaken Dr Doom with a mystic gem in a heartbeat but the Generic you're better off saving it for someone else where the dupe makes a bigger difference.

    Save the gem for now, but definitely R5 him.
  • JMKeynesJMKeynes Posts: 12
    Thank you very much for your suggestions. You are definitely right, I have no need to rush this decision, and I think I will wait before taking any further step.

    Yep, I am on my way through the end of V3, though I just recently pulled sentinel so I have not found the occasion to use it in the variant yet. Actually I took it to R3 only yesterday to complete the biohazard paths in 5.4.
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