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    I have managed to push through to 6.4.1 as of yesterday. It’s been brutal. I’ve played this for over 5 years now and I have never felt this way about a piece of content. It’s just not enjoyable. It’s not designed well. DNA3000 made a huge excellent point about the story content not progressing at the correct scale and it’s so apparent. I’m having to dump huge amounts of resources into getting just a one path completion for the majority of act 6, and have zero intention of ever doing exploration on any of it.

    I’m glad the moderators have seen and acknowledged that the champion fight is bad, and needs to be changed, but it’s the entirety of the act itself that’s the problem. I’m not sure when the motivation changed from fun and interactive to punishing and sadistic, but it’s so obvious when you’re comparing act 5 and 6. And it’s even more apparent when the same game team absolutely NAILS good content like the variants. That’s what is most frustrating - they’re capable of making great fun and challenging content, so why did we end up with an entire act that the majority of the player base hates and doesn’t want to do?

    I really hope some soul searching is happening over there because it’s clear to me the disconnect from the player base happened a long time ago and I’m not sure it’s able to be repaired. We will see with the rest of the announcements coming I guess, but it’s sad that we yet again have to have a huge uprising in the community before those in charge decide to pay attention.
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    Probably stated many times already but the 6.2.6 Champion fight and 6.4 grandmaster fight were designed to be tests of players' skill but its very obvious which one of those has more positive feedback and a much greater sense of "I did it" when completing it.

    Hopefully lessons learnt from designing the Grandmaster fight can be used to tweak and improve the atrocious Champion fight.
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    no change if change happen then i want some ressources back !
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    Yes, Act 6 is being looked at, but we don't know how just yet. I know we're going to get. a lot of feedback here, so I should let you know that first and foremost, we're looking at The Champion 6.2.6 Boss.

    We want him to remain a difficult fight, but with Book 2 on the Horizon (no established date), and the overwhelmingly positive reception of the Grandmaster fight, we know that we need to go back and take a look at this fight.

    Before anybody asks, I don't have any more info on the fight, or if there would be compensation.

    It would be great if the static shock buff could be removed from Ultron. I’m just saying.

    I’m talking about where Ultron uses a special, you get a shock for every buff you got.
    EMP Mod?

    Edit: From the Ultron boss in 6.1.2?
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    DJMNH said:

    @DJMNH If you lack a champ that's dual immune, expect some headaches vs that Sentinel. Theoretically you could do it with any Bleed immune champ, but that would require a conscious effort to not swing into the Sentinel's block. Burst damage is gonna be necessary if you can't shut the Arc Overload down.

    Personally, I used my 6* Nebula for both Sentinel & Ultron. If you have her and Proxima, you'll enter the fight with 10 stored Shock Charges, immediately reducing each of their Ability Accuracy by over 100% (20% AAR on Bots per stored Shock Charge). Personally, I lack a 5/6* Proxima so I had to manually build up the Shock Charges before really starting in on them. Kills the Arc Overload regen and allows you to beat him down with relative ease.

    High sig CAIW with a Tech champ on your team and a couple points in the Despair Mastery. Parry over and over until you get 4+ Petrify Debuffs on Sentinel, and watch the Arc Overload eat him alive. Same with Void, but requires a LOT of dancing around to get FOTV up and the rest. Probably die before you get that far.

    It would help to see the rest of your roster if better help is to be provided. Your current lineup pictured probably won't work. Medusa would be your best bet for a Suicide method. Load up those Armor Breaks to get Armor Shatter and goto town until the Bleed from Biohazard kills you. Rinse, repeat until dead. Or really practice with Quake until you can Shake him into oblivion.

    Sir I got lucky to be honest I did it in my 2nd attempt with quake, I don't no how, but I did it.. however I find there is a bug in the game.. Biohazard says when struck I will have 20% chance to get bleed stacks ?? But here sentinel didn't even hit me on my block or normally still I got bleed how ??? I have a video recorded..
    @DJMNH 1st paragraph of my initial reply basically broke it down. However, let's bring clarity to the why. You seemed to be under the impression when you get hit Biohazard triggers. It's the other way around. When you see Biohazard, it triggers when you hit the opponent. You have a 20% chance of gaining a Bleed Debuff with any landed strike, and a 50% chance of gaining a Poison Debuff when striking into the opponent's block.

    So that's why theoretically one can do Biohazard with a champ that's just Bleed Immune if you avoid striking into the block. Dual Immune is the best bet though as that will allow you freedom to do the quick triple tap into their block to bait out a special if necessary. Glad you got him down with Quake though!!! Nice. There's also champs that have Ability Accuracy Reduction that could help avoid the Bleed. Which is why Medusa could work if you get that Armor Shatter up with a quickness. Although it's risky business.
    Thank you for the advice...dont have double immune champ though, but yes maybe ability reduction champ can help me
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    1. Nodes like No Retreat should be on one path per map, and reserved for maps with relatively mild bosses - 6.1.3 Ghost for example. You should probably take away some of the responsibilities of anyone who advocated for a full map of it, and the person who decided to put The Champion at the end of that should be named and shamed.
    2. Pubishing basic gameplay actions (blocking, dashing back, having buffs) should be very rare and should NOT have other nodes that complicate it - as an example, if you have masochism or

    Lunae said:

    Lunae said:

    They just need two modes at this point, one as it is and the other a medium difficulty. The amount that they’d have to tone it down for the average player would make it a bore for end game players and if they slightly toned it done for end game players it wouldn’t be enough for the average players. Rewards should reflect the difficulty.

