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As u guy might have seen, i made a post 'why i love mcoc', i thnk its not going to fetch any meaningful conclusion, so i thought of something better.

In this post u can share what would you like to do to improvise the game and take to near perfection ( keep in mind that : your idea doesnt disturb the balance of game and also that you are working for company trying to make some profit XD)


  • rework collector and 6.2 champion.
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    rework collector and 6.2 champion.

    Why rework the collector. I know some ppl have major problems with him but I personally did not
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    Figure out why I didn’t get a hijacked transmission after opening that crystal. My most resent transmission is the please “don’t leave me”, but I haven’t received the next message after doing the fight and opening the crystal
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    I thought that’s what the general game feedback thread was about. Idk I don’t think this thread will last long without being shut down.
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    There is already a main thread to discuss about general feedback of the game.
    If you have anything you want to say about it, post it there, and don't create additional threads about the same topic. Other's have might already posted and discussed about the same thing you are looking for.

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    Quit to work at a company that respects the consumer.
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    Etjama said:

    People keep talking about needing to nerf stuff in Act 6. I don't think that's necessary. I would just keep on buffing old and outdated champs and include solutions to problem fights like 6.2.2 Sinister 6.2.6 Champion, etc. Despite what many people say, I don't think we need don't need to make the problems easier. I just think we need more solutions.

    Now thats something insightful, atlast!!!! As @Jh_Dez also suggested, i think kabam should work on reworks bcz it gives players a hope that even if they pull trash it might turn in gold some day. Wow great idea!!

    And thats the reason i opened the thread!! To get something freash
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    Pay attention to the community

    What does that even mean? There is no collective community voice, just a bunch of people with complaints.
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    Make the content more skill-based. New nodes or modes of gameplay that would challenge the player in the right ways.
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    Pay attention to the community

    What does that even mean? There is no collective community voice, just a bunch of people with complaints.
    Yea pls be more specific with your ideas
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    Ya_Boi_28 said:

    Rework the crystals.

    To do what?
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