Formulas for converting rating to a percentage

This one is for all the MCOC nerds out there
So far I've managed to find in other posts that the formula for nearly all stats is: Rating/[(5*Challenger Rating) + Rating + 1500]
(I've seen in another post this is true for all categories except Critical Damage)

When there is a challenger rating of 100 I've found the formula for converting Critical Damage Rating (CDR) to a percentage is:
CDR% = 550 - [1,000,000 / (CDR + 2000)]
However, I have no idea how to change this to incorporate the Challenger Rating into this. It looks like based on the previous formula it would be: CDR% = 550 - [1,000,000 / (CDR + 1500 + 5*Challenger Rating)], however when I tested this compared to actual in-game numbers this is not the case

Does anyone know anything about this? Maybe @MCOC Team could confirm?
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