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Is this intended?

WeAreNotVenomWeAreNotVenom Posts: 126 ★★★
Since this is Kabam, I always have to check. Claire Voyant always confused me, as I thought her basic attacks were energy damage like many mystics. Before now, she had always not done energy damage to characters like cap marvel movie and could not play around things like Korg’s rock shield damage back. If it’s intended, I’m overjoyed. However, I am skeptical on whether or not this was intended.


  • WeAreNotVenomWeAreNotVenom Posts: 126 ★★★
    @King_Leo321 maybe you can chime in, since you’re a huge BWCV fan
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 1,941 ★★★★
    I noticed that too. Usually she would only use energy attacks on her specials. And then I noticed on day 1 of map 6 against CMM her basics were energy too. Not sure if it’s always been like this and I never noticed or if this changed.
  • Since you tagged him, you may want to have looked at his last few posts
  • King_Leo321King_Leo321 Posts: 1,211 ★★★
    Look her attacks were always an energy attacks just like magneto and doctor strange , it's not written on her abilities but they are.CUse havok from the beginning of her release gained plasma charges from her attacks.But now kabam have fixed her.Now her attacks will count as energy attacks just like Symbiote Supreme,magneto and doctor strange.
  • King_Leo321King_Leo321 Posts: 1,211 ★★★
    Just thanks to Kabam that they finally fixed her.
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