What is your greatest crystal pull in your MCOC "career"?

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I'll start. I have 2. The first being my best and the second being a close second.

1. Blade featured crystal opening. Back in the day, I was a huge noob. My only 5 stars were Yondu, Psylocke, pre-buff Colossus, and Falcon. I had 15k shards. And then I got the notification. "Seatin Man of Legends New Video: BLADE NEW GOD TIER? MYSTIC KILLER!" (or something along those words). I saw the hype. Every single video on my recommended was BLADE this, BLADE that, BLADE!!!! I decided to pull the trigger. This crystal was... everything. I had grinded so very hard for those 15k precious 5 star shards. The crystal stopped. Many duds passed by. The crystal slowed... Hulk, Agent Venom... BLADE!!!! I was over the moon! I took him straight to r2 (then I ran out of iso and catalysts as I was a noob at the time). This pull changed everything for me. I breezed through Act 5 and other content and nothing could stop me.

2. I had just become cavalier. I was wiped out, exhausted, and also relieved. I went into my crystal stash just to look at my crystals. I saw a peculiar new thing, CAVALIER CRYSTALS! I saw the price, 200 units. I looked at my units. I had 200 units. I decided to just go for it. I needed a celebration crystal after becoming cav. I didn't expect anything. I looked hard at those drop rates. An 11% chance to get a 5 star. My best champion was Colossus. I had been hunting for Omega Red. A bunch of 3 stars passed by and it stopped on a 5* OMEGA RED! I was shocked. I just put my phone down and stood there. I thought it was gonna roll over. Since I didn't have a mutant AG, I went into Act 5 and explored all of 5.2 and 5.3 in 5 days to 100% Act 5 and get that generic AG. I awakened him and put 100 sig stones into him.

Please share your best crystal pull experiences here and describe them! I would like to see some of yours!


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    Etjama said:

    inb4 @SpideyFunko says "wElL mY fIrSt 5 sTaR wAs QuAkE"

    wElL mY fiRSt sIx StAr WaS gHosT
    dang it i forgot about you and your 6 star ghost

    that's even better than a 5 star quake
    *cough* Highly Debatable *cough*
    just you wait etjama. when book 3 has six star restrictions, we'll see who's coughing
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    Ya_Boi_28 said:

    I was a sneaky boi in school. So here I was in English class playing MCOC. I had gathered enough 5-Star shards to open a 5-Star. So the teacher is talking and I pop the crystal on the spinner. Then I stop it and the champs go around, then it stops!

    And out pops Aegon! I could barely focus for the rest of class. I slapped him upside the head with my skill AG (my only AG!) I have him at r5 now.

    Lol! I love stories like that!
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    So on my alt account...my first 5* was Cap IW...which is pretty sweet. But what was epic was on that same account during last year's summoner's appreciation calendar...I pulled science from the 5* Awakening Gem crystal. (I only had two 5*s...so getting the Awakening Gem for Cap was huge.)
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    my first ever 5* was blade right after he went into the basic crystals, and then right as i got to 6.1.5 crossbones i needed a good counter and 3 days later, boom i pull ghost from a dual class crystal and toss a tech AG in her
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    My first 6* was ghost, and I have duped her 4 times.
    Also recently pulled omega red finally.
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    I pulled and duped 4* Omega Red on the same 10 PHC opening. 2nd was pulling a 5* Mags from a grand master Crystal after the buff announcement.
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    My first 5* was a thing, which I pulled from a legendary crystal. Probably my best unexpected pull
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    pulling that 1* chance of a 4* surfer from one of those featured PHCs. Either that, or doom from basic 5* the week he came out(I feel like I've been saying that a lot recently)
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    Aegon from a 200 unit cav or back to back cmm from 6* nexus crystals. Imiw back to back from the gwenpool goes to the movies event (5* crystal and legendary) is a close 3rd based on how hyped he was back then!
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    Pulling starky allowed me to complete so much content
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    Nick fury and Aegon from legendary crystals
    1st 6 star was symbiote supreme
    Hulk ragnarok from cavalier shard crystal
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    I will go with my 4 star doom.

    A couple months ago when he was in arena I hit the grind hard the first two days breaking 3 million knowing I was going to be busy on the third day to put up any more numbers. After it ended I found out I was just a couple thousand short of getting him which sucked.

    A couple weeks after that I back to back pulled 4 star doom from a grandmaster crystal and duped him from phc.

    All is forgiven :)
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    luke cage
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