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I’ve updated my tier list wholesale. Please look at it. I listened to the people’s opinions.



  • ege999menege999men Posts: 235
    edited May 2020
    Why are yondu mole man and daredevil in top tier lmao they suck
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,518 ★★★★★

    First off, I feel bad for the new players who find this tier list. If you’re new to the game, don’t pay attention to this list, it’s not good in terms of who’s actually good in game. Go look at Seatin’s, it’s reliable and better.

    Now, you said @EdyBrok had bad champions, so let’s compare you two, shall we?

    This is his profile. 5/50 Ghost Rider, 5/50 Gulk, 5/50 Venom, and 3/45 Phoenix. Not bad.

    This is yours. 5/21 Gulk, 5/50 Hyperion, 4/40 Ghost Rider, and 4/40 X-23.

    Anyway, you can’t say his champions aren’t that good when half of them are the champions you have.

    Good lord the spammers profile is shockingly worse
    Yeah. Level 42 Conqueror, so not much to be expected.
  • WayntosWayntos Posts: 584 ★★
    List like these are alright to a point but irrelevant to the end user. It's like having a car with 1000hp but you can't reach the gas pedal and getting beat by the 86 subaru with 67hp. what I'm getting at its the ability to use what you have and understand how the champs work for the fight they are in.

    Seriously before you make a list like this, play the game for a while and at least be Uncollected. The very fist one in god is Deadpool x-force and you have goldpool also as god!! Beacuse you like the way a champ looks doesn't mean they are god tier. It's like your not even trying! There are so many thing wrong with this list. I guess infamous and famous are the same in which people are talking about you in some way!

    The only thing that really matters if your happy with the list but don't expect your not going to get any flack from the community when you post something like this. Someone is always gong to hit that disagree button right or wrong.

    Grind on!!
  • You SpideyFunko now spamming. Just copying the message? Anyway I didn’t pay for units and started a year ago. Dunno about him. Hey 👋🏿 was your time for today and I will never forget my birthday today and I’m so excited to be with him again tomorrow I wanna I am a way of getting you to come home and get your hair done so that I will have a little time and I’ll do a bit of a bit and get to know you better then you come home and I’ll give him some good

    Did the OP just use the auto fill feature while typing his comments?
    That's exactly what I was thinking
  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 1,332 ★★★★
    No one has yet to make a tier list template on TierListMaker?
    Smh my head
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    I lost brain cells reading that list wtf
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,518 ★★★★★

    IAMAMERC said:

    This is madmandiffa all over again except worse. At least that guy left but left a sour taste on the forums. Let's hope this guy doesn't find the meme thread

    Let’s hope
    Now that you’ve said something about it in his thread, you’ve doomed us all.
  • TheToxicCactusTheToxicCactus Posts: 368 ★★
    IAMAMERC said:

    This is madmandiffa all over again except worse. At least that guy left but left a sour taste on the forums. Let's hope this guy doesn't find the meme thread

  • TheInfintyTheInfinty Posts: 1,382 ★★★★
    I lost 20 braincells when you put yondu above longshot
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