    Two modes don't make much sense. And average players can make it through Act 6 without spending a huge amount of units. In total, I spent around 3,000 units, which I got in arenas. It's not that difficult, there are just a few fights that aren't much fun, ie. Mordo, Champion with No Retreat (the regular one is fine), and Darkhawk, who was actually okay but I'll put him here. The rewards could be a little better, but overall, it wasn't very difficult if you have enough skill.
    Your giving them too much credit. I thought exactly the same thing as you, but from looking though all the comments in the forum these last couple of days there’s way too much of a divide in skill between average players and end game players. All you have to do is look at how much average players just love DNA3000s thread about story modes scaling. Theyre so grateful to have analytical evidence that finanally absolves them and justifies their belief that they’re not the problem, act 6 is and they might just be right depending on whether or not you believe story mode should be accessible to everyone. Traditionally it makes sense that it should, but that doesn’t mean Kabam should care or agree, it’s their game to define.

    From their perspective there’s nothing for them to do with act 6 being too hard, same with aw/aq, lol/aol and variants especially variant 1. They’re essential boxed out skillwise.

    They either can’t improve, don’t want too or just don’t want to use any items or units. I’ve stated multiple times that act 6 completion is relatively easy to exploration and that after doing that it just becomes about grinding down exploration by doing what they can with what they have until they have everything they need to finally 100%, but they don’t like that or want to hear that.

    It’s obvious that Kabams plan for player progression is to build skill/roster/resources through aq/aw/eq/area at their own pace then explore story quest. It doesn’t make sense to devote so much time into designing story mode just for players to burn through it so quickly in my opinion. Players response to aol for example made Kabam look like a joke after hyping it up as much as they did and book 2 was their response.

    The only thing that makes since is to break it up into at the very least 2 difficulties like you’d find in any console game. Personally I wasn’t shocked by the ais stats in act 6 at all, but many players are saying that all the fights in there are as stacked as boss fights, which to me made sense as I saw it as the hardest difficulty. Im convinced eventually Kabam will release champions that despite whatever skill level the player might have will make act 6 easy, but kabam has it backwards from the players responses. They need to release the champions first then the quest. You just have to look at the disagrees versus agrees and likes to see how popular your view point is compared to theirs. Personally I don’t care what Kabam does anymore, make it easier, leave it, same old same old to me. I still remember all the caltrop, degen, spiked armor paths and etc in act 4 and they sucked at the time I did them, but now they’re nothing.
    Act 6 is endgame content, which means only best of the best should be able to complete it. Take the Champion boss for example. It's there as a gate, essentially. It keeps out the weaker players from the better players and allows better players to progress as the weaker players are stuck. This forces the weaker players to get better, so they can tackle the boss and the harder content that's awaiting them in 6.3 and 6.4. Do I think that they'res some BS in Act 6? Yes. But do I think that players should have a way easier time getting through Act 6, which is what you suggested with an alternate difficulty? No. Of course, the difficulty of Act 6 could be toned down a bit, like the removal of a few links/nodes. But I don't think that weaker players should be offered a "dumbed-down" version of Act 6 just because they're not skilled enough or have the right roster to match the difficulty of Act 6.

    Sometimes people don't like the truth. Sometimes people just want the easy way out. That's human nature. My viewpoint might not be as popular, that's true, but if you can't get through Act 6, it means you're not ready. Maybe your roster needs some more champs. Maybe your playstyle needs some tweaking. Maybe avoid getting combo'd into oblivion. It's the hard truth, and I know most people won't accept it.
    You dont make storymode "endgame content". This is basically an MMO. MMOs put most endgame content in raids (aq), pvp (aw/arenas) etc -most MMO do blur the line a little by making some endgame story mode stuff be raids/require groups, but that content isnt so hard that an average player along for the ride cant join a big enough/competent enough group to clear it.

    Kabam has kind of got their difficulty-priorities backwards- EQ, boss rushes, and Labyrinth/Abyss are where the most difficult and weird node mixture stuff should be - I dont know that EQ should actually be temporary in that scenario but it's not terrible if it is. Instead, they have made the story mode, which in gaming is generally the easiest, least taxing mode, into the worst and most unfun (other than war I guess). Add in their historical "spend units/potions" game design and it's a real cluster truck.

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    Any update on this topic, Kabam? Dont wanna explore 6.2 if its gonna get balanced in a near future.
